Blue Reviews: Inside Out Party

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another ‘Blue Reviews’ where I evaluate the monthly parties/events that occur in Club Penguin. For each party I review, I will explore four areas in which the party is going to be reviewed upon. These are: Story, Visuals, Content and Durability. After reviewing these four areas, I will then conclude my review with a Verdict! This summarises what I have mentioned throughout the review and everything will be averaged into a score out of 10. I hope you will enjoy my review on this month’s party…

Inside Out Party!

1. Story

One of the best things about this party is that, even though it is a Disney takeover, it blends well with inside the world of Club Penguin and that is something we had not seen before until this party. Inside Out (movie) is set inside an eleven year old girl’s mind – Riley. In the Inside Out Party, Rockhopper is the protagonist which makes the community happy because it is great to finally witness a takeover with a sense of realism on the Club Penguin Island.

The actual storyline started when Rockhopper sent messages in bottles to the island when he was sailing the mighty ocean. Every week, when the Club Penguin Times would be public, we get a new adventure as he reaches a mysterious island where there is a wheel of potent cheese. Rockhopper – who is a big fan of stinky cheese – decided to eat some and from then we could feel a presence of doubt and regret until we never heard from him again until one week before the party started.

Rockhopper washed up on the coast of Club Penguin and Gary The Gadget Guy claimed that he was “out of his mind”! There were rumours that it was the wheel of potent cheese that may have cursed him! Gary managed to create an invention called the Minderizer 3000 in aid of Rockhopper so that Penguins could have the opportunity to voyage into Rockhopper’s mind and sort it out with the help of his five emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Emotions

You start off it Headquarters where the console controls Rockhopper’s actions and then you are sent on a quest to different islands to redeem the memory orbs of different emotions. You can venture between 5 rooms and seek for the memory orbs; then once you find them, back to Headquarters so that each memory orb can be visualised so that Rockhopper can remember these and gradually feel his emotions again!

Again, a very good storyline which is both realistic and exciting. Club Penguin should use this party as an example to help them create better parties with awesome stories! As well as the Puffle Party ’15, the Inside Out Party includes one of the best stories this year and quite possibly one of the best stories ever in Club Penguin Party history! Plus, Inside Out uses very unique and interesting concepts to do with the mind so including it as a party in Club Penguin was definitely not a mistake. The movie is currently very successful and the party has done quite a lot to complement it.

2. Visuals

This party is one of those which doesn’t include much room decorations on the island. In fact, the Inside Out Party only takes place on the Dock however there are 6 other party rooms which are accessed from the Minderizer 3000 and Headquarters. Most of the party takes place in Rockhopper’s mind and since the mind can contain many crazy and wacky things, this gives the team the advantage to go wild! Let’s speculate from room to room.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Dock

Firstly you arrive at Headquarters where you find all of the emotions around the console. Headquarters has a very similar feel to Riley’s one in the movie except Rockhopper’s pirate personality portrays the visuals in here. Another thing to point out is how awesome the emotions look in the style of Rockhopper. I think the team did an amazing job with these and you can clearly tell which emotion is which.


Secondly you can travel to the 4 island which each have a different theme associated with Rockhopper’s personality. Let’s stat with Food Island! As you can tell from the name, it is full of food! In Rockhopper’s case, the only food he likes is stinky cheese so this island is literally filled with it. Plus there is also cream soda and one aspect of this room I love is the cream soda slide and the pool! It is a very vibrant room with food personality and I am glad Club Penguin have done a great job with the party rooms so that it makes up for the limited amount of them.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Food Island

Thirdly there is Loot Island! This room is my favourite – not because I love money – because the visuals are so colourful and the way the jewels glisten really makes the room polished. I also love how the anger memory orb is well hidden in this room since it looks like it is part of a pearl necklace.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Loot Island

Another great room is Subconscious which isn’t an island but beneath the islands where all Rockhopper’s fears lay deep within the mind. The reason why I love this room too is because the atmosphere is brought to life by the dim colour scheme and the fact that Rockhopper is afraid of flamingos brings some humour to such a dark place. A great juxtaposition I think! Also you can see the Mighty Megalodon in here which indicates that Rockhopper has encountered this shark. I am glad this shark has not been forgotten so the mystery yet continues…

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Subconscious

Imagination Land is the another party room and it portrays Rockhopper’s love for wealth just like Loot Island. You can see palm trees made of gold and a nice little cove where there is a ship docked nearby. The great thing about visuals in this room is the use of animations with the torches and the wispy clouds surrounding the ship. I find that animations brigs the room alive and proves that little things like these can make a difference.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Imagination Land

Dream Productions is an awesome recreation of the location in the film. This destination in Rockhopper’s mind controls what Rockhopper dreams about. This room has a lot to offer; there is a stage where you can assist the director by helping to produce a dream for Rockhopper. For all of the actors and actresses, there is a small dressing room where you can rehearse lines and then there is equipment scattered all around for the stage crew to handle. I would also like to point out the “We Can Fly!” poster which is a reference to one of Riley’s dreams in the film.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Dream Productions

I think that the party rooms in this party are pretty amazing! Since I loved the movie, it is great to hang around and relive moments on similar islands you can see in the film. Each one has so much personality and that is what this party is all about! For a very wacky party, the visuals can almost replace an April Fools Party!

3. Content

Following the storyline, you are given a quest from each emotion to hunt out into the mind to find memory orbs of that particular emotion and these are collected into a small satchel. Every time you find one, you are directed back to Headquarters where you have to try and visualise the memory so that Rockhopper can remember it. By doing this, the team have created five different puzzles for five different emotions. They progressively get more difficult but I found that they weren’t very hard to do.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Text 6

Once you have found all memory orbs, Rockhopper awards you with coins and several gifts which I had already obtained from pirate related parties in the past. It is a shame that there were no new pirate items issued out but something to appreciate is the Inside Out Party catalogue. Not like many parties we have had at the beginning of this year, there are quite a few items that are unlocked throughout the quest. They are all free but some items require a paid membership to obtain. Every time there is a new quest from each emotion, they give you an outfit similar to theirs so that you can dress up like them. One thing I like to do is mix them up and create some wacky combos!

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Text 32

At the very end of the party you receive a background with all five emotions on it – a classic Club Penguin award for quest lovers!

So what is a party in 2015 without transformations, right? The Inside Out Party allows members to transform into Bing Bong (Rockhopper’s imaginary friend) and Rainbow Unicorn (a famous actress in Dream Productions). You can also obtain Penguin outfits of them so you can always dress up as them after the party. A lot of parties this year have included transformations. With this party I think that they are okay because everyone loves Bing Bong! However I think Club Penguin need to try and be creative in the future because it seems like a very repetitive technique that has been used too often now.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Bing Bong And Rainbow Unicorn

The music within this party is very good. My favourite piece has to be ‘Far Away Dreaming’ which is a remix of an actual piece of music in the movie. This can be played in your igloo along with several other Inside Out inspired pieces of music. Some of the music on the personality island were previously used in former Pirate parties and Island Adventure parties which makes a lot of sense, I guess. Anyway I think this is another key aspect of the party which I appreciate because music brings atmosphere to the party as well as visuals.

Something really cool that is extra special with this party is the vast amount of dialogue used. Not many parties use much dialogue but this party got an extra boost with the storyline and content. The dialogue wasn’t pointless at all. It would direct you on your quests and altogether brings you an emotional experience. The dialogue included: humour, lots of joy and fear…I found Sadness the funniest emotion in this party because of what she says in the dialogue. Another sweet feature they added with the dialogue were little sound effects to represent the emotion. Once you have completed their quest you can click on them at Headquarters and they would cycle the sound effects which is a bit of a random feature but unique.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Text 10

Oh yeah! You can also express what you are feeling at the party by using the new Inside Out inspired emotion emotes. This party fits in well with emotes so use them often to let your emotions go wild.

Overall I would say that the content is not that bad. There is a lot of it but some don’t quite add up to make the party spectacular. I must say that without the dialogue, this party would have been quite disappointing so luckily Club Penguin went further with something different for a unique, emotional experience.

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Emotes

4. Durability

Like with most parties these days, you don’t get much durability. It is a shame that they didn’t make it so that you could come later in the week to experience something new since these little features make the party more durable but with this one, you could finish it within 20 minutes and then feel bored. I am not that kind of person though since I come back on to hang around with friends and enjoy the room decorations.

It may not be the most durable party ever but it is fun while it lasts and at least it offers some kind of entertainment. I guess that’s it then…

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Sadness Emote

The Verdict

The Inside Out Party is certainly a treat to the community as it offers something smart, colourful and different. From an interesting perspective of the mind, this party is clearly unique to any other party and is an unmissable opportunity for Inside Out fans who want to relive the film in a new mind with new personality. With great visuals, is reasonable content to make the party last. The use of dialogue helped to emphasise the quests, making it an motional experience for everyone to laugh at, cry at, fear of, feel disgusted by or even angered by. Maybe I was exaggerating there but anyway I think it is one of the best parties this year so I appreciate the hard work that went into it!

Club Penguin Inside Out Party Joy Emote

SCORE: 8.4


  • Outstanding storyline
  • A takeover blended in within the world of Club Penguin
  • Colourful visuals
  • Emotional dialogue
  • Something different


  • Puzzles are too easy
  • Hardly any durability
  • Lack of room decorations




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