“Home Sweet Home”

Hello everyone!

I thought it was time to introduce you to another Waddle Guide! Now, one of my favourite things to do in Club Penguin is igloo decorating since it can help pass the time and every time I do it, I feel proud. In this guide I would like to share some tips with you on igloo decorating and how you can make most of furniture items. Every single one of them should be appreciated in the best way for some clever and well thought-out arrangements.

My current igloo design has been with me for a while now. I am not planning on dramatically changing it either but maybe the odd tweak now and then will make it even better for me. Other people might find my igloo a bit boring and I understand that everyone have different preferences but one of my favourite themes to go for is a neutral look. Exactly, neutral is kind of boring when you hear it but the thing I like most about it, is that it helps to transform your igloo into a home that you feel comfortable in, like your real house. Sometimes I am inspired by some of the interior in my real house therefore I try to integrate it into my igloo for a homely feel that makes me feel relaxed. I am kind of a ‘Home Sweet Home’ kind of Penguin so any furniture you find in the house will be my target. Here is my igloo:

My Igloo

You can probably identify the vibe I have been talking about. I have all of the household necessities*: a kitchen, a lounge, a dining table, my blogging corner, and a fireplace. If you dig my kind of style, then consider using plant pots and wall paintings for an edge that makes your igloo even prettier.

Not all of my igloo contains household items; as you probably have noticed already, I have a music corner at the bottom left of my igloo. I love music and I am studying it so I find that some of my igloo furniture portrays my personality. Maybe you should do the same! Another example of furniture that portrays my personality is the teddy bear. I call it ‘The Bear With The Bowtie’ and it is there on my hand-made couch to represent that I loved toys. I still kind of do! I think that it makes my igloo a lot cosier which is the atmosphere that I want.

Other items in my igloo can remind me of achievements or anything that is important to me. The desk is special to me because it brings my hobby of blogging into the igloo. My Star Reader Trophy in the lounge is there to remind me of my achievement of being published in the official Club Penguin Magazine at least three times! That is something for me to be proud of every time I waddle into my igloo. Have you got any special igloo items that you own? Showcase them in the best way possible to make your igloo awesome!

Igloos in Club Penguin can actually be very important to you if you appreciate them. Items earned in Club Penguin can vary from many kinds with many different uses. Some things in Club Penguin you may feel proud about or in some cases you may want to express your personality. Your igloo can showcase them so inside an igloo you have the opportunity to go wild and communicate something special that could be personal, an achievement or something entirely unique that refers to you as a person. Look beyond themes and think carefully about your arrangement. Think carefully about what items you use and why you are using them. Every item counts and with many possibilities available, each igloo in Club Penguin is entirely different and as a result of you!

Make the most of them.


*These necessities may not be essential in your igloo. All igloos are different and that is the best part!


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