Island Discussion #19: August

Hey everyone!

In today’s Island Discussion, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what we can expect this August seeing that we have only just started the month and it does seem to be an interesting one from what I have gathered so far. Megg – Community Manager of Club Penguin – has been experimenting with a few ways to reveal what players can expect with a particular month. In June, it started off with a calendar which was very revealing but many players wanted one of these every month. I felt that these weren’t the best technique so Megg tried something different in July: A few images, words and phrases. Funny enough, not even all of the listed things to look forward to happened so July was only well known for the Inside Out Party and the first #ProectSuperSecret sneak peek. For August, Megg decided to create anagrams of each phrase for a twist. In some ways, I respect this idea more than the others since it gives player a challenge to be able to find out what to expect and several of them were quite hard to solve. However with the on-going support from the community, we managed to find them out quite quickly! If you are not looking for spoilers on what to expect this August, then I am afraid that this post is not for you. Sorry!

1. idd uoy nitoec?!
2. nsfhiao ecaf off (senak epek)
3. nfiipdeshr day
4. epluff rhladne emte-up
5. attiilnrnnaeo cta ady
6. einntrtnoaila eshnlfdrate yad
7. sretrpeeepcousjrtc nekas eekp
8. igtsebg laoatgc rvee
9. teh safoinh elsavtif
10. emweraonlt ayd
11. tanu itccra eetm-pu

Above is the list of anagrams! In this post I am going to translate each one and discuss what these mean and explore what we can expect. The first one is ‘Did you notice?!’. At first I looked at this one and assumed that the following list of anagrams were related to this phrase however it was confirmed by Megg (via the comments section) that this is going to be an upcoming post on the Club Penguin Blog where the team are going to reveal some little changes that occurred to the Club Penguin app. I do believe that these changes have already occurred with the release of the Inside Out Party however I am not entirely sure if I am true. I know that one of the changes is that they have animated the bell on the reception desk within the lobby inside of the Puffle Hotel. Apparently if you walk next to it, it should automatically DING!

There must be other changes that are going to be revealed in this post. It makes me wonder why Club Penguin are paying attention to these little details on the app. What about the web version? Perhaps this posts says a lot more about the future of Club Penguin as well as what changes have occurred. With Club Penguin focusing on the app with these changes, does this confirm that the app is going to have some kind of priority over the web version in the future. What do you think?

Number two was quite difficult to translate but I can assure you that it should be ‘Fashion Face Off (sneak peek)’. I can generally tell that August is going to involve a lot of fashion. Earlier, Megg confirmed that a totally new and different party is going to be happening so my guesses are that it will be some kind of Fashion Party. Similar to the Fashion Show in 2012, I am quite unsure what players can get up to in this party. From what the anagram tells us, it looks like that there will be an upcoming Fashion Face Off where players could compete to prove that they are better models. It is a bit weird, I know but this is going to be a sneak peek so maybe this is not confirmed as an element during the party, but a fun video to help advertise and hint to players a similar experience that can be expected at the party.

The fact that ”sneak peek” has been put inside brackets, makes me wonder whether it will just be hinted at in a form of media. It also strongly suggests that it will happen later in the month. So what are your thoughts on a Fashion Face Off? Could this be the reveal of the new party or just a part of it?

Thirdly we have ‘Friendship Day’! This was meant to happen in July because it was internationally Friendship Day towards the end of that month. For some odd reason, Club Penguin is celebrating it a couple of weeks later but I am glad to hear that it was not forgotten and is still being worked on – I hope. Friendship Day may be a meet-up with the staff to show friendship amongst the community or it may be a post where players can express how friends have helped them to become happier and better people. Another possibility could be a one day only party where you can obtain exclusive items and meet up with your friends to celebrate. I haven’t seen these kind of parties in a while so it would be interesting to discover how Club Penguin are going to celebrate it.

If you haven’t celebrated it yet, then I guess Club Penguin will try their best to offer a similar experience soon! I have no idea whether this list of anagrams are in chronological order but I assume that it is judging upon the placement of the party further on in the list. Are you looking forward to Friendship Day? Let me know your thoughts on what could happen!

The next thing on the list is a ‘Puffle Handler Meet-up’. If players have chance to meet PH, does this mean that there is going to be some kind of Puffle related reason. With August likely to be all about Fashion, I doubt that there will be much Puffle business going so the meet-up may be celebrating something smaller. There are two possible reasons I can link it with.

First of all there is an article in the Club Penguin Times Issue #510 where PH advertises the Puffle Guides which were founded back in March. It offers newer players the experience of the Puffle Wilds and how they met Sasquatch. So this meet-up could celebrate how well the Puffle Guides have done so far considering this article was only just published before the 30th July. Perhaps the team didn’t want the community the forget the Puffle Guides so they are inviting everyone again to celebrate it again.

My second reason is that it will link with the next anagram on the list and this is ‘International Cat Day’! Maybe the meet-up will invite players with cat Puffles to celebrate this international event. This reason links well with this event so I am thinking that PH will be visiting the island because of this. Furthermore the International Cat Day could have been purposely put on the list to also show how many international events there will be occurring in August!

Following International Cat Day is ‘International Lefthanders Day’. This is a bit of an odd one for Club Penguin to celebrate but it does give recognition to the smaller percentage of people in this world who are left handed! Maybe there will just be a post on the Club Penguin Blog to celebrate this because I just doubt there will be mini one day parties where players can celebrate some wacky international events. It is very pleasing to hear that Club Penguin are taking some international and real world events to involve them with Club Penguin. These special days are there to make August more interesting and a bigger month for more people to remember more. Maybe Club Penguin are planning on paying attention to more of these in the upcoming months of 2015.

What are your thoughts on the international events? Do you think that Club Penguin are doing something good with August this year? I sure do hope that these days are celebrated in some sort of way otherwise using them in the anagram would be quite pointless to be honest.

The seventh one converts to ‘ProjectSuperSecret Sneak Peek’! A lot of the community is very excited – including me – about this project and it is probably the most secret thing the team have ever kept from us which is good news. Whatever ProjectSuperSecret is, it is big and something worth the years of waiting for it. But to hear that Club Penguin are going to reveal their second sneak peek of this, does indicate that we can expect ProjectSuperSecret sometime soon. I wonder if it will be something totally irrelevant to the Clothing Customiser that was hinted at before. That is what I am hoping for since it makes the project much bigger and can make the community begin to speculate whether ProectSuperSecret will be something to do with the bigger picture of Club Penguin rather than a small element of it.

So for this one, I am going to leave you a frequently asked question: what do you think #ProjectSuperSecret involves? Please let me know your thoughts below and stay tuned for more on this sneak peek when it comes out later this month. Are you excited? I am!

Afterwards is the ‘Biggest Catalog Ever’ which makes me excited. It looks like August will be holding a record breaking event which will impact on the long and interesting history of Club Penguin. Considering that this month is all about fashion, I can definitely see why Club Penguin are doing this. What does make me wonder is whether the catalogue will introduce new clothing items, a mixture of old and new or if it will just be repeats of older catalogues that are put into one. I am hoping for it to be the second option because it is much more inventive and hard working. With a load of clothing items coming to the island, this fashion related party might be big and the Fashion Face Off may involve a lot of different possibilities with clothing items. But who is there to judge? This party is making me wonder a lot…

I hope that you are hoping for what I am hoping! Let’s hope for a catalogue which introduces several new clothing items for your penguin along with several old and retro Club Penguin items a lot of penguins may have asked for. What items would you like to return if they were to return? Or what kind of catalogue would be your perfect catalogue? Let me know in the comments section!

Number nine looks like it will be the main party of August. It may be called ‘The Fashion Festival’. A festival of fashion. It sounds like a traditional party in Club Penguin but it has a twist. Following the big and bad catalogue of item clothing, it looks like that this festival will celebrate that but it is difficult at this stage to know what could be involved with the festival. The Fashion Face Off may be a key event where you compete against other players in a Fashion Show! Club Penguin can go wild with this party but I’m afraid we don’t know just yet what this party will have on offer for us.

I’m looking forward to this party and I hope it will be good. It is going to be a totally new party in Club Penguin history so I hope that it will work out well for us and the team. Are you as excited as I am?

The tenth anagram translates to ‘Watermelon Day’. This is one of those wacky days that Club Penguin are always looking out for. There might be a blog post to celebrate it, a meet-up but my best guess is that it will be celebrated with the release of a new pin. Perhaps it will be a watermelon pin even though there has already been one but I can’t imagine a meet-up all about watermelons. Can you?

It makes me think whether these international days and events are not going to be celebrated at all. I really hope that they will be for a change so that August will be a different month compared to what we have had this year. With all these anagrams come true, can you imagine how successful August could be? I am looking forward to whatever Club Penguin have planned for this day. Are you?

Lastly, on the list we have an ‘Aunt Arctic Meet-up’! The relevance of this, I don’t know. If this was chronological and this meet-up is expected later in the month, then maybe it links with something that has not yet been revealed. My other guess is that she will be a visiting mascot during the party since she has visited similar parties in the past. However Megg has also confirmed that Dot will be a new mascot for the Fashion party. Maybe Dot will be the main mascot and Aunt Arctic might visit the end to assist with the Face Offs or judging. She is that kind of penguin after all. Other than that, she is also the director of the EPF so there is a slight chance something with EPF involvement in the party is going to happen.

Have you also realised that Dot is also part of the EPF? Something may be going on throughout this party that we do not know about yet so stay tuned agents or anyone looking for a buzz during the party. What do you think about this meet-up? Will the EPF be involved or has Dot become a different mascot? That would be awful since she has had good history with the PSA and the EPF. Or this could link with my theory on Dot being a double agent where she can be many things at many times and there may be many cases where we haven’t taken much consideration of this. Are you pumped?

This post might have been a drag but it is an Island Discussion after all and I want to cover as much topics as I can. August looks as if it may be an exciting month for everyone so I am hoping it will go well. Let me know, overall, your thoughts on August in the comments below. Maybe you have picked up on more things than I have. Thanks for reading!

Waddle On!



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