I Have Joined RiffyCP!

Yes, it is true!

Hey there!

Today I have been very excited about my first post on RiffyCP. I had been recruited a few days ago by Riffy8888 and Happyblue128, and to me, it felt like an honour to accept the offer. I knew that they were hiring authors but I never knew that I would be one of the lucky few to be invited.

RiffyCP is a popular Club Penguin Cheats website so it is definitely a different experience for me. The Blue Blog is all about blogging from another perspective from any other website however what I will be producing on RiffyCP, in the future, are update posts that are relevant to Club Penguin news. It is good practice for me so I am glad that I took the opportunity to do something unique from what I usually do – all things unique!


I would like to thank Riffy8888 and Happyblue125 for inviting me and I hope that my experience will be awesome with an amazing team. Look out for my posts on RiffyCP and check out my introduction/news post here! I may also be responsible for some page updates on the website to keep it fresh. Hopefully I would get round to updating some of the fun pages on RiffyCP to make it an enjoyable visit for anyone.

Thank you for reading this little update and I hope you are as thrilled as I am!

Waddle On!



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