Community Collab: Rarity

Hey everyone!

So, ever since the release of the ‘Biggest Penguin Style Catalog Ever’, a lot of debating has been going on. Some hate mixed with some love for the new catalog. Personally, I support the release of this catalog since I don’t believe in rare items being so valuable that they should never be obtained again. There are acceptable circumstances with the Beta Hat, Anniversary Hats, Exclusive party items but most of the time, clothing items are clothing items and the reason why people value the old ones is because it would make the penguin look more “cool”. I think this is totally wrong since no matter how old you are in the real world, people don’t judge you from fashion and even though it is different with virtual worlds, how old you are can be portrayed through words and thoughts.

I know quite a few old penguins. Some of them are proud to be one of the first penguins to set foot in Club Penguin and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I know other older penguins who don’t care much about how long they have been on Club Penguin and that is fine too. But when there is the odd penguin who think they have the opportunity to become someone unique and different to everyone, out becomes a bit out of hand. Everyone should be unique and different and this is partly why the biggest catalog ever was released. Clothing items are there to make people to be who they want to be so I think everyone should have access to them. It may ruin the exclusiveness of them but what makes the most of old times on Club Penguin are memories! Not all the time do you need to have an item to honor something special to you and even though people may not believe you, you can prove it with primary experience!

Anyway when I touched upon how everyone should deserve the chance to be who they want to be, I do also keep my consideration on non-members; this is where it starts to get a little controversial. All non-members understand that members have privileges which is fair and the only way to get the most out of Club Penguin is to support them with the money that is needed to finance their journey. But non-members are special too because every penguin counts! There may be other reasons why non-members can not provide much support for Club Penguin and these situations can be understood but money or no money, every little helps! So non-members are also a vital part of the development of Club Penguin so they need to be provided with clothing items because otherwise it is not fair.

The biggest catalog ever has introduced new items for everyone to access so non-members should respect these but there are still some debates whether there is enough or not. My answer to this is that I think Club Penguin always try there hardest to provide items for everyone. But when they try, in this case, there is a metaphorical ratio to keep members the top priority with items that are given away. Now and then, Club Penguin also give out free membership trials which shows their encouragement and support for non-members as well as members but something that is a little bit unfair is that most of all the “rare” items are for members only.

This whole post is about excluding the rare factor but Club Penguin still keep the older items for members only. I do understand that a lot of them were returned by popular demand from members however a few of the old items were previously items for everyone back in the day. I can’t name any but I have been hearing it around in the community. But in the end, I guess members pay for what they deserve and they also get respect along with non-members and there has not been a point ever where Club Penguin have disadvantaged non-members. Everyone is equal in Club Penguin and that helps to exclude rarity with clothing items!

Now I leave this topic with you, the community. What are your thoughts on rarity on Club Penguin? Are there limits to be aware of or any circumstances where non-members need to be awarded more? Most of this post has been my opinions but facts have also supported my reasoning. However everyone has different opinions on this situation; like I mentioned earlier – it can be quite controversial so I accept any answers and I will try my best to understand and reason with them.

Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!



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