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Before I begin reviewing in this post, I would like to introduce you to a wider experience with ‘Blue Reviews’. Before I just reviewed monthly parties that come and go all the time. Now I have decided to review other stuff too! This could be a particular topic in Club Penguin. It could be an update to something. It could even be a Blog! I thought that expanding on this topic would introduce you to much more content because I review all sorts of things so I thought it was time to make this addition to my ‘Blue Reviews’.

In my party reviews, I give a score out of ten however other stuff I review will just be my thoughts to keep it brief and personal. You can feel free to write your thoughts on the ‘What’s New’ page since everyone has their own opinions. Now, here is my ‘Blue Reviews What’s New Page’!

After several weeks of waiting for the (postponed) update to the Club Penguin Blog, it is finally here! The ‘Club Penguin Blog’ is now just one segment of the What’s New page, where everyone can stop by and see the latest news. The benefit of this update was to organise posts into different categories so navigation is a lot easier; it also looks neat visually! Below is what the page looks like when you first arrive.

Club Penguin What's New Page

So what is new with this page? Well, now each post has a thumbnail so players can view an image preview on what the post is about. There are also new icons that show you what category the post is in. In this case, the pencil icon represents a blog post whereas the newspaper icon represents a ‘Club Penguin Times’ post. These categories can also be viewed in the new sidebar on the right along with ‘Latest Posts’ and ‘Video’ content.

You can also notice that each thumbnail image of a post comes with the name and a small icon of the author who wrote that particular post. This is a cool feature since some authors, such as Deamama, can get recognised more for their posts considering Megg usually posts the most. Now each author, on the What’s New page, have their own category so you can access any form of post via your desired author. You can find these along with post categories in the right sidebar!

Some of you may wonder why Rockhopper and Gary have been added onto the sidebar as a category. Well, this is because the ‘Club Penguin Times’ element allows all kinds of mascots to write a new story and it happens to be that Gary and Rockhopper have written a few between themselves. I am surprised that the Dire…I mean Aunt Arctic is not listed as a category since she is the founder of the Club Penguin Times and does write a lot. Maybe this list of categories will update more and more over time as these kind of posts develop.

At the bottom of the right sidebar, you can take a look at all the archived posts from present day to 2011! This feature was some how removed from the Blog a while ago but fortunately has now been added again.

Once you click on a post, you may also find that they – visually – look different now! The colour scheme is more vibrant and the details of the post are more visible. The thumbnail image can also be viewed at the top of the post which may sometimes save the authors from embedding pictures into the post. Here is a preview of what a regular post would look like in detail:

Club Penguin What's New Post Preview

I think that the new design looks way more attractive to players however I think the new element of having a thumbnail image defeats the object of showcasing the full image in the post or multiple others too! If you don’t know already, this post is meant to show six images on some tweaks to the Club Penguin app. The header image to blog post is only on one of them and it is also cropped too. This can cause problems for posts such as ‘Penguin Of The Week’ because the name of the ‘Penguin Of The Week’ will be cropped out of the image (in the header) which is a bit unfortunate unless Club Penguin plan of making some graphical changes to these elements.

Unfortunately the team have not paid much attention to the comments procedure that much; in fact it is pretty much the same. I was hoping (along with many other penguins of the community) that they would add a “sign in” system where it was compulsory to give evidence of your Penguin with a username and password. This way there would be no fraud, identity theft or “doppelgangers” using your penguin name and setting an example to others in the written communication of your post. This is a serious problem that happens and the team have to stop it somehow. Maybe in the future they will eventually realise that problems with this unprotected system.

So overall I think that these tweaks to the Club Penguin Blog have had a positive impact on a lot of things. I always think that good navigation means good organisation so it makes the website much more professional and accessible. I hope that the image bugs will be fixed soon so everyone can see a post from a visual perspective. Now let me know in the comments: What do you like most about the new update to the Blog? Is there anything you would add/change? Maybe you preferred the previous design. I would love to hear your thoughts!



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