The Island Detective – Curious

I am sitting downstairs with nothing in my flippers. Not a coffee to drink, nor a newspaper to read. What happened, you ask? Mr Stirling sent me down here for a break for some reason. He said that I need to “cool down” but when I hear that kind of talk, it just makes me feel young again. I am still really annoyed that all of my work had just been…erased. When I write, I drift off into another world and I always forget to press that darn save button. This power cut has cost me another night here with a boss that I strongly dislike. All because of a power cut. A power cut. A power cut? Now why would there have been a power cut? I twiddled my flippers as I started to zoom in deeper on the situation.

If I were to recall, the last power cut to have occurred was way back in 2012. This was when Rory never realised how much power was consumed by our computers in the office. I remember now. During the Marvel Super Hero Takeover, the Book Room was transformed into the Club Penguin Times Office because crimes and threats were much more likely. Rory – the construction guy – had linked up a system somewhere which meant that no more circuits could be overridden because of the high voltage the technology allowed. If only I could remember where this invention was kept.

In a rush, I glanced over at the clock on the wall behind the counter. 19:05. I dare go and find Rory at this time of night – especially on Halloween. I dare also go up and confront my boss. I could stay here and not bother. I have never done something like that before. When I am curious, I have to follow my instinct. However in this situation, I seriously have no idea on what to do. If I leave, Mr Stirling is likely to fire me (with pleasure). If I went upstairs to tell him about the situation, he would not believe me (like always) and perhaps it would mean sitting here for even longer. Plus, it’s Halloween; I don’t want to miss any spooks that happen tonight.

Wait, that’s it! It’s Halloween. Power cuts. This seems very cliché – too cliché! Whatever caused the power cut must have been indeed intentional. It’s obvious.

Hurriedly, I looked at the staircase. I switched instantly to the door. My career or something interesting? I thought longer. Maybe whatever I will discover is worth more than my job. Perhaps I should go. Now I was sweaty. I should go. No, I can’t! What should I do? The penguin behind the counter seemed to be staring at me peculiarly, wondering what I was doing sweating on a couch – looking agitated.

“Are you alright, there?” She eventually asked. “Would you like a coffee?”. I looked her way; now I am embarrassed.

“I’m fine thanks” I answered whilst stroking my hair with my flipper. The waitress nodded and smiled before something unexpected happened.

It was dark. Lights were out. I quickly advanced back into the couch, burying myself into the seat. It was silent. This must have been another power cut. But this time, it has affected the downstairs. Coincidence, I think not. I had no choice now. Speedily, in fright an fear, I darted out of the Coffee Shop and entered the eerie atmosphere. I tried to gaze beyond the Plaza but for some reason, I couldn’t see it. I can’t have just disappeared. I tried inspecting the exterior of the dance Club and the Clothes Shop. The lights were all gone. It was dead silent outside and there were strangely no trick-or-treaters to be heard of.

Rapidly, I glanced over to the igloos in the far distance. I could clearly see all of the Halloween decorations all lit up and spooky. However I suddenly noticed something weird. A wave of darkness approached the igloos one by one until before long, Halloween was no longer. I stepped further into the Town Centre and looked over the island. It was so dark and no one was around. Was this the ultimate Halloween scare prank? I couldn’t tell! I missed something and whatever it was, it wasn’t friendly.

Immediately, I rushed back into the Coffee Shop and tried to guide my way through the sinister darkness. Twisting and turning, I eventually managed to find the stairs. I ran. I made it upstairs and found all of the workers. Mr Stirling was gazing outside the window and judging by the look on his face, he wasn’t happy. Swiftly, I approached him while all the other workers tuned to me curiously.

“Mr Stirling. Do you know what has happened?” I exclaimed out loud. Mr Stirling fixed his eyes onto me. When I examined his face more, I could tell that he wasn’t just unhappy, he seemed quite scared.

“It’s here.” he stated promptly. “It’s here.” Everyone around me was very concerned. I have never seen my boss so scared in my life! What was it? What did he mean?

“Where is he?” his voice raised. “We need him now! It’s here!” I began to feel even more scared as Mr Stirling began to act weird. Lucy looked at me – puzzled. I was puzzled too. I needed to say something.

“Where is who?” I responded in rage and fear. Beads of sweat poured down my forehead; my throat began to ache with anxiety. Mr Stirling’s voice was strained.

“The Island Detective.”


5 thoughts on “The Island Detective – Curious

  1. I know this is probably not the article to post this certain thing at but,
    i just went to club herbert and looked at the list.. i noticed that the 2nd thing on the list that possibly saids ”dot” well.. i think it could be ”Doc” or ”Dog” judging by the fact the end of the possible ”DOT” Word looks like a G or a c.. but only time will tell..

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