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Hey everyone!

Today I have a Waddle Guide for you to read and I think it is an interesting topic which will, hopefully, inspire you to open your minds more. One of the best things about the Club Penguin team is that it allows such creativity to be noticed and showcased. For example, they offer everyone in the community to submit fan art for monthly ‘Featured Fan Art’ videos. There is also the legendary Club Penguin Times Newspaper which encourages talented penguins from around the community to submit in their own jokes, fan art and a question for Aunt Arctic. I find that the Club Penguin Times is another way to help people get involved and this is yet another method from the team. What does this tell us? It tells us that Club Penguin care about it’s community and try to find many way to value everyone the best they can.

Let’s think about more examples. There is the Penguin of the Week award that is given to one lucky penguin who was nominated by one or more of their friends. I think this one is special since it shows everyone how valuable friendship is and helps the community to appreciate things more such as helpful penguins who do something special in aid of someone else. Another example includes recognition for Club Penguin Blogs. I do believe that the team check out as many Blog as they can to receive feedback and to take in any notes on anything we blog about. This helps to motivate people (like me) to blog more to you and to still keep on producing posts that are fun.

If we think more about in-game, some great hobbies to help share your creativity would be music making with SoundStudio and Igloo Designing. SoundStudio is an amazing game that helps you make music by using sampled tracks that are pre-made. However the combinations can be different every time because you can do a lot with SoundStudio. After you finish recording some music that you are proud of, people can like it which shows peer support online. Everyone loves visiting the Dance Club – thanks to SoundStudio – because there are some awesome tunes out there for people to hear and dance to. I recommend using SoundStudio more often if you love music!

Igloo Designing was covered in my last Waddle Guide however I think it is worth stating again that igloos are there for personality and creativity. Igloos show visitors what your penguin is like and your igloo is your own piece of land on Club Penguin where you can go wild and create anything you like. Again, you can gain likes from igloo decorating which is something great to be more aware of as it makes you feel proud and more recognised in such a BIG community.

Now I am going to share with you something that I have recently done for the Club Penguin team. Using the Club Penguin Support feature, I wanted to share some fan mail for the team to take in. Recently, I have been covering quite a lot of theories on Herbert and Klutzy. Even outside of The Blue Blog, I hunt for sources to show what the relationship between Herbert and Klutzy is like and how this can be explored and possibly integrated into a future EPF party/operation on Club Penguin. Since the EPF is one of my favourite areas to do with Club Penguin, I felt it was right to share my thoughts on what should be expected of a future EPF party. It has been ages since the last EPF operation and everyone, who wants one, wants it to be good and worth the wait.

I have no idea if an EPF party is in development for November this year however I thought that sharing some inspiration to the team could be useful for some ideas in the future. So below is a long email to Club Penguin Support and it explores how the relationship between Herbert and Klutzy could conclude their villainy. Prepare for a lengthy read!

Hey there!

My name is Blue21102 (penguin) and after recently watching an interview with Chris and Gord on the team, I have heard that some of you may be planning on what could happen to the future of the EPF. I thought it would be okay to share an idea with you that you may want to consider in the future. It involves a lot of storyline aspects in it and I think that it is these kinds of parties that are the best since the experience is much more interesting.

I also heard that you want to work more on Herbert and Klutzy so my idea is mainly about their relationship. Basically I think that there should be a “party” which involves tracking down Herbert and Klutzy but the most important element of the party is the background story to it. I think something similar to the Card Jitsu Saga would be a great way to convey a story since cinematics make the party more professional.

Anyway on the journey to track down Herbert, wherever his location is, Klutzy could come by. Now Klutzy, in my theory on his relationship with Herbert, is not really a villain. I think that he was designed to make Herbert more powerful considering that he is only a loyal crab that sticks with him. So once Klutzy comes by, Rookie can translate him since he can translate what a crab tries to communicate and he can discover that Klutzy and Herbert have fallen out.

At this point, there could be a cinematic where Klutzy escapes from Herbert because he is annoyed with the way Herbert treats him so he finally decides to stick up for himself and leads his own journey. The strength with having Klutzy as an accomplice in this mission, is that he can give away the location of Herbert so that Herbert can be captured once and for all! However that is not the case when Herbert attempts to escape from Club Penguin. At this point in the party, players can quest to find Herbert through a set of challenges, puzzles and mini missions until they finally reach Herbert.

Herbert always tries to destroy Club Penguin except this time he tries to escape Club Penguin. The EPF, for years, always try to capture him except this time they are more curious about the fact that Herbert attempts to leave Club Penguin. Without Klutzy, Herbert is weak and that is what the EPF discover at this point. It is meant to be kind of sad because there is always a reason to why Herbert acts so spiteful to penguins and the island and this can be explored through another cinematic of Herbert’s early life. Maybe his family abandoning him influenced him to do the same kind of thing with everyone else. This could be the reason why he avoids penguins and always seeks revenge. Something along these lines could change the way people look at him now.

With this storyline, I was trying to communicate a message across to show that every villain has a story and a reason. Herbert’s story relates to Klutzy’s when he abandons Herbert and sticks with the EPF. Maybe Herbert could have been an isolated bear for most of his life. In fact, we know this from when he told players that he was stranded on an iceberg until he reached to coasts of Club Penguin. Because he is the only bear, we know of, he may feel self-conscious which could explain why he dislikes Penguins and wants the island to be his. It shows that Herbert had a lack of power and control when he was younger so he wanted to express it when he could and that was when he was with Klutzy. But poor Klutzy didn’t know this until Herbert could have admitted to him that he was useless and only there as a tool to make Herbert better.

So the party could end where the EPF start to understand what had happened to Herbert before. Perhaps with a deeper understanding, Herbert may respect penguins more which makes him become a better person. So the giveaway at the end could be a picture of him posing with the EPF agents and the player in the middle as a background for the player card. From then on, Herbert could become a good mascot that players can meet now and then, or he could leave the island and start fresh with Klutzy as friends as we wish him good luck on his new journey. Either way could be a great way to end history with Herbert and Klutzy and the fact that is a positive ending, makes the storyline much more enjoyable and memorable.

I have written a blog post on my theory on Herbert so I strongly suggest you read it for more details on my theory on Herbert. ( It even shows some analysis on this source I found that fits my theory. You probably already have plans for Herbert and Klutzy in the future but this could be a possible way to end the journey with Herbert and Klutzy as the villains. This is just fan mail so you don’t have to follow what I have just said but you can pick out some things if you want to because I would love it if the EPF had something strong to make their comeback something worth waiting for. Also what I just said may be too complicated for a party but I just wanted to tell you what I think about the relationship between Herbert and Klutzy and how it could impact on other people’s thoughts on them too.

I apologise that this email is very long to read but I would really appreciate it if you could share it with the team. By the way I am really enjoying Club Penguin at the moment so well done for all of your efforts and I am looking forward to the future.

Thank you for reading,


So now I recommend using Club Penguin Support as a strong way to communicate your ideas, creativity and thoughts across to the team and you can always expect a reply eventually. About two to three days later, I got a reply from Bonnie who seems like a really nice person. This is what she said:

This is an EPIC story! I love that you have put so much thought into the characters and their backstories! I was riveted the whole way through.

There are soooo many good ideas in this for games and parties that I am passing this up to the penguins in charge!
Waddle on and ALWAYS share your stories with us

Club Penguin Support

When the team get back to you, it is a very rewarding feeling and it does count as you can read for yourself in the reply from Bonnie. I am so relieved that she was able to pass my ideas to the ‘penguins in charge’ and that means a lot to me. So making a contribution to the team (of any form) really does pay off and who knows? Perhaps dreams can come true so I am hoping that my ideas would be considered.

To finish off this Waddle Guide, I want to stress how important it is for the Club Penguin Community to be creative. The Club Penguin team are amazing at what they do and they give everyone in the community the opportunity to do something that makes you feel proud. It may take time for what you do but in the end it is a great thing and I can assure that the Club Penguin Community hold a lot of spectacular artists, bloggers, and helpful penguins. Be creative, for we help to shape what Club Penguin is today. Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!



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