Island Discussion #20: Not Quite

Hey everyone!

First of all, I apologise for not being very on the ball lately. You know blogging means a lot to me so I try my best to keep my Blog fresh. However it can be very difficult to find time to throw a post in now and then but as you may know, already, my posts are not the most frequent because I care more about what I post than time. On a happier note, you may have noticed that this is my 20th Island Discussion! Thank you for supporting these posts and I hope you have found them intriguing and unique.

Now, onto today’s topic!

I, as well as many other penguins, am very excited about this year’s 10th Anniversary. The celebration is amazing and all of that time waiting for a stronger party paid off for sure! The 10th Anniversary Party is very different compared to all the other parties; it’s more like a trip down Waddle Lane! Now, I didn’t join Club Penguin until 2008 so I know all of the latest ones but it is so cool to finally relive the past and feel like a younger penguin – like I was, over 7 years ago! It is an amazing experience where a variety of mascots turn up as well. And the party introduces us to the Mascbots!

The Mascbots were created by Gary (of course) and they are designed to feed penguins about the island’s past! They look awesome but something about them is not quite so right. Read this newspaper article and you will see…

Gary Mascbots AnalysisUnfortunately, these Mascbots are version 2999! Usually, Gary’s inventions are version 3000 and it seems to be that these inventions are the most perfect ones he has made! The Aqua Grabber 3000 is a great example since it allowed penguins to explore the deep oceans surrounding Club Penguin. The Time Trekker 3000 and the Pizzatron 3000 are also two other successful examples that created revolutionary events to occur. Who knew penguins could travel in time if it weren’t for Gary? Who knew penguins were intelligent enough the make a variety of pizzas?

In the past, Gary has worked too hard that even his most developed invention – the Ultimate Protobot 10K – was smart enough to take over the island and capture Gary himself. He was also capable of destroying Club Penguin in the future! This tells us that Gary has made a lot of unsuccessful inventions however the 3000th version of any one of them turns out be a success. Anything below or above 3000 could lead to worse events. Therefore, does this mean that the Mascbots are going to turn against Gary or go wrong?

Another way to interpret this is to do with how evil robots have been in Club Penguin history! The test bots and Protobot were small but huge disasters that had to be dismantled. There was the Snow Bot, Wheel Bot, Jet Bot and the Microbots which assisted UP10K during the Future Party. Furthermore, there are the robots that attacked the island at the MARVEL Super Heroes Takeover. So what is it about robots that are so evil on Club Penguin? Basically, any artificial intelligence ever created in reality have been feared since there have been rumours of robots being smarter than humans. In fact, so smart that they will “take over the world and eventually destroy all humans”. This has been conveyed through many media and Club Penguin is also taking it on and using it as a threat in the world of Club Penguin.

So because these Mascbots are robots, it could potentially mean that they are likely to turn against penguins some how due to a malfunction that could cost many lives on the island. Is it also a coincidence that there is a Halloween Party approaching so it would tie in with the following party after the Anniversary? I think it is possible considering that the Halloween Party literally starts the following night after the Anniversary Party finishes on the 21st of October (my birthday!) It highlights that there could be a close link between these two parties and, to me it, sounds as if the link will be quite disastrous! Robots on Halloween is something a penguin has never witnessed yet so it sounds like a fresh plan for a party!

Club Penguin also confirmed that they spent a lot of time to make the 10th Anniversary Party – as well as the Halloween Party – amazing which kind of makes sense because the Halloween Party has been rare to disappoint people. Working on these two parties together suggests that something is going on between them.

So, what are your thoughts on these Mascbots? Do you agree with my speculation or do you have more evidence to share? Let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading today’s Island Discussion!

Waddle On!



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