Club Penguin: The Dark Island (Inside)

Hey everyone!

I has been roughly half a year ago since I released my first Club Penguin Documentary on my Sasquatch Theory. It was something totally unique that I thought of at the time and I am glad that a few of you were interested in it. My Club Penguin Documentaries tend to reflect my Island Discussions in a visual representative and I think that creating more of these will definitely be worth something. In addition, I conducted a survey a while ago asking if you would like to see more content on my YouTube Channel and it turns out that the Club Penguin Documentaries category was the most popular! Therefore I am happy to announce that a new one is in the making.

It will take a long time to record and glue it all together because my Club Penguin Documentaries explore – somewhat – a lot of detail! Also my new one is going to be even bigger than the last since it covers a range of different topics that all link up and since my last Club Penguin Documentary, the island has got darker and more theories have been produced. Just so you know, all my YouTube videos are recorded with Bandicam – a free recording software that it easy and fun to use. Unfortunately, there is going to be the watermark because (it is free) but you might want to know, I am not planning on upgrading the software in the future as I do not plan to focus more on video content than Blog content. I hope this makes sense. After I record my videos with Bandicam, I then edit in another free editing software – Windows Movie Maker. This is a fantastic program that allows you to do so much for a little. Obviously, other premium editing programs are bound to be much better however WMM does the job pretty well for me and some of you have been asking what programs I use so I recommend them all!

Anyway, I designed this post to give each and every one of you an ‘Inside’ to what the documentary will feature. It is possible that things will change for it in the future but I do have an idea of what is planned for the moment. So, the documentary is called ‘Club Penguin: The Dark Island’ and I am planning to release it sometime after new year, after covering a lot of content. For the documentary, I am depending on rooms in Club Penguin – hoping that they are in neutral form now and then so that I can record within these times. When there is a party going on, I tend to delay the recording until I have what is needed.

As you can tell, the name of the documentary sounds quite sinister and that is the point. Other than a light hearted documentary, like my last one, I will be exploring darker terms to uncover a dark island of mystery and crime. Therefore you are likely to expect content involving: villains, the EPF, suspects, mysteries and (of course) humour to make the video more appealing to people with a good sense of humour. There is more to be revealed about topics as time goes on and I am sure that more teasers will be released in future.

Another thing to note is that there may be times where I ask the community to give me a hand now and then. This could be for video assistance, casting or helping/moderating. It is likely for some scenes to include some extra script and it will be a great way to involve penguins who want to reach the lime light. Also getting involved will earn you some credit at the end of the documentary! I have no idea when these sessions will begin but it will happen sometime, I can imagine.

Last of all, I would like to leave you with the teaser trailer for this documentary. It is brief and it is only designed to make penguins hype! Just be aware that I have not actually recorded any content for the trailer so look out for more recordings in the future. Please enjoy the teaser.

How was that? Stay tuned for more posts on ‘Club Penguin: The Dark Island’ and please let me know your thoughts on this upcoming documentary. Are you excited or the opposite? Thanks for reading everyone!

Waddle On!



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