Island Discussion #21: New Recruit

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this Island Discussion. I am back with another season for everyone to enjoy. Club Penguin mysteries still remain on the island. Lots of them have been uncovered but new ones have opened up ever since the return of the Elite Penguin Force during ‘Operation: Crustacean’. I am excited for the future of the EPF, especially when they will make another return this month to conclude the current operation to restore the energy source within the UFO. Things will also get a little prehistoric once again!

Anyway, the main topic I would like to discuss today is the mysterious new agent that has been recruited with an anonymous identity. The reason behind his highly classified figure is his “public persona”. I would like you to take a look at this page.

New Recruit Page 1

At the top it says “Highly Classified Intel”. Already, we have the impression that this figure is very secretive and we get an explanation of this at the bottom. Their “public persona” suggests that this newly recruited agent is already popular, publicly. Therefore, this penguin is likely to be a famous penguin! But which one? We will find out soon.

It also lets us know that this penguin’s status is active which means that they have already begun to get involved with EPF operations. So this implies that the new recruit has already begun their work within Operation: Crustacean. However there have been no reports of this new recruit on the scene…so far!

I mentioned earlier in this post that the EPF will be returning to continue their operation later this month. Rumours have been able to confirm that the EPF will travel back in time to obtain a meteor so that its energy can be used to supply power to the UFO. Does this mean that this penguin will finally be able to make their debut this month? It would help if we knew more about this new agent. Luckily we have more, brief, information on this new recruit. Below is a transcript of the next page located inside the EPF Handbook.

New Recruit Page 2

Now, this time we actually have some information that is worth scanning. Let’s start from the top.

This agent is a “Technical know-how”. This means that their brain is rich with knowledge about technology. This is useful since technology can assist agents in operations to advance their investigations. Once we meet this agent, we would be able to access better technology than Gary’s. No offence, Gary! They are also a “Curious collector” which tells us that this agent can be found mysterious when it comes to his collections. What does he collect, though? I am guessing it could relate to gadgets but it could be something totally different that makes this penguin unique. Take Rookie, for example. He always has a rubber duck by his side yet he makes an enthusiastic agent who is always willing to help out. Therefore, this new agent may have something similar that makes them different. The last bullet point lets us know that they work “well in a team”. This piece of information is very interesting. We have already been able to reveal that this new agent is – somewhat – already famous in the Club Penguin community. Now we know that they are good at teamwork. Just these two small pieces of information have already enabled me to narrow down who this penguin may be. Out of all the mascots, there are only 4 possible penguins who could have earned this role. My guesses so far: G Billy, Franky, Petey K and Stompin’ Bob. Why these four? They are all part of the Penguin Band. All of them are well known and mascots. To deliver creative music to the island, they are always required to work together as a team.

Below the bullet points, it mentions that this agent knows all EPF agents and every island musician. This is approving our accusations even more so let’s read on. They are currently working on sound amplification systems for collecting intel on underground activity. This could be any of the Penguin Band members as they all love sound amplification. But one piece of information that strikes me is that they are working on “collecting intel on underground activity”. Why could they be doing this? This sentence may confirm that there is a lot more to the underground than we think. Other enemies could be down there, ready for their awakening very soon. Either that or Herbert and Klutzy may have a secret lair hidden underground. We have no confirmation on where they are based – currently – after their short cameos in “Operation: Crustacean”. Perhaps tracking them down is a second priority as lives of the alien puffles are still at risk until we find an alternate energy source for the UFO. Anyway, this piece of information tells us more about what could be in store for the future rather than information on this new agent.

Moving further down, we get more information on random topics. The new recruit is a self-taught tech guru. We know this as it stated earlier how knowledgeable they are of technology. I want to briefly zoom in on where it says “self-taught”. Just this phrase hints to me that this new agent could be Stompin’ Bob. It depends on how significant this detail is. Let me quickly draw your attention back several years when the Penguin Band were doing fine.

We were given brief profiles on each member of the Penguin Band as they hit the island in 2011 for a new and improved Music Jam. On Stompin’ Bob’s profile, it mentioned that he was a “self-taught” musician. Little details like this can mean a lot sometimes so there could be a pattern going on here to hint that this new agent is Stompin’ Bob.

Moving on, it mentions that they have a collection of old-school electronics. We know that this penguin is a curious collector so maybe this is what they collect. Old-school electronics could be anything linking to gadgets. Now, this information – combined with the previous “Curious collector” could hint that Franky is the new agent. Another piece of external evidence (from the Club Penguin Magazine) tells us that he “loves collecting hightop trainers”. Again, this information may seem insignificant but it tells us that Franky is a collector which matches him up with this new agent profile. Now, could it be Franky or Stompin’ Bob?

The last piece of evidence on there states that they have extremely sensitive hearing. To be a good musician, I guess this would be a great quality to have. This does not seem to tell us who exactly has the extremely sensitive hearing out of Franky and Stompin’ Bob. If you read on, however, it says that it has “helped lead agents to capture villains at large.” Get ready for some detail so insignificant. You ready? Well, the verb “lead” may hint that this new tech guru is Stompin’ Bob. Stompin’ Bob is known to be the leader of the Penguin Band, as stated in his profiles, so to use the verb “lead” once again, reminds us of his status in the band. I have no idea if this was intentional but would it not be great if it was?

Now, that was all the information on the two pages. We have narrowed our search down to 2 suspects. These being: Franky and Stompin’ Bob. There is no further evidence to discuss so now we have to look at the physical image provided within this classified profile. Take a look at this shadowy figure again.

New Recruit Page 1

At first, you can say that it is Franky. Straight away! And it’s true! It looks exactly like Franky. The figure is bald; so is Franky. They are wearing a heavy-looking coat/jacket; Franky wears something very similar if you look below.

Franky Torso

As you can see, there are a lot of similar features. Stompin’ Bob does not match up to this figure which could mean that Franky is the new EPF agent. Nevertheless, Club Penguin could be tricking us as this image is only a shadowy figure that looks like Franky. It definitely looks like him but there is a surprising amount of evidence that tells us that it is Stompin’ Bob.

Most people in the Club Penguin community are convinced that this new agent is Franky and I agree. However after looking at that evidence for Stompin’ Bob, it can also be possible for him to be the new agent but I doubt it. From the beginning, when you first look at the page, you may guess that it is Franky because of the visual representation of the figure. If there was no image but just information instead, I would have said that Stompin’ Bob is the new recruit. It is a shame that they make the picture a bit too obvious, I think. I find that it gives it away too much. What do you think?

That is all for today’s Island Discussion. The new EPF Handbook still has a lot for me to talk about so I will cover more mysteries in further Island Discussions. So who do you think the classified agent could be? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please let me know any other evidence (if you can find any) to help expand the discussion. Thank you for reading!



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