SoundStudio Improvisation

Hello everyone!

SoundStudio is an amazing tool that allows me to create some catchy beats for my igloo. This tool also allows everyone to share their own music with each other which is pretty awesome. It may seem like a random post, but I just want to tell everyone how you can make good use of your time when you are bored on Club Penguin.

When I don’t know what to do on Club Penguin, I usually waddle around the island, randomly. Sometimes I play mini-games but then I find that I would like to do something relaxing and fun. I guess igloo decorating is one of those fun activities I do now and then but there is something even better for those who are musicians out there. I tend to love music a lot! Whenever I hear something, my foot starts tapping or my body starts wiggling and it is all because of how my body reacts to music. This probably only happens to a small portion of people, though. Anyway, everyone should love music because it is just something to hear. You don’t even need to use your eyes to see music. It’s brilliant how sounds can have an impact on our mood. So whenever I am feeling down or bored on Club Penguin, the Dance Club is the place to go. If you want, go to a server to hear some penguin beats however I normally go to a quieter server where the population is very sparse.

Instead of listening to other people’s music, I make my own. I rarely save my music since I want to make music over the 3 minute limit. What I do, is pick a genre (Pop is my favourite) and then I just mess around with the buttons. I avoid the one-sound buttons just because I want to make something looped and fluent. In other words, I improvise on SoundStudio. This can take me around 10 minutes which is quite a long time to listen to one thin strand of music however I just find it therapeutic – especially when there are no vocals in it. Just instruments.

There are many combinations of music that can be made from this game which makes my experience different each time I visit SoundStudio. I wonder if any of you think the same way about this game. Anyway, I don’t usually do this, but I have recorded some of my improvisation on SoundStudio. It is just under 9 minutes long but it is worth listening to if you have the time. It was literally improvised so there may be a few moments where it may not sound right but that is up to your ears. Personally, I like the way every combination sounds on SoundStudio; it is a great game!

Below is the video.

Thank you for reading this week’s Waddle Guide!



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