Introducing: Week in Review

Hello everyone!

Today I just wanted to make a short post on a new segment that will be part of this blog as of next week. I would like to introduce to you… Week in Review! What this topic is all about is taking a look back at when the week started and review how it developed with each day in speculation. I will mention things such as official posts that were made on a particular day from my blog and the official Club Penguin Blog on their What’s New Page. I will also talk about anything interesting that happened in the Club Penguin community via Twitter and on YouTube. Plus, I will review any interesting updates Club Penguin add such as the weekly Club Penguin Times, EPF messages, Pins and other updates. Remember that I will review parties/events with my ‘Blue Reviews’ segment so tune in to that when a party has been released.

The ‘Week in Review’ segment will begin next Sunday, on the 10th January at 18:00. These will be posted every Sunday as the week comes to a close so make sure you tune in to these posts at the right time. Thank you for reading this short post and feel free to ask any questions on this new segment in the comment below.

Waddle On!



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