Island Discussion #22: Decipher

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to this week’s Island Discussion! In this post I will be focusing on the new Elite Penguin Force Handbook that arrived to the island in November. This handbook is packed with information on EPF agents and villains and I am very impressed by it. In my one of my previous Island Discussions, I was trying to find out who the new recruit was. My guess is that Franky is the new tech guru that has now joined the EPF. I hope that we can see him in action soon!

Anyway, today I will be going through all of the handbook to decrypt all of the codes. The EPF use a code called Tic-Tac-Toe and it has been used by the PSA, also. I am hoping that we will see more of these codes in future; preferably in an operation or around the island. Once I decode one, I will explore what it means and how it could have an impact on the future of Club Penguin. I hope you will enjoy!

The first code says “Maintain your cover”. This message is from the Director as it is on her page. I guess that this is an order to all EPF agents to stay secretive like herself. It shows that being an EPF agent requires stealth and responsibility so messing up would give away classified intel. This could hint for further attacks from the island’s most wanted criminals so stay sharp and listen to your orders.

The second code says “I miss the Sport Shop”. This message is located on Gary’s page and shows us that he misses his old job at the Sport Shop. Back in the old times, the Penguin Secret Agency had a secret base leading on from one of the changing rooms in the Sport Shop. Gary used to work there as a clerk at the counter. He was undercover and his job was to maintain responsibility over who was allowed to enter the PSA HQ. Obviously, Herbert blew it up in 2010 so the Sport Shop and the HQ was destroyed. This led to the evolution of the EPF! Loads of people miss the Sport Shop – like Gary – so this message may hint to a redesign of one coming later. Why put it there otherwise unless it was made to tease us, penguins?

Sport Shop.png

The third code says “You did it! You found me!”. This message is from Dot and it is more like a joke than something important. Since Dot is a stealth agent and hides around a lot (it is part of her job after all), this message is like a representation of her and to decode it means that you have discovered what it says. I guess that it is quite funny to some people. Since it is just a silly little joke, there is nothing within it that could have an impact on the island in the future…DOT THE JOKER GAL CONFIRMED?

The fourth code says “Click Clickety Click!”. Rookie says this since it mentions that Rookie can speak fluent crab – which is a language that Klutzy can use. Rookie has used it a lot in the past. For example in previous PSA missions such as ‘Questions for a Crab’ and in the ‘System Defender’ game. Nobody really knows how he picked it up; it is just one of his wacky qualities of being Rookie. The translation from crab to english also remains unknown so we do not know at all what Rookie is saying. Let’s hope he is doing his job! Nothing in this message seems to have an impact on the island however it ties in with Klutzy and I have always wanted to know the back story of Rookie and how he became an agent and a fluent crab speaker. It’s a bit weird, don’t you think?

Rookie with Paper

The fifth code says “My secret? Sunglasses”. Jet Pack Guy is known to be a mysterious agent so to say this matches his ability to remain a secret secret agent. There is never a time where Jet Pack Guy doesn’t wear his sunglasses. Perhaps he is hiding something. Could he be blind? Or are his eyes something unimaginable? Jet Pack Guy is also a dude who doesn’t say much at all. He always gets the job done when he can so this message sums up his secretive identity. It may be implying that he wants everyone to think that his secret is his sunglasses when there may be an even bigger secret that he is hiding from us all. Who knows? Maybe we will start to understand Jet Pack Guy more in the future and get to know his background.

The sixth code says “Rock On”. This message belongs to the new recruit and I think that this new recruit is Franky. If you want, check out my previous Island Discussion to find out more about why I make this accusation. This message seems to match the personality of Franky as he is part of the Penguin Band so it would make sense for him to say something like this. The purpose of this code is to make people guess who this recruit is as it is unconfirmed who the new recruit is. A lot of the evidence shows us that it is Franky and the shady image provided with the page seems to look like Franky. Perhaps we will see Franky in action soon.

New Recruit

The seventh code says “Do not hug me”. This message is from Herbert and it is designed to make himself sound threatening. Since Herbert looks like an adorable, fluffy character it is portrayed for him to seem like an unlikely villain. This label has stuck with him through all his years of villainy which enrages Herbert a lot. So by saying this message, Herbert is trying to make himself sound evil and to reassure that he is a villain despite his adorable appearance. Once you get to know him, he really is a nasty character! Herbert might make another appearance later this month as the EPF operation continues. This is not definite however as he may have gone into hiding.

The eighth code says “Click Clickety! Clickety!”. This message is from (guess who?) Rookie…I mean Klutzy. We have no idea what this message means but it uses similar language to Rookie’s message. Maybe it is a response to Rookie or something completely random. Klutzy can only speak crab so this is nothing that special to note. If only we can actually translate crab – it could be the second language on Club Penguin! A weird one too!

The ninth code says “Revenge”. This message is from Tusk – the master of snow. Tusk has been gone for a while now and there have been several rumours questioning his return. For example he is said to have been sighted at the Mysterious Mountain Cave in the Wilderness and he is thought to have been teaming up with Herbert. Whatever this villain is up to, we know one thing and that is he wants revenge. After joining forces with Sensei to defeat this threat, Tusk said he will return and vanished using his powers. Ninjas and agents questioned his ability and he obviously did not like this. Therefore, we had provoked him to disappear. Let’s just hope we won’t see him for a while. But we know he is coming back. He will…soon.

The tenth code says “It is not our fault”. This message is from the Snow Minions – Scrap, Sly and Tank. They are known to be very loyal to Tusk and have assisted him through the Card Jitsu Snow franchise. However their message seems to change the way we see them now. It seems to be that Tusk is forcing their loyalty when they do not agree with his orders. Being a snow minion must be hard as you are under a lot of pressure so you must feel restricted to say what you want. Secretly, these minions are miserable and they secretly need the EPF’s help. Once we encounter Tusk in the future, I think something will happen so that these minions will be freed from their master. Could this be soon?


The eleventh code says “The goal? Total destruction”. This message is from Ultimate Protobot 10000 – a retired villain who has caused epic amounts of terror in the past. We have not heard from him since the Future Party but now we know that he wants to return to achieve total destruction. It is a shame that Gary had to fail this invention. Protobot is someone who is very difficult to get rid of. There are rumours that the blueprint still lies around on the island and Herbert had it most recently to help rebuild him. Protobot is re-arrangeable and what is worst, is that he can be transformed into something even bigger. When he says “total destruction” he is not kidding at all. Just stay sharp for any signs of him because he may be making a return after this message he sent to us.

The twelfth code says “Until next time”. This message is from Scorn the dragon king. This villain is from way back in 2012 at the legendary Medieval Party. He took over the lost kingdoms so everyone had to work together to restore peace to the lost kingdoms. He lived up on Misery mountain where penguins had to travel up to fight him with their weapons. That party had an amazing boss battle; all Medieval parties are famous for their great storyline and bosses – like the Hydras and the Knights Quests at the Underground Pool. So we thought that Scorn was defeated but somehow he is back? I wonder how he resurrected. Maybe he is back in a new form. Anyway this message also seems very threatening since it is hinting to the future when he is certain that we will confront him again. Scorn’s message has an evil tone to it so maybe he is angry. It looks like we will see a lot more of our villains in action very soon. What if they all team up? I guess time will tell…

Scorn Statue

So that is all of the decent codes found inside the new Elite Penguin Force Handbook. I must say that I am impressed by this new handbook since it hints to a lot more action we can expect in the future. Expect more Island Discussions on these Agent/Villain Dossiers as there is still a lot more to talk about. Thank you for reading and have a good weekend!

Waddle On!



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