Island Discussion #23: Foreshadows

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Island Discussion. The discussion continues as we move on further with the Elite Penguin Force Handbook. After covering, in detail, lots of codes and discovering who this new recruit could be, it is now time to jump in a little deeper as we uncover secrets within the Elite Penguin Force Handbook. There are several secrets hidden and they all seem interesting. Let’s get to it!

A couple of pages in, on the Director’s profile page, there is a secret hidden. If you click on the exclamation mark – embedded within the EPF logo – it will come up with a fact. Throughout the whole handbook are hidden facts and rumours and the first one reads “In 2010, a popcorn explosion put the PSA HQ out of commission.” If you are an old member of the community, then you will remember this tragic event that occurred. This led to the development of the EPF and the Everyday Phoning Facility. This replaced the Sport Shop and the HQ however the EPF is much more advanced than the PSA so this was an advantage in the island’s secret agency history.

On Gary the Gadget Guy’s page, there is another secret hidden! Just hover his name, ‘G’, and it will turn red. Click and then a rumour will pop up onto the page. This one is interesting. It reads “An invention may allow Skip, the evil bellhop, to reappear.” It looks like that we may have to encounter once of our latest villains again. Even though this is just a rumour, it seems likely for it to happen. This is because Gary has a long, long history in which has been known by many people that once he begins an invention, it will end up malfunctioning – therefore putting the island, once again, at risk. It has happened to Ultimate Protobot 10,000, the Test Botsa and the Mascbots. Other invention failures were not that extreme enough to put our lives at risk however they are just as significant as the rest of them. No offence Gary but you need to work on your skills! Anyway, what could this invention be? Maybe it is designed to convert ghosts into life forms. This would make sense since Gary may be attempting to bring his ancestors back to life. Otherwise, the invention could be tampered by the villains so that Skip can join forces with them. The possibilities of this mystery are endless. Until I can find some plausible evidence to relate to this rumour, I think that all we can do now is guess.


Next, on Rookie’s page, you can access another secret by simply clicking on his glasses. This secret is a fact and it reads “Rookie tries to partner with Jet Pack Guy whenever he can.” Remember PSA Mission #10 – Waddle Squad? Rookie was incapable of working independently as he struggled with a big magnet. The whole aim of the mission was to capture Herbert by using a fake golden puffle as bait (this was before golden puffles were known to have actually existed). So Rookie was assigned a position in the old Gift Shop where he had to set up a power connection to this electromagnet. Anyway, Herbert was eventually trapped in a cage that he could easily escape out of, using his strength. However Rookie – by accident – managed to trap Herbert for good as the electromagnet was strong enough to attract the fake golden puffle to it, as well as the cage.

I thought that this would be an interesting story to share with you since it shows how Rookie can make a great agent by being himself. So this secret fact tells us that Rookie can alter an operation when he works independently. I hope this doesn’t foreshadow a failed operation in the future since Rookie can save a mission by being him. I think that the purpose of this fact was for humour and a reminder to agents that it is hard to trust Rookie. I wonder what he will get up to in the future…

Once you skip a few page until you land on Herbert’s profile, you may find a secret from the click of the mouse into his mouth. This next hidden secret is yet another fact! It says “Herbert P. Bear is a vegetarian.” In the PSA mission ‘Secret of the fur’, it was revealed that Herbert was a vegetarian all due to his pizza preference. This fact may have been put here to remind agents of this. Just try and remember it as it may be an important thing to remember for the future. I guess that is all we can say about this fact.

Afterwards, go to Tusk’s case file and click on his face for another secret. I find this one very intriguing as it hints towards a possible villain assembly in the future. Anyway, this is only a rumour but it could come true. The rumour says “Tusk and Herbert footprints have been spotted together in the mountains.” Does this means Herbert has formed an alliance? This theory has been going around for a while ever since we were told that Herbert was due for a secret meeting with someone. If you go to, you will find a sticky note with some information on it. Some penguins have been saying that Herbert will be having a meeting with Tusk just by looking at the writing obscured by the spring. I think it could be Tusk or Dot, which is another theory I have actually produced in one of my Island Discussions. This new piece of evidence, on the other hand, suggests to us that this meeting could be or could have been with Tusk now we know that they are aware of each other and are probably plotting something evil against Club Penguin. Either this scenario or Herbert and Tusk could be accompanied by several other villains. Could Dot be on this conspiracy too? It is too soon to accuse Dot but for now, we need to keep an eye on the mountains. I have a feeling that the Mystery Mountain Cave has something to do with this.

Mystery Mountain Cave.png

Finally, the last secret in this handbook is on Scorn’s case study page. Just like the first secret, this one is hidden until you click on the exclamation mark near the right of the page. Once you click it, another rumoured secret would be revealed. This one reads “Scorn the Dragon King may be a looming threat.” Now, it has been years over 3 years since this villain last showed up. I thought that he was defeated way back in 2012 but perhaps he has been brought to life. I never would have foreseen this until I saw this secret but it does seem to ring a bell. If you go to the Mystery Attic, take a look at the cork board with all the images on it. The Mystery Attic is a room where most of the island’s mysteries are leaked into the eyes of us. The UFO is pictured on the cork board and on the framed picture of the sinking iceberg. Since November, this UFO was proven to have existed! If you keep looking on the cork board you will see Scorn the Dragon King! There is a small picture of him flying which did make me question it at the time I first saw it as I thought that Scorn was defeated for good. However now there is a possibility that we will confront the evil Dragon King in the future. Does this make you scared?

Scorn will return.png

That was all of the secrets hidden within the Elite Penguin Force Handbook. After uncovering all of them, I can tell that the future of Club Penguin is going to darken as more villains have become a threat to us. This makes me wonder whether all the villains will form one big alliance. Please let me know your thoughts on each secret. Feel free to comment down below your own theories. Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend.

Waddle On!



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