Island Discussion #24: Scorn

Hello everyone!

Let me just say that you are in for something very surprising today. What you are in for an interesting read on one particular villain that fascinates me. This enemy has an amazing history and an unknown, peculiar power that we should all fear. Have you heard of Scorn? He is a dastardly dragon that became king a long, long time ago when Club Penguin was separated into 5 kingdoms. All of these kingdoms lived in peace and harmony until one day…

Club Penguin Times #341 Legend of the Dark Dragon (Continued).png

Welcome to this week’s Island Discussion on someone very powerful. Some of us have met Scorn before as he returned to Club Penguin in 2012. He was seeking for one thing – revenge. If you look at the story above, it tells us the legend of the dark dragon, Scorn. It reads:

Long ago, there were five kingdoms that lived in harmony. Until one day, a terrible dragon arose from darkness, cursed the lands, and declared himself King. Before all was lost, a band of heroes united. With the legendary Thunder Blade, they struck down the dragon, banished him from the land, and restored peace. But the heroes gave a warning for all to hear: “Be on guard! For should this scornful dragon return… The Thunder Blade’s power is all but spent.” “You must forge a new weapon, or else our kingdoms are defenceless. Heed our warning friends, for darkness can rise again…”

This article was published in the Club Penguin Times #341 as the island prepared itself for the pre-annual Medieval Party. This party took place nearly 4 years ago so some of you in the community may have not been able to experience it. It was one of the best parties to have ever fallen on Club Penguin, in my opinion. This is because the Medieval Party was driven with a fantastic back story with lots of depth. What I showed you above is only one of many extracts that lead to the development of this evil character in Club Penguin.

Scorn has a lot of character. He has many stories that have been told and he has lived through many dark times, making him one of Club Penguin’s most darkest villains. You can almost deduce that Scorn is the most powerful villain in Club Penguin by looking at the last paragraph from the extract above. It was warned that “darkness can rise again” even though Scorn was defeated in this legend. He has a strange power that enables him to resurrect, by the sounds of it. Research has been drilled into this anomaly of a dragon but it is still unknown what drives Scorn’s power. However what we do know is that Garianna was responsible for this villain. Pretty ironic as it runs through Gary’s ancestry.


So if you have happened to collect the official Club Penguin magazines, you might have found another legend of Scorn. This particular one, though, actually informs us on how Scorn rose to power in the medieval ages. The only problem is that this story took the form of a comic strip so I have decided to translate it for you by writing the legend in my own words.

In the medieval kingdom of Club Penguin, on the eve of the great royal celebration, a witch (of the five kingdoms) named Garianna ordered some rainbow puffle toots. This was delivered to her as a special delivery by a jester – who so happens to look like Rookie! It appeared that the rainbow puffle toots acted as the last ingredient for Garianna’s new potion. This potion was in development so that Garianna could transform anyone into a dragon. The potion draws energy from the draconic realm which enables these transformations to occur. Unfortunately, the potion procedure went wrong and as a result, green smoke poured out of Garianna’s cauldron and eventually, Scorn was released into the medieval realm.

Three weeks later, Gary – in present day -and his scientific showcase was interrupted by a distress call from Garianna. She explained to him how she accidentally opened a portal to a cursed realm and unleashed a monstrous dragon upon the land. Scorn invaded the five kingdoms and broke the peace. Gary decided to help Garianna by using the Time Trekker 3000 to warp him to the past when Club Penguin was no more…

Meanwhile, Garianna was able to conjure up a prophecy spell which informed them of the fate  of the hero destined to defeat Scorn the Dragon King. According to the prophecy, an army of heroes would rise and, together, would be able to banish king back to where he came from. In response to this, the jester, Garianna and Gary set off on a quest to inspire the kingdoms to step up and fight Scorn to restore peace once more. 

It turns out that the five kingdoms were already damned by Scorn’s evil and wicked power; penguins were too afraid to assist the three heroes as they try and defeat Scorn. It was too late for Gary to save the five kingdoms and, before long, Scorn arrived and pitied the heroes’ presence and their attempt to defeat him. Scorn, however, was betrayed by his ego as Gary came up with an idea to form an army by using his Time Trekker 3000. This time he used it to summon his whole family from every era to assist him in the fight for freedom. And so Scorn was driven away from the five kingdoms as Garianna finished him of with a banishing spell. At last, Club Penguin was free and peace was finally restored.

So this proves that Scorn is indeed a popular legend with many stories on his power and superiority. From this legend, we can now infer that Scorn is a cursed dragon from a realm of his own. The mystery of this legend is how Scorn became a spiteful and scornful dragon. My guess is that he was locked away into this cursed realm of his and once he had the chance to escape, he just wanted revenge and freedom of his own. By doing this, he made penguins fear him so that he could actually feel superior for once, as king of the five kingdoms.

Even though this legend sounds legit, it was explained in a Club Penguin Time Warp that Medieval parties were actually established in a time period and a world of their own. It also mentions that the Time Trekker is not used to access the Medieval age. This either proves that this legend of Scorn is false or it could be portraying how, in the past, the Medieval party brought itself to us.

Time Trekker 3000.png

Ever since the invention of the Time Trekker 3000, penguins have been able to travel to the future and, often, the prehistoric times. This separates the concept of the Medieval era even being a time period that allows penguins to travel to. It is interesting since no Time Trekker actually sends us to the Medieval Party. Instead, the Medieval Party comes to us which complements the history of Scorn below. It even mentions that Scorn may not even exist in the present-day Club Penguin so he does not generally threaten us until the Medieval time period returns to Club Penguin again. If you want you can have a read of this time warp article as it has some interesting history on the development of Scorn and the Medieval Party 2012.

Club Penguin Time Warp #14 - History of Scorn.png

So speaking of this theory, Scorn may return to Club Penguin again but so must the Medieval Party return in order for this to happen. Now we need to know how he will do this and what could Club Penguin do to prevent further threats of him in the future. I think it is time to tell you a real legend of Scorn that struck the island in 2012. In May, penguins had the chance to live the tale once again as Scorn was able to take power for the second time. Or the third? It is unclear of his full history on Club Penguin but, anyway, now is the time to explore how he did this.

Within the Club Penguin Times #474, Aunt Arctic explained how she found an old page of a book that appeared to be written by Garianna. Below is a copy of the article.

Club Penguin Times #474 Legend Of Scorn

I think that this legend of Scorn tells us how he reigned as king in more detail as – before – it was quite brief. In this story, it is said that Scorn tricked the good dragons (of Dragon Peak, I assume) into taking a vacation whilst Scorn secretly took over the kingdoms of Club Penguin. It mentions at the end that it is rare for a dragon to be gone for good which highlights this villain’s power and strength. It is also important to note that Scorn has a different weakness each time he comes back to Club Penguin. At the beginning (his first reign)  he was defeated by the legendary Thunder Blade. It was mentioned earlier that its power was lost after defeating Scorn so this weapon had no use in 2012, even though it was uncovered. Instead, Gary had to investigate what this dragon’s weakness was.

Even a “penguin in the community” was bothered to ask him if it was even possible to defeat Scorn and Gary responded in the form of an ‘Ask Gary the Wizard’  article found within the Club Penguin Times.

Club Penguin Times #343 Ask Gary The Wizard.png

This column hints that Scorn is possible to defeat but, by the looks of it, he can just keep coming back as we locate his weaknesses. So in preparation for Scorn’s return in 2012, Gary had some idea of what his weakness was. It was the main quest during the party. Just like a scavenger hunt, penguins had to find the secret magic items that could be combined to help defeat Scorn. There were three of them: ‘The Fairy Branch’, ‘The Spheres of Starlight’ and ‘The Cursed Stones’. All of these were the keys to victory and freedom so Gary the Wizard ordered citizens of Club Penguin to find them and use them against Scorn as they confront him.

I found this secret below which was hidden in the Club Penguin Times. It lists all three of the magic items with a little bit of detail on what they are and where they could be found. Below is a transcript of it.

The Dragon King's Weakness....png

As a combination, these made the weapon that defeated Scorn in 2012… The slingshot! It was one epic battle that took place and eventually Scorn exploded into pure light energy! Peace was restored once and for all – well, that is what we thought back in 2012. But over the years, Gary has still been aware of the Dragon King’s possible return. Ever so recently we have received hints and small pieces of evidence that are foreshadowing to the future; when Scorn will return to Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Times #344 Dragon King Falls (Continued).png

It is not the end (as you would have guessed) and now the entire EPF are aware of it. Have you seen some of these hints? I reccommend you go check out the Mystery Attic. By now, you should know that this room contains a lot of hidden secrets and everyone of them is likely to have a meaning. Already, we have used this room to figure out the mystery of the UFO and the Puffle Wilds. Several more secrets still lie in here and are waiting to be figured out but for now, it is time to speculate one of these secrets and explore how this relates to Scorn’s next return to Club Penguin.

The image below is a picture of the bulletin board within the Mystery Attic. On this board are pictures of things we have seen in Club Penguin. One of them is a Frost Bite. We have met these in 2012 and also very recently in 2015. Penguins were able to transform into Frost Bites during these particular Holiday Parties. I am still investigating its significance on this bulletin board, though. I definitely know that this board is very important since it has a picture of the UFO on it. I made a former Island Discussion post on this UFO and there were secrets that led to its appearance in November 2015, during Operation: Crustacean. Now when I look at this board, I am interested since every picture on their must have a meaning. Which is why I am about to talk to you about the next picture.

There is a rough sketch of Scorn the Dragon King on that bulletin board. Coincidence? I think not! At first, when you look at it, it seems very vague and you may not be able to make out who it is. Since I experienced the Medieval Party 2012 myself, I know for sure that it is Scorn as penguins witnessed that shadow over the island before the party begun. It looks like he is flying which suggests that he is going to come flying back to Club Penguin in the future. The green background could also represent his birth into our world as he finally escaped his cursed realm with oozing green smoke pouring out of Garianna’s cauldron. It definitely is Scorn and that is why we should be worried.

Mystery Attic Bulletin Board.png

Another piece of evidence that hints towards Scorn’s next return is the sudden blast of attention given off from the Elite Penguin Force. With the new release of the EPF Handbook, Scorn has his own case study with a status of concern. This means that the EPF are worried about this villain which is why he earned a spot in this handbook. Not only does this convey worry, it is hinting that his return will come sooner than any other villain listed in the handbook. All of the other enemies have a status of either active or unknown. Herbert, Klutzy and Tusk are the main villains at large which leaves us with the Snow Minions, Ultimate Protobot 10000 and Scorn the Dragon King. The Snow Minions are likely to be with Tusk so they are no worry unless Tusk shows up. Ultimate Protobot 10000 has a status of unknown so his absence is creating the least of worry out of all the villains. This leaves Scorn which has a peculiar status of ‘concern’. Does this mean that he may return out of surprise? Herbert, Klutzy and Tusk are at large so they are currently being monitored the best they can which leaves Scorn as a suspect without a trace. This does seem rather worrying so this is probably the reason why the Elite Penguin Force have decided to add his case study files to this handbook in case of any surprise attack. Funny enough, Skip is not on there even though he is thought to be a threat too.

Elite Penguin Force Handbook - Scorn The Dragon King.png

So Scorn is likely to return soon, but when exactly? I think there is a possibility that we will see him sooner than we think. This January may involve the Time Trekker 3000 (because of the Prehistoric Party) so we know that Scorn will not be interfering this month. We may see Herbert and Klutzy later this month instead although this is not definite. So what about February? Megg has announced that February’s party will be “newish”. In Megg language, this means that we will have seen the party before but maybe it has a twist or a new concept. A bit like with the Holiday Party and the transformation into the Merry Walrus Party. Or the Star Wars Takeover and the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. These are just a couple of examples as there have been a range on different parties with similarities to more annual parties we celebrate on Club Penguin. So I think that it is possible for the Medieval Party to make a return this February! It could have elements of the old Medieval Parties but what makes it different is a new storyline which may involve Scorn the Dragon King. I would not be surprised if it were to be another instalment to the Medieval Parties. I would love it if Club Penguin continued the story of Scorn and how he comes back. Maybe we will be able to learn more about his mysterious power in the near future. What do you think February’s party might be?

Now, after covering several pieces of information and detail, I think this concludes this week’s mega Island Discussion. There are still so many questions unanswered like: Where did Scorn get his power from? Why was he trapped in a cursed realm? And, why has he got grudge on Penguins in particular? Have you got your own questions? Be sure to write them down in the comments section and then we can see if anyone can answer them. Also let me know your own theories on the legends of Scorn and when you think he will come back to Club Penguin. I would love to hear your own personal thoughts on this topic so please feel free to join in on the discussion. Last of all, I would like to thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

Scorn the Dragon King.png

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