Island Discussion #26: Rookie: The Rookie

Hello everyone!

Be prepared to say hello to one of our most dedicated members of the EPF. Leader of the communications systems on the island, this hard-working agent strives to deliver his duties…on time, of course! His choice of clothing is somewhat admirable and frantic which makes him unique and totally different to every other agent on the team…in a good way, of course! Have you met him yet? I am sure you have even if you are not an EPF agent because this penguin loves to blow our cover all the time…in the most convenient way possible…of course? Yeah, you’ve met him. Well, say hello to this guy!


His name is Rookie. Why is he called Rookie? I don’t know… Alright! Rookie is someone you need to avoid. If you are on the verge of discovering something epic about the tipping of the iceberg, Rookie will destroy it somehow. It is something we, EPF agents, will never be able to grasp or understand. His name says it all, really. Technically, Rookie is an agent but his name classes himself as someone a bit lower on the hierarchy. Basically, Rookie is not yet a skilful agent but he has been with the EPF since the beginning of its rise. Way back when the PSA was established, Rookie was there. For all of these years, he has had numerous opportunities to develop his agent training but he has not progressed at all. If anything, he has become more of a rookie than when we first met him. So why has no one acknowledged this? Or have they?

Welcome back to the 26th Island Discussion where we will be discussing the significance of this wacky agent. There are several questions orbiting my mind such as: ‘Why does Rookie exist?’, ‘What is the point?’, ‘Who recruited Rookie?’, ‘Why is he still with us?’. Hopefully, by the end of this discussion, we will be able to uncover some of Rookie’s silhouette until we finally get to know this character and his status. I bet you all have similar questions to mine; one of the island’s biggest mysteries have been in front of us for a long time, yet we never get the time to talk about it. Luckily, this discussion should clear up those brainstorms and create new ones as we dive deeper into Rookie.

To begin with, it would be sensible to unlock Rookie’s beginning so we can work through his life chronologically. So in other words, where did Rookie come from and how did he end up as a member of the PSA. Well, there could have been a number of scenarios that determined Rookie’s position on the team. It gets even more complicated especially when he is a penguin with no knowledge and nothing useful to offer other than his rock collection or his rubber ducky. I mean, what is that all about?

So the first time we met Rookie was during the PSA Mission #3: Case of the Missing Coins. Rookie was the one we met at the vault in the Gift Shop. In fact, he told us that he was new to the team which tells us that he is actually a new recruit with a right to mess up with some stuff. As a matter of fact, Rookie forgot the combination to hack into the vault which is where his story of mistakes began. Silly Rookie…

Welcome to the PSA Rookie.png

Now for some reason, Rookie is still part of the team. Even though he makes silly mistakes, it is obvious that the EPF need him for something. But why? Usually, he just makes the job much more harder for a typical agent on a mission. He even gets tasks assigned to him! Isn’t that like handing him a grenade? Well, Rookie certainly is part of the EPF for a reason. Now it’s time to hunt down these possible reasons…

So my first theory is that Rookie is, metaphorically, a vulnerable tool that makes him a typical, idiotic agent that we sometimes hear of. These agents are known to have constantly ruin operations within agencies, hence the name Rookie. So why have Club Penguin added him? Maybe it was for humour. Perhaps Rookie exists because Club Penguin felt that it would add to the challenge of being an agent. Therefore every mission we encounter always has another difficulty as well as the main objective, and that difficulty is Rookie.

Either this or Rookie might be…evil? Maybe the “mistakes” he does are on purpose. It could be just a cover-up that makes him seem like an innocent penguin who doesn’t know much about being an agent. However, it would make him seem like a smart penguin if this is true. All the mistakes he is able to pull off seems to benefit the evil forces on Club Penguin so maybe Rookie is doing this on purpose. The only problem with this is that there is not enough evidence to prove this and also it doesn’t answer why Gary or Aunt Arctic has not fired him already. Which leads me to my final theory: Is Rookie the bait?

The EPF are a very strong team with a lot of time and work on their hands. An agent like Rookie may be needed as a source of bait. Since there are – practically – a lot of skill agents in the EPF, most of them are required to do their duty however Rookie has an advantage. Being a stupid agent with little potential, Rookie can lure evil forces or provoke “accidents” to happen.

Remember when there was that Underwater Expedition in January 2012? That was all because Rookie sunk half the island after ordering too many anvils. Even though it seemed like a hassle, Rookie managed to free Herbert after he got trapped during Operation: Hibernation. So why is this a good thing for the EPF? Because Rookie shapes the future for us. If Herbert never escaped that cage, there would not have been a newly renovated island since Herbert would have never been able to execute Operation: Blackout and freeze the island. Even though it was such a struggle, it must have helped the island to develop. In fact, all villainy has helped penguins to become stronger so Rookie has done us a favour. This may sound very vague but my point is that Rookie exists in the EPF to make us expect the unexpected for the better. If you think of it, Rookie starts a lot of mistakes but somehow it has helped us in the long run.

Tipped Island

So Rookie has his pros and his cons but when you add them all up, you get a penguin who is stupidly smart enough to help the EPF? Does that make sense? Well it shouldn’t…

So what are your thoughts on this agent? Do you really believe in his secret talents or could Rookie be hiding something we do not know of, yet? Maybe it has something to the way he can communicate with crabs. Or the way he can manipulate Gary’s mind into hiring him. Anything as crazy as that could be possible; Rookie is a crazy penguin, after all!

Waddle On!



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