The Third Journey

Hello everyone!

Have you ever thought of what the future of Club Penguin may turn out to be? For over 10 years, Club Penguin has been able to change lives and help people become stronger in the community online. For achieving this, Club Penguin deserves the recognition it has. But remember that Club Penguin has not actually been at its peak in quite a long time. If I correctly recall, Club Penguin was able to hit record breaking traffic all because of the legendary Operation Blackout party, in 2012. Since then, Club Penguin traffic has receded but people have struggled to work out why. Obviously, it follows a trend: a video game eventually completes its life cycle and dies. Club Penguin is either on the verge of plummeting to its end or the lack of its popularity is all because of the team’s intentions with this game.

CP Time Warp Operation Blackout

For a while now, Project: Super Secret has been hyping the community for something bigger than Club Penguin. Some people believe that this new project has caused the focus on Club Penguin to drift off into a new horizon that hardly any of us are aware of. But people have been guessing. What could Project: Super Secret potentially be? It is still unknown yet we have been given several hints and sneak peeks from the team. The real question is: How will it affect Club Penguin?

Like I mentioned earlier, the decline in traffic on Club Penguin could be as a result of life. However, almost everyone gets the impression that Club Penguin has been lacking some quality for the past 2 years or so. What I mean by this is that the monthly parties seem less spirited and the overall buzz that surrounds the community seems to die a little every year. The Club Penguin blog has changed. The Club Penguin Times have changed. We have changed. Without a doubt, this has affected the popularity of Club Penguin and we are still unsure of where it is heading. The team have become much quieter too. Formerly, we could engage with them much more often however the connection has become weaker and the overall vibes are become more and more fragile.

Club penguin is experiencing a plateau. Nothing’s really coming in and nothing much is coming out. Isn’t that what they should be dreading? There could be a reason behind this mystery and (currently) we all seem to be pointing to the future; the aid which can heal Club Penguin, or let it slip. Could it be Project: Super Secret?

I can think of two scenarios when Project: Super Secret finally launches. It either waves Club Penguin goodbye or gives it a hand. The second scenario sounds much more enlightening but we can not expect what we desire. What scares me, is the fact that Project: Super Secret is highly advanced all because of the new technology that has supported it. “With great power come great responsibility”. Either way, Club Penguin may be ending very soon but it can either resurrect in a different form – Project: Super Secret – or it could just die. My guesses are that Project: Super Secret will integrate Club Penguin within it somehow, but I am unsure if Club Penguin will continue to live as an online, Flash based, MMO.

But it’s probably best to think positive, assuming that Club Penguin will have an impact on Project: Super Secret. Even though we might be saying goodbye to the traditional style of Club Penguin, we may be welcoming a completely new format that can surprise us. I am assuming that Project: Super Secret will continue to develop on the island of Club Penguin from what I have seen in the sneak peeks but it is going to change massively, in terms of graphics. First of all, it will involve some 3D mechanics. This is probably Unity-bulit. Secondly, it would mean more clarity involved. Just think: how much more powerful Club Penguin could become. We have seen a Clothing Customiser, a new Welcome Area, a Fun Hut, a vibrant form of Club Penguin in 3D! It is so hard to judge what more we can expect. Club Penguin could be something totally different but with the same roots from where it all began. We know that it will launch this year but it could be so far away at the same time.

3D Island

On the whole, we can expect a lot from Project: Super Secret but it may change Club Penguin forever. It depends on what you think of this that determines your excitement for the future. Personally, I am hyped but I am still questioning what it could be. I think that, because Club Penguin has been “on a low” for a while now, it is now time for change and even if it changes Club Penguin, I just remember that nothing lasts forever. Also I like to think of it as the third journey.

Club Penguin began as a small world with little to do. This is the first journey: a journey from mind to reality.

The second journey involved a change in visuals to the world of Club Penguin. This one evoked a lot of excitement just after Operation Blackout and, in fact, this change was all because of the events of Operation Blackout, since Herbert damaged the island by casting a blizzard so the whole island was renovated into a – graphically – vibrant world that looked so much better than before.

Approaching four years later, we may be about to set off on a third journey. Change awaits Club Penguin and Project: Super Secret is here to accommodate our interest. The team are clearly excited for this project and that is what makes us excited too. Finally, there is something interesting to look forward to and it will be amazing. It is even more thrilling especially when most of us are unaware of all of its ability and purpose. Whatever it is and whenever it will arrive, it certainly keeps us hanging on.

Waddle On!



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