Week in Review (8-14/02/16)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first ever Week in Review. To sum up, this topic rounds off the week by reminding everyone of all the posts I have published and the posts that Club Penguin have published. Moreover I will be talking about any significant Club Penguin updates and any community updates that have been flying around throughout this week. Let’s begin!

To begin with, Club Penguin posted the weekly Penguin of the Week on the blog and this week’s winner is Brisingr11. Congratulations to Brisingr11 for obtaining this weekly award and I hope you will continue to make penguins happy.

On Wednesday, the monthly ‘Featured Fan Art’ video was posted on the blog and on YouTube. This video showcases all of the fan art submitted for January’s theme. Just looking at this video, I can verify that there are a of crazy artists out there and I am happy that Club Penguin recognises these people. Well done to everyone who got their art submitted into this video. Remember these come out every month so don’t forget to submit in your art for a chance to be featured in one of these videos.

Also on Wednesday night, Operation Tri-umph officially began with a laser dance party at the Snow Forts. Unusually, this party had started a week or two earlier than usual and it lasts for 3 weeks in total! This is quite a big party so enjoy it while you can. At the moment, you can dance at the party and collect some free items too. Stay tuned next week for the next installment to this party. Be sure to let me know what you think of it already!

On Friday, Club Penguin posted on the Club Penguin Blog. This post is called ‘Oops!… Herbert Did It again’. Megg just writes about how strange it is for Herbert to make us a laser dance party and reminds penguins to thank him for it. It seems a bit weird but maybe it is all part of his operation. Herbert may have bigger plans regarding his operation is still on track. Maybe next week we may have to think a bit bigger on what to expect.

Yesterday (Saturday), I submitted two new blog posts. The first one was an Island Discussion called ‘Rookie: The Rookie’. Normally these posts release on a Friday however school has delayed my time a lot so the next few Island Discussions may be off schedule but I appreciate all of your patience for the time being. Anyway, this post discusses Rookie’s importance and why he is included as a character in Club Penguin.

The other post is called ‘The Third Journey’. This post explores the future of Club Penguin and questions its end or rise as Project: Super Secret may be waiting just around the corner. This post also introduces you to a new segment on the Blog. I have not actually formally introduced this but now seems the right time. New to this Blog is ‘Coffee Break’, where I will publish posts that are random, interesting and time fillers that will keep you hooked (I hope). I tend to post these kind of topics now and then but up, until now, I have not really appreciated their significance which is why I have created a new Blog Topic for them. There is no schedule for these posts as they are just published when I feel like it and, also, they may be significant to a particular event or time. I hope you will enjoy more of these posts as I show them on Coffee Break.

That is all for this Week in Review. I hope you found that these posts help summarise what has been going on this week. Stay tuned every Sunday for more of the posts and, hopefully, more community news as well. Happy Valentines Day by the way; I hope you fell in love with my writing. See you next week!

Waddle On!


Club Penguin – What’s New?

Featured Fan Art: January 2016 

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The Third Journey



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