It’s Complicated…

Hey everyone!

Yeah, I know. It has been over a month since I last posted on this blog and – obviously – I am aware that not many of you may be reading this straight away. I think the best way to explain everything is to clearly state that it may be my time to move on soon.

Club Penguin has played a big part of my childhood and, for years, I have supported the team and even got more involved in the community nearly two years ago. I was 7 years old when I first took an interest in Club Penguin and there has not been a year where I have not played it. It has always been something I have been dedicated to. It was much easier to do this when I was younger since I had nothing else much going on in my life apart from school. Although school was much easier back then. So as you get older, some things decay like in real life: nothing lasts forever. For almost eight years, Club Penguin has stuck with me but I have been gradually weakening the bond every year. Not just because I am losing interest, but because I have no reason to continue my support.

When I look at the future of Club Penguin, I feel that I am no longer needed to drive forward the franchise. Exciting things are peaking such as Project: Super Secret but what I need to realize is that Club Penguin is a game for kids. Because I have paid lose attention to the game, it has become something more than it should have been to me and that happens to a lot of people who are afraid to lose something that they have known for ages. Club Penguin is a great virtual world but I feel that I have had that time to experience it at its best, for me. It may be heading for a brighter future soon but that is a part of gearing up for a new generation. If you think about it, most fans from Club Penguin who supported them from day one are now probably adults. I think that Club Penguin is on the verge of jumping to the new generation with a fresh community of penguins who think of the game in a different way. As it edges towards new technology, it suits the current generation by upgrading what is required to please kids of this age in time.

And – obviously – I am not a dinosaur like many other community members but what Club Penguin has done for me so far is something that I have cherished and now I feel like I have accomplished that journey. As I continue life into: exams, jobs and more opportunities in the big bad world, I feel that I no longer need Club Penguin to assist me as I am now ready to move on and do new things. That being said, I feel that Club Penguin is starting to limit me when it shouldn’t be and that is why I believe it is time to let go and carry on life.

What I am talking about is Club Penguin: the game. My involvement in the community has had a similar impact on my life; if not, a bigger impact. This is all because of this blog and my interaction with the community on Twitter. My interweaving hiatuses are indications of more important things going on in my life and very soon it would have surpassed my dedication to the Club Penguin community. Even though my dedication is dying, it does not change the fact that Club Penguin will forever remain a solid memory inside my mind. I mean, how could I forget the game that changed my childhood? So as Club Penguin moves on, I am sure to find the slightest amount of time to check in on its life and I may find the time to see my old buddies from Twitter. I am very happy to see a brighter future for Club Penguin. In the past few years, it has declined and that is only due to the fact that it requires an upgrade. I am sure that sometime this year, many of us will witness that upgrade and see Club Penguin soaring off into its new generation for new people to enjoy and support.

I think it is a shame that I only started blogging for nearly two years now. I have been more endorsed into the game whereas my spark of interest for the community, that surrounds Club Penguin, only occurred back in May 2014. I have made many new friends since then but I am sad to say that it is time for me to fade away. That does not mean I will fossilise and never see any of the community again; there will be days where I want to check in on my pals to see how everything is going.

So is this goodbye? I am not too sure at the moment. It is not a “see you again” but it is more like a “catch you later”. Thank you for being very supportive to me and my blog. In a month’s time, I may be holding my “The Blue Blog: Two years old!” party but only because I think that it is important to reflect on my followers over the past year. I will keep in touch now and then. This website will be up for as long as I can imagine as I don’t pay for it and I will check my Twitter from time to time as well.

Thank you for everything! 🙂

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