Blue Reviews: Puffle Party 2016

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Welcome to Blue Reviews – a topic in which I speculate and discuss the different parties that visit Club Penguin every month. Each of my reviews are separated into different sections where I review the parties’: Storyline, Visuals, Content and Replay Value. At the end, I round off the review with the Verdict. This concludes my thoughts on the party with comments on the party, as a whole. Afterwards, I rate the party with a score out of 10. Feel free to let me know what you think of the monthly party in the comments section. I hope you will enjoy my review on this month’s party:

Puffle Party 2016

Puffle Party 2016 Logo.png


Every year, the Puffle Party always introduces a fresh, new and unique mechanic that distinguishes itself from the rest of its annual ancestors. Last year for example, an intriguing mystery was driven through an expedition that allowed penguins to hunt wild puffles and the Sasquatch. It was a very different interpretation of the Puffle Party that left many of us amazed by its individuality. This year, we depart from the Puffle Wilds and reflect on the colourful history of puffles with a Puffle Parade. Unlike any other party before it, this Puffle Party allows everyone to celebrate the discovery of every single puffle to date and by doing this, this party includes a system where every new day is dedicated to one puffle colour. On the puffle species’ specific day, the Puffle Handler (PH) introduces you to a game of hide and seek where you have to hunt the correct puffle according to the riddle given to you. After doing this, you are rewarded with a tremendous amount of items for your penguin.

Snow Forts

The classic scavenger hunts make a return! Nice work, Club Penguin.


When I think about the Puffle Party, I think of it as a celebration of Puffles and I truly believe that this party captures that theme. It is what makes it unique to any other party that has a different narrative. So this party would not seem to have a very strong storyline to it which is not disappointing. Even though last year’s Puffle Party had a very strong plot to it, it is what makes it authentic and different to any other Puffle Party so if we saw a return to the mystery of Sasquatch, the parties would have collided. Some people – like me – may appreciate continuity but I think that Club Penguin chose the right decision to opt out of this story and to explore a new theme to present the party with. On the other hand, it would have been possible to add a storyline to the production of the Puffle Parade although this would be suitable for small detail in preparation for the party that could have been explored in the Club Penguin Times. Though I understand that this would have been difficult to implement as a story.


This year, the Puffle Party includes a total of 12 rooms with decorations in them. It is not the entire island but it is the decent amount you would expect from a party these days. Disappointingly, all of the rooms have been reused from last year but I do appreciate the little tweaks that Club Penguin has done to some of the rooms. According to what the puffle day is, the banners and balloons around the Town and the Plaza change to that species’ colour. So, on the ‘Pink Puffle Day’ the banners and balloons would be pink whereas they would change to red on the ‘Red Puffle Day’. This is a small feature but it means a lot these days since they are much more rare to come across.

Even though the rooms for last year have been used, I do agree that the Puffle Party can be difficult to concept since it is an annual party so the room decorations are likely to always be similar, if not exact! In addition, I do not mind the room visuals at all; they look very colourful and suit the theme of a Puffle Party. I have always loved this concept of the Forest, though!


Would it hurt to make this makeover permanent?



Is there a lot you can do at this party? Well, like I mentioned earlier, the aim of the party is to find all of the hiding puffles in a new game of hide and seek everyday. To start you off, you are given a riddle which reminds me of the legendary Easter egg scavenger hunts Club Penguin did way back when. When you enter a room associated with that riddle, you will find that there are several spots that sparkle now and then. These are possible hiding places that require a click to reveal the puffle. If you get it wrong, you will be alerted and so the hunt continues until you find the correct puffle. I find that this hide and seek mechanic could have been better if Club Penguin got rid of the hints. However I found it rather intermediate which means that some players may find it challenging. If so, I think that Club Penguin has done a good job at implementing this game into the party.

After finding the correct puffle, PH comes up to you and gives you a fun fact of that particular puffle species. But the best part? You are rewarded with five completely new items! Non-members can only obtain a unique pin of a puffle berry but members can also obtain some cute puffle slippers, a fluffy hoodie, a balloon and a puffle hat. I am impressed to see new items finally introduced into the game again.

Of course, what is a Puffle Party without transformations? This year, you can transform back into your desired puffle of your choice and rock out with each of their own individual features. My favourite? It has to be the yellow puffle!


Creative and innovative in the performing arts, these critters certainly do not disappoint and so won’t this review!


Like every month, Club Penguin adds at least three new emoticons for players to try out at the party. There is an o-berry one, a dubstep puffle emoticon and then there is my favourite… The cat puffle emoticon. I love how the hearts pulse as they eyes as if it were alive and looking at love. In my opinion, a great expression. Maybe Club Penguin should consider using more animated emoticons in the future.

Cat Puffle Emoticon

This Orange Tabby Cat loves fish! Typical…


Other than that, members can adopt any wild puffle they want for free! These include the rare dinosaur and alien puffles.

Replay Value

There is not a lot I can actually say about this. Once you finish the game of hide and seek, you can just enjoy your new items and let the fun continue at the water park, at the Cove! Like many parties these days, you never get to see a lot of replay value. The party is re-playable but nothing gives it a reason to be replayed. Other than the exciting water park, there is nothing much you can do unless you are a fully trained nurse; they are hiring at the Lighthouse now!


It’s alright; dogs can swim, you know!


The Verdict

The Puffle Party 2016 revisits the importance of puffles that we continue to discover on Club Penguin island. With its own unique game mechanic of hide and seek, this party welcomes you to explore across the island in search for puffles and the rewards are totally worth it. Luckily, I think this Puffle Party lives up to its name; it is clearly unique from previous Puffle Parties and allows penguins to fully submerge themselves into the ultimate puffle experience. With every puffle creature available to adopt at the same time, it really does emphasise the celebration of puffles and reminds us of the great times when we found them all, originally. Although the party lacks new room decorations and replay value, the party is good while it lasts. But what now?

Puffle Party 2016.png

Thank you for reading this review and let me know what YOU think of the Puffle Party 2016.

Waddle On!

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