My Decision

Hey everyone!

In my last post, I was explaining to you how difficult it is for me to find time for Club Penguin in my life. I was mainly talking about how my dedication to Club Penguin and my blog has started to decay as time goes on since I find that my time becomes limited almost all the time. Like lots of other people, I have priorities such as education, family and other hobbies I dedicate my time to. Blogging has only been one of my recent hobbies as of two years ago. So I have thought a lot about it and I have made a decision.

I am going to break it down:

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is going to go through a lot of changes in the future. Project: Super Secret will transform it and hopefully make it better! My dedication to Club Penguin, however, does not just rely on this. Time is the main factor; when I don’t have it, I cannot play Club Penguin. Therefore it is difficult to judge when I play Club Penguin. I have always been interested in its parties so I will try to log on to experience the new parties and collect items to expand my inventory too. I also find that Club Penguin lifts my mood so when I can go on it, I will do my best to spend time with my buddies to make most of the time.


Over the last few days, I have come to realize how attached I have become to Twitter. For nearly two years it has been part of my routine so it is going to mean changes if I just abandon it. Fortunately, I am not a big fan of changes. So I will just rely on myself to keep logging on to Twitter when I am bored. Besides, who can not resist checking out the latest trends within the community? Without Twitter, I feel restricted so the least I could do is log onto it often to see what is going on. Plus, I have so many amazing friends who I do not want to lose. Maybe I won’t tweet so often (something I am surprisingly good at) but I will still be there now and then. Also my Twitter is also connected with my blog so when a new post arrives, Twitter is there to share it with all of you. But what is going to happen to my blog?

The Blue Blog

I have always stressed how unique my blog can be compared to other blogs on Club Penguin. Instead of posting daily updates issuing any Club Penguin related news, I post my own authentic ideas that some of you have grown to like. From what some of you have been saying to me recently (about my blog), I feel flattered and very proud. To know that some of you will miss my Island Discussion tears me a bit since I also loved making Island Discussions too! But when can I find the time?

What if I just keep things the way they were before? In fact, my blog was never meant to promise any fluency with my posts. If you read the welcome page, it mentions how I feel much more comfortable to post “what I like, when I like”. This means that I will strive to produce unique and original content when I can and that basically brings across the message. The reason why I am suddenly iterating this now is because over the last few months my blog was beginning to take on a new route with new posts always around the corner and even though it sounded like a solid plan, it was never meant to be. That is clearly my own fault since I was not aware of the power of time. Also I am getting to an age where exams can have a lot of responsibility for what I could do in the future and I do not want to mess this up. Therefore I dedicate a lot more of my time to revision in preparation for these exams.

On the whole, I can promise you one thing. The Blue Blog is not yet at its end. I will try to post when I can but now you know that you cannot always rely on the time I have in my hands. It’s almost as if I am juggling, most of the time, as I gain more responsibilities. So what I said in my last post echoes a similar message but now you know for sure!

In case you found all of that difficult to understand, I will now present to you a basic refinement – in big font – of my decision.

“I am staying in the community but I will not seem active on all occasions. I will strive to post content when I can and I will try to engage with the Twitter Community when it is possible.”

So there you have it! If you have any questions at all, please let me know in the comments and I will respond to them. Thank you very much for your continued support and time to read this post. I am happy to stay a blogger for all of you – please don’t expect a lot, though! XD

Waddle On!

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