Island Discussion #27: Arousing Ripples

Hello everyone!

Earlier this week, I was searching my archived posts just for fun until I came across my party review of the ‘Inside Out Takeover’. If you were not around for this party, it was about Rockhopper who had lost his mind after eating some peculiar stinky cheese and we had to enter his mind to gather his core memories to fix him up. Even though that mystery  of the stinky cheese remains untouched for now, I would like to re-introduce you to one of the island’s greatest mysteries that has begun ever since 2013.

Do you remember the “Mighty Megalodon”? Club Penguin often seem to tease this shark in different parties and just when I thought they had forgotten it, they brought it back into the Inside Out Takeover. If you were around at the party, you may have noticed this familiar figure lingering deep within Rockhopper’s Subconscious.

If Club Penguin hides this shark around all the time, surely this means that it has some intention behind it. What would be the significance of this shark? Well, since this is Rockhopper’s subconscious, the megalodon is likely to be one of Rockhopper’s fears like everything else in the room. If you didn’t know already, Rockhopper has a fear of flamingos. I know what you are thinking. If this were true, Rockhopper and the megalodon must have encountered in the past even though we were not aware of it. It would make sense since this creature probably roams around the island within the oceans so Rockhopper may have sighted this shark on his travels. What we don’t know – however – is if this shark physically hurt Rockhopper or somehow had an influence on his life. It would be a totally different story if Rockhopper saw the shark and sailed away as far as he could but what if these two unlikely characters met?

We don’t know if this shark is a threat to penguins. It might be friendly for all we know but evidence has shown us that this shark may be out for revenge. I wouldn’t be surprised especially if I were trapped in an iceberg for millions of years. Although it was not our fault, the megalodon spent its life sealed in ice before it managed to escape after the global temperatures rose. Basically, Gary’s theory is that the gradual incline in volcanoes on the island increased the temperatures which allowed the ice to melt for the shark to escape. This theory may sound technically accurate but there is something peculiar with the way the iceberg still remains today. It remains the shape of the shark as if it managed to break out itself. You can see in the image below that the iceberg did not entirely melt so maybe the pressure of the ice decreased meaning the shark could have escaped a lot more easily. In my opinion, this theory sounds more probable. 

Iceberg without megalodon.png

Anyway, we seem to think that this shark has a grudge on us possibly because of his frozen life. Also this shark is likely to be carnivorous and penguins are definitely the appropriate bait for the megalodon’s liking. There is a lot of evidence that adds up to prove this and a lot of this evidence was discussed in my previous Island Discussions on this character. On the whole, the megalodon is thought to be an enemy after its sightings at the Marvel Superhero Takeover. It would be found in the villain’s lair as if it were captured for evil deeds. Furthermore, the megalodon is constantly on our tail because every half hour at the Iceberg, we see its fin meander for a short amount of time along with a harsh sounding snarl. This definitely creates an impression of hatred towards penguins so maybe we should be worried.

On the other hand, it has been years and this shark has not done anything to us so is it something we should still be worried about? Either Club Penguin are in the works of making this character more purposeful or they have left it for the community to speculate. We can also tell that the EPF are no longer supporting this case since the megalodon does not have a dossier in the new EPF Handbook. In other words, the megalodon is not a suspect at large since the EPF are worrying about bigger threats such as Herbert and Tusk. Even Scorn surpasses the villainy of this shark – who has been watching us for years now – yet Scorn has been away for ages. Does this indicate that Club Penguin are not planning anything for this shark, at least for now? It is possible for the megalodon to rise as a public enemy but the EPF will not expect it for a while.

So Rockhopper has been silent for a while. Ever since the Holiday Party, he has still been away on water but he never mentioned anything about this shark. Could he be too scared to talk about it? Rockhopper probably knows a lot more about this shark than we do but could we ever be getting information from him? What do you think about the megalodon and its history? Let me know if you have any conspiracy theories or speculation that could add up to finish the puzzle. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Waddle On!

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