Long and Lost

Hello everyone!

Have you also been wondering what has happened to Club Penguin’s merch? It is certainly disappointing that Club Penguin no longer seems to continue its marketing of toys, books and clothes for Club Penguin fans, well in the United Kingdom at least.

I felt that it was about time to raise this issue and discuss it with you lot. I think that it is a shame that Club Penguin no longer seems to mention anything to do with merchandise. When Club Penguin was popular, it was actually pretty good! I remember the time when Club Penguin was a total hit at my old primary school; we used to obsess over Card-Jitsu and play the official trading card game with each other. I think I have around 3 tins worth of Card-Jitsu cards long and lost in my house but I still treasure them.

Do you have any specific memories associated with Club Penguin merchandise? I can also recall my collection of plush puffles and penguins. To be honest, I was not the best collector. I seem to remember having an orange and a blue puffle plushie and a Squidzoid and a Medieval King Penguin plushie. I used to play with them a lot. There was also those strange “mix and match” figurines that were pretty cool. I started off with the igloo play set that featured a penguin and a puffle and I expanded the collection with more figurines such as Gary and his “trusty” Wheel Bot. These toys were probably famous on a lot of shelves in popular toy stores but now you never see them.

I guess this just mirrors Club Penguin’s journey through popularity. I would say between the years 2011 and 2013, Club Penguin was especially popular. As well as all the above, I even collected their books and both of the legendary Nintendo DS games packed with thrilling EPF missions. Club Penguin was certainly a hit but now it seems as if it was forgotten. Is this because Club Penguin is less popular? That’s the most likely case but the main reason for this is because toy brands die with age like us.

As you grow up, you can always witness the many trends that are brought to life. It is an on-going cycle of new innovations and style that has an influence on what kids do in their free time. Club Penguin was lucky enough to be one of those trends and I would even say that they were successful enough for a while. Their recognition with merch definitely boosted their virtual world with new customers which is why Club Penguin was such a popular online game.

Today, Club Penguin is just getting old like everyone does and some of us have grown with it. But the amazing thing about Club Penguin now is that it can have the potential to become illustrious again. Considering that Project: Super Secret will live up to its mysterious, yet awesome expectations, we may witness another revolution. Of course it all depends on how amazing this project will turn out to be and if Club Penguin can successfully get the message around, I am sure that Club Penguin will eventually grow again. That would be something truly inspiring to witness.

3D Penguins

If this were to be the case, would this also mean a revolution in new Club Penguin merchandise? If the project starts well, perhaps Club Penguin are considering a budget that can allow them to go even further by promoting it with new toys for the younger generation. It would be interesting to see how the game would have changed but I would totally love to see an upheaval sometime soon.

I would love to hear what you guys think about Club Penguin’s forgotten merchandise and let me know if you have any nostalgic memories involving them. Also, what are your thoughts on the future of Club Penguin? Do you think they will consider bringing back merch to boost the game? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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