The Missing Ingredient

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since my last Community Collab topic on this blog but a recent event has inspired me to talk about a new topic that I find very interesting. This topic is actually quite ambitious and can have an affect on how we could play Club Penguin in the future.

For months – even years – there has been that struggle when we play Club Penguin. We may feel restricted when parties are on, especially when they don’t offer much to do. So this basically results in bored penguins who log in once or twice a week to check out any updates. A lot of us probably waddle very little and this has lead to a virtual world that is no longer as vibrant as it used to be. Now, let’s be honest. We probably can’t change the way Club Penguin design their parties. We could have an influence, but it wouldn’t always go our way. Not because the team would never listen to us; it’s because the way things are going right now with Project: Super Secret being the team’s focus for a while now. Obviously, that is the reason why Club Penguin is going downhill.

But there is still something we can do. As a community.

Last night, I attended Riyita’s Club Penguin Elections 2016. When I first heard about these elections, I was like “huh?”. I mean, when would you usually hear about something like that around the community? I was curious so I researched into it a bit. The preparation and thought going into this event seemed very impressive, when I first saw the post on Club Penguin Space. It seemed very professional and Riyita invited penguins from the community to sign up as candidate to represent two teams. The Sharks and The Construction. Both teams have their own endeavours which would be mentioned at the several debates involved with this event and the best candidate who presents their idea the best, wins the election. And so on…

So yesterday I logged on, went to Riyita’s igloo and was blown away by what I saw. A whole debate set up was right in front of me and the design was accurate. It was very formal; everyone wore suits or dresses and most penguins sat patiently in the audience seats so that they could watch a debate, spotlighting three candidates who battled out for votes. Riyita was in the middle of this “stage igloo”, looking very slick in his tux. He had so much…power! The audience were reacting to him and the candidates on stage and it just seemed to shock me. I had never seen anything like it! So I stayed right until the end where there were a couple of after parties and some gatherings where we would discuss the debate.

CP Elections Debate

My point is: why have we only just started this? There is bound to have been similar events, like these, to have occurred in the past but no one sees it often which made me think: is this the missing ingredient we have been searching for all along? Everyone was happy and clearly having fun which all shows us how we don’t need to rely on parties all the time. We have a strong community that is capable of hosting these kind of events for lots of people to enjoy!

So what I think is that we, as a community, also have a duty to help keep Club Penguin as vibrant as it could be. If we have always wanted fun, we could have made it ourselves with our creative brains and out excellent talents. We need to cooperate and make more fun so that we could make the most of Club Penguin! Can you imagine how much happier we would be?

Let’s do it!


If we want a better Club Penguin, let us make it ourselves using our creative minds and our unlimited imaginations. Comment below what you would like to see and, if you want, share a few ideas to get some collaboration going on. I would love to hear what you guys can come up with!

Waddle On!

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