Island Discussion #28: New Dimension

Hello everyone!

We have reached the end of May which – importantly – only means one thing; we are slowly creeping towards a finished project that yet remains “super secret” to us. Project: Super Secret can be a lot of things that we possibly couldn’t even imagine. Even though it has been through a few years of production and will continue to do so for the rest of this year (possibly) this project still lives up to its name and I applaud Club Penguin for that. On the other hand, it makes it so much harder for us to assume what it could be and the hype may end up driving us completely insane – if it hasn’t done so already!

To be fair, we have received several sneak peeks since last year and they are becoming more frequent and expected. By the end of each month, the team will continue to give us a sneak peek into what they are creating until they finally announce it. Now, from what we have seen, the project seems to have a lot of depth and by that I mean a variety of aspects that could push the boundaries and turn Club Penguin into something totally new! Maybe it is a good thing? Possibly not? Well, I think it is about time Club Penguin takes a new step since they have succeeded for a noticeable amount of years as an Adobe Flash based game. However the last couple of years haven’t been so good and that is not because the team are becoming lazy. It is quite the opposite, in fact! They have been working on this super secret project for a while now and we are soon from witnessing the final outcome, possibly by the end of this year.

So in this post today, I feel would be useful to recap everything we know about the project but what I am really interested in is how we get there. Not just from one game to another, but also from Club Penguin (2D) to Club Penguin (3D). It highlights a huge leap so it would be fair to say that some people will be blown away by this game. But because of how different it is, will this make the acceleration from one game to another unrealistic? It depends how creative the team are. But I am going to be talking about this later because, right now, I need to recapitulate what we know about Project: Super Secret – currently. We are going chronological so back we go to June/July 2015 when we received our first sneak peek.

Remember when Riyita (owner of Club Penguin Space) visited the Club Penguin Offices in Kelowna last year? It must have been a pretty amazing opportunity that I would snatch up any time, if I could. Anyway, Riyita was lucky enough the test out a “small” sample of Project: Super Secret. This was the Clothing Customizer. So after he had left Kelowna and was able to manage his blog once again, Riyita was given permission to show what he had made – with the Clothing Customizer – to the rest of the Club Penguin Community and (believe me) we were drowned with hype! This was the first time we managed to have a look at a physical representation of Project: Super Secret so you can imagine how surprised and thrilled we were.

A few days later (early July) Club Penguin officially confirmed this sneak peek and showed off a little video of what the early Clothing Customizer looked like at the time. Since it was a year ago, development of the app was obviously not final so what you see in the video may not appear in the official product. Below I have left an image of a fully customizable hoodie that featured in the video. If you want to see the video, click here. You can also check out Riyita’s small sneak peek right here

Clothing Customizer 1.0

Something to note is that the form of the sneak peek hints to Project: Super Secret on mobile which was, and still is, very predictable in the community. Project: Super Secret has been described in the past (by Spike Hike) as something inspired by new technology. Before Project: Super Secret officially began development, the team were testing some concepts with the new technology which is why we have the official Club Penguin app downloadable today! Some of this technology required the team to move onto new platforms like mobile. Furthermore, mobile is considered to lead Club Penguin into the future as it is capable of so much more than it did as a Flash game on desktop.

All of this was part of #CPNext which describes the future of Club Penguin and it involved a lot of input from the community too. Project: Super Secret may have evolved from this since #CPNext was hinted with some detail that had similarities with Project: Super Secret like server jumping and private chatting as well as a 3D world with 3D penguins. They were being very experimental so some parts of the Club Penguin app demonstrates the technology incorporated from #CPNext. But Project: Super Secret looks a lot more powerful than the Club Penguin app and it looks like Unity could be the current technology they are using to build Project: Super Secret. Whether they are working on just mobile or PC too, we have no clue. But it is certainly possible for them to work on both PC and mobile.

Next, we were given a sneak peek that showed us how penguins can express themselves better than they have been able to in Club Penguin. Alongside emotes (or emojis) Project: Super Secret looks like that it will introduce actions that dynamically express how someone is feeling. I think it definitely works with the new 3D environment that this project will bring to us. Below is an image that shows off one of these many actions that penguins are likely able to perform in chat rooms. You can access the video here but the footage is of early development so it is not very attractive, even though it still managed to spark a lot of interest and awesomeness within the Club Penguin Community.

Express Yourself

During October, Club Penguin then released a sneak peek of what the Migrator is going to look like in 3D! The Migrator is Captain Rockhopper’s ship and in case you didn’t know already, his ship is an accessible chat room that arrives at the island through seasonal events. Project: Super Secret may follow a similar trend but we don’t know.Except we now do know what his ship will look like and it looks pretty similar to the original Migrator (if you ask me). Below I will show you the image that was featured within the sneak peek.

The Migrator

You can see from this that the Migrator looks so much more vibrant than it has ever looked before. You can even notice a few cool details like the stinky cheese (Rockhopper loves it) and the puffle architecture at the bow of the ship. It really fits in with the style of Club Penguin which makes me and a lot of you so excited to see what it looks like with the rest of the project.

That is not all from this sneak peek! We also got a look at the model of the Migrator; possibly how it will look in-game! You can see the short video here. Observing it in 3D gives you a taste of the Migrator from all angles so see if you can spot anything interesting.

Heading into November 2015, Megg gives us a warm welcome into Project: Super Secret by going through some plans of a ‘Welcome Area’ to expect in the project. This idea should allow new penguins feel welcomed into the community but it doesn’t show us a lot of what we could expect. The sneak peek does, however, show us some concepts of the Welcome Area and so I will insert these blueprints right below.

The first image looks like that new penguins will arrive on a dock which suggests that you need to sail to island to get there. I think this is a creative way to allow penguins to enter the community and it makes sense. How else would a new penguin arrive to the island? It also pays attention to a lot of detail as it mentions “support beams” in the annotations so I guess this implies the high amount of detail 3D environment require in order for Project: Super Secret to succeed. The team must be working tremendously hard!

The second image shows a birds eye view of the Welcome Area which also gives us a piece of the island to admire. You can see trees in the east and a layout of dock panelling which is concepted in the first image.

In the third image, there is a large ring with a transforming centre texture that will be “swapped out to reflect whatever game info is being displayed on the Fun Hut screen”. Maybe it is there to advertise certain events, parties or anything affiliated with the ‘Fun Hut’. The Fun Hut sounds like it will sell some items which I am not sure of at the moment but a sneak peek coming up soon will inspire some ideas. Overall, I like the idea of the Welcome Area because I can imagine that a lot of new players will join Club Penguin after the project has been completed and advertised. It makes total sense since there will be new marketing and I can imagine Disney will be selling this out as much as they can. If you think carefully, this concept also confirms that existing players will be able to keep their penguin names (maybe) since not all of us are new players. Hopefully that is the case!

Onto December when we were given a huge sneak peek of what the island may look like in Project: Super Secret. Unlike any other sneak peek before, we finally got the chance to have a look at a part of the 3D island, in colour too! I am unsure if this sneak peek still remains an official concept of that part of the island but either way, it looks good. Believe me…and believe yourselves!

3D Island

We can see a lot of things in this image. There is the Migrator docked where it usually is next to the Lighthouse. We can see the Welcome Area alongside the Fun Hut which presents a message that reads: “Welcome to Club Penguin”. Towards the right, there is less snow and more tropical environments which is interesting considering Club Penguin is a snowy island. If you look in the distance, there is a tall tower which I have no idea what it is. My only guess is that it is a revamp of the Snow Forts because it looks like a “fort” and it is among the snow. In addition, you can see igloos positioned on a mountain towards the right of the image which suggests that some of the island will be reformed which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Now, this image makes me very curious about what Club Penguin may be adding, changing or losing. I guess time will tell and answer all of these questions in the near future.

I also suggest that you read Spike Hike’s blog post on this here since it reveals that 2016 is going to be an “epic adventure” which possibly hints that Project: Super Secret will release later this year but – then again – dates do change when you work on a project so this doesn’t totally confirm a finished project by the end of this year. We could be getting a beta though!

Now we enter the year 2016, where we are given a subtle Project: Super Secret sneak peak to celebrate a new year full of goodness (#ProjectSuperSecret2016). On Twitter, the team posted a GIF of a dancing 3D penguin. The rendering in the GIF looks pretty good which created a lot of hype and suggests how close we are getting the the final product. Below I will leave an image of the GIF but you can access the full animation here (if you have Twitter).

Happy New Year

What I can summarize in this picture is hype. Lots of it. It may look basic but is shows off a lot. First of all, the tweet actually included #ProjectSuperSecret2016 which could be confirming a release date to fall within this year, but like I said, earlier we do not know for sure. Secondly, the penguin model looks so good but different from previous models shown in the Clothing Customizer and the Migrator sneak peek. This could all be due to the development process of a penguin; the team may have wanted to change the penguin design. Or, it could mean that because there is more than one penguin model, we may be seeing Project: Super Secret on mobile and web! Maybe even on other devices. I have more evidence to support this very soon so stay tuned to this post.

Another special thing this image gives shows off is that penguins can finally have multiple layers! You can tell this because the dancing penguin has blue hair as well as a crown on which are both considered to be “head items” in Club Penguin, currently. So maybe this means that we can wear glasses on our head or jumpers over out tops. This makes customizability a lot more bigger than ever before which is what the team want to achieve with Project: Super Secret. Lastly (you may not have noticed it before) but what else is that penguin wearing that seems odd to you? Pants! Well if you are english – like me – we like to call them trousers. This example of pants looks like a pair of shorts or even a dress/kilt! Club Penguin have never brought pants into the game before so we have practically been half naked all of this time – yeah, I hate to think about it too! So this is something to really look forward to and I am glad Club Penguin showed this image off since it evoked weeks of hype!

Later in January, we received another subtle Project: Super Secret sneak peek, via Twitter only this time! In celebration of ‘Penguin Awareness Day’, Club Penguin posted a picture of two 3D penguins with a caption of “Penguins…. Penguins everywhere!”. Yep, it is a Toy Story reference. Because the image is so brilliant, I need to show you it now!

Penguins... Penguins Everywhere

Can I just say how polished these penguins look? They look sweet! The texturing, the graphics, the rendering is just top-notch. Such high quality! And this is only a small sneak peek that the team sneakily threw in. You can even see reflections in the eyes and glasses of both penguins which is just utterly amazing! There is also more multi-layering demonstrated on the penguin to the right who is wearing shades over their hair. The hoodie also looks customized; same with the plaid shirt on the other penguin. If you look really closely, you can even see a reflection of the island shown in that other sneak peek. It is of a similar angle but it is very difficult to spot anything distinctly new.

Moreover, I mentioned earlier how there may be multiple penguin models involved with this project. This could be as a result of development or it could hint towards several platforms that the project could be served on. Luckily, this image supports the second assumption! If you think about it, the other penguin model of the dancing penguin was posted on January 1st and 20 days later, this image was posted. For such a small time gap, this surely means that it wouldn’t have been possible to suddenly redesign the penguin model. They both look really good (I like this one better) but they both are slightly different. What if this sneak peek represents penguins from the web and the other sneak peek represents penguins on mobile or vice versa. Alternatively, they could be the same model but this one looks more polished, in my opinion. If this were true, cross-platforming could become a key element of Project: Super Secret. Spike Hike and the rest of the team have stressed so much how this project is bigger than just an update to Club Penguin. It could mean so much more and so cross-platforming would be a great feature to add. Unity works with both web and mobile so it is definitely possible although nothing has been confirmed at this time.

Believe it or not, we were actually given another sneak peek in January but this one was posted right at the end. Megg finally revealed to us more information on what the Fun Hut is and left it with the Club Penguin Community to have a think of what might be hiding behind the counter. Below is the image she posted of it.

Fun Hut

It looks really cool and you can even see the screen which we also spotted in the earlier sneak peek of the 3D island. Remember it also said that whatever was on the screen, would be mirrored in the centre of that ring in the welcome area. So somehow, this Fun Hut and the Welcome Are must be linked. So what is this Fun Hut for? Players from around the community are guessing that this Fun Hut gives new players tasks and quests to help them settle into Club Penguin. These could range from basic tutorials like how to throw a snowball to exploration adventures that leave you searching the island for items. These are just a few possible example and they would certainly help you familiarise yourself with the island in many ways.

Once you complete these “tasks”, the penguin at the counter of the Fun Hut could reward you with some items for free. In the image, there are lots of festival/party items like piñatas and colourful decorations which could also mean that you can celebrate your achievements. Perhaps this would bring in more interactivity features like setting off fireworks, party poppers or setting up a game of piñata for your friends to join in on as well. The Fun Hut seems like a really amusing concept that I am sure will welcome new players to Club Penguin in the best and most fun way possible. In some ways, I want to be a new player. Maybe we all are!

Near the end of February, a different kind of sneak peek was given to us and it doesn’t represent the Club Penguin aspect of Project: Super Secret. We have been told how big this project is so it sounds like it is more than just Club Penguin. But what exactly? We may have a little clue since late February, Spike Hike and Megg updated us on a new app that they released for Club Penguin players in Australia and New Zealand to check out. It is called ‘Disney Mix’ and it is about an app where Disney fans can “chat, share and play”. This app incorporates some long awaited features we have always wanted in Club Penguin, like private chat – with stickers! Only this time, your avatar is a human widget and it seems that Club Penguin is heavily involved with is as the app included stickers of the franchise along with many other popular Disney franchises and movies. This suggests how big Club Penguin may become in the near future. Since this is only a trial app for New Zealand and Australia, I am assuming that more features (like Club Penguin Avatars) could be released because Spike Hike mentioned “what if Club Penguin took over Disney?”. Therefore, this new app is only likely to be a small part of the project, under the influence of Club Penguin but I am not too sure.

Disney Mix App Icon

I highly recommend that you all watch this video of Megg advertising ‘Disney Mix’. In this video you can actually see what you can expect from this app when it eventually releases worldwide (hopefully soon). You can watch the video here!

By the way, Spike Hike also added that Disney Mix is phase one of Project: Super Secret. And Club Penguin is phase two. What does this mean? Well, Disney Mix is the only physical release of a part of Project: Super Secret that has ever been released so far. So I guess you could say that Project: Super Secret has already arrived – but not in the way you expected it to. Club Penguin – being phase two – may suggest that after Disney Mix, we have Club Penguin. This could be a beta or the actual official release! Hopefully, we will see “phase two” later this year. Currently, it has not been confirmed when this app will eventually be accessible world wide. I hope they will update us on that soon because I am really tempted to check it out!

Surprisingly, we received a new sneak peek early March which gave us an update on the Clothing Customizer. Because it has been a while since this was first shown off, it looks much more improved and I believe that more features are shown off with even more customizations and decals. You can watch the video right away by clicking here.

Clothing Customizer 2.0

Just by looking at the image above, you can tell how polished the gameplay looks. The penguin model looks very similar to the one at the Fun Hut and the format of the video alongside the layout points to mobile! Anyway, you can tell that there is more multi-layering on the body items like the jacket tied around the penguins waist. Once you watch the whole video, you may notice that you can save designs which is a really good idea and makes it a lot easier to customize. I hope this leads the concept of saving outfits on Club Penguin in the future. Overall, there is just so much more possibilities available and I am stoked that Club Penguin are developing a Clothing Customizer.

Before I move on from this sneak peek, I think that it is also worth mentioning what Megg commented on the different platforms that Project: Super Secret could support. Below I will quote the paragraph she wrote on the Club Penguin Blog, issuing this topic.

“On another note, some of you have heard rumors that in the future, Club Penguin may be a mobile-only app. Right at this very moment, the team is thinking and planning and waddling and talking about all the options—we’re not ready to say for sure what platforms it’ll be on—but we always take into account our community.

Because after all, we wouldn’t be where we are today with the best community ever now would we?”

This message has concerned a lot of the community as it may possibly mean than we won’t see Project: Super Secret on the web at all. I think that there needs to be Project: Super Secret on the web because a lot of Club Penguin’s audience came from PC in the past and all of the community originated from web in the first place. Also Unity works on web and PC so it makes sense to work that way. Even though mobile is the future for Club Penguin, I think it would be sensible to stick with web as well because a lot of the community still value the web more than the Club Penguin app and, to be totally honest, the mobile app is quite buggy and the party experience is no where near as good as it is on PC. I am certain Project: Super Secret will change this and make the experience as similar as they can between these two platforms. This way there could be an element of cross-platforming which I discussed earlier. So if you are a dedicated player on the web, I shouldn’t worry too much. It may mean that we might have to wait longer to try out Project: Super Secret but remember Megg said that the team will always “take into account our community”. I think it would be very risky of them to ignore web but I cannot confirm anything.

On April 29th, Megg posted a totally new sneak peek showing off some first ever gameplay footage of Club Penguin on mobile in Project: Super Secret. Something I am very passionate about is music and Club Penguin have celebrated this passion with Music Jams and several features that allow penguins to make and appreciate music. Of course, Club Penguin (being a Flash game) delivers all of this but does not deliver as much as this new project does. Megg confirms that we can now play musical instruments whilst wearing our outfits so we do not have to waste time taking off our clothes to play one instrument. It was amazing on Club Penguin to just be in a band at the Lighthouse but Project: Super Secret takes it even further to a new and improved environment. And obviously the 3D just makes it perfect! You can watch Megg beat some tunes on her drum within the video you can watch here!

Meet The Band

Have you watched the video? You should! If you watched it more than 100 times already then watch it again, another 100 times because there is so much to take in and it is so enjoyable! The gameplay on mobile looks so sleek and we are even shown with the interface at the bottom of the screen. Let me start with that.

By the looks of it, we have an option to customize our penguin outfits, we can access the map, possibly access a party interface where you can set up your own parties (but I’m not too sure) and there is a “more information” icon, which I can imagine (when you click it) brings you more options to access from the interface. There is also an icon where you move the camera so that you can view the island from a 360 degree perspective. How awesome would that be? Furthermore, there seems to be an option for chat and maybe safe chat. Safe chat would allow penguins to send pre-made messages to everyone around them and the other chat would show anything you compose yourself. Let’s really hope they improve the chat filter!

There are other interactivity options that poke out to me throughout the video. When Megg is not holding anything, there seems to be an option to throw a snowball, to leap (perhaps) and an option to sit in a tube. Maybe this could make you float on water! When Megg was in the water, there was an interactivity option linked with the water which could have been to dive or just to swim. Once Megg had access to the drum, there were 3 different ways to play the drum which adds variety and means that being in a band could be different every time you make one. I find it so intriguing to watch Megg and her buddies play together in a band with everyone dancing to them and enjoying the music. Can you imagine the fun the Club Penguin Community will have once Project: Super Secret releases? I literally cannot wait at all! Well, yes I can but there is just so much hype.

Moving on to the end of May, Spike Hike gives us an update on the Clothing Customizer. In fact, this sneak peek was in the form of a ‘You Decide’ – a classic element the Club Penguin Blog used to use a lot to make the community feel involved. I have always loved these posts since they make you feel important and in this case, the community can have what it takes to improve the Clothing Customizer by letting the team know what customizable items we would like them to introduce or continue in Project: Super Secret. I think that hand items such as: laptops, mobile phones, bracelets and handbags would be good. Instead of just being hand items, they could be accessories that can be customized in many different ways to make penguins feel unique. I also feel the same about glasses. Imagine being able to choose from a range of frames and lenses. This sneak peek may not reveal much about the project but it does give us an amazing opportunity to have a say in this project. Make sure you leave the team a comment on what you want to see by clicking here.

Along with his update on the Clothing Customizer, Spike Hike also inserted an image of three different penguin poses of his penguin in 3D! Have a look.

Spike Hike Clothes

Spike Hike looks amazing all thanks to this technology and the hard work the team are drilling into this project. Spike Hike clearly presents “sweg” in all of these poses and he rocks those 3D shades. How ironic! This may confirm that we will be able to keep out old items since Spike Hike has the exact same outfit as he does in 2D. I wish they will update the flash clothing even though it must take a lot of time. I am sure they will because they are really focused on keeping customization a key feature in this project so I really doubt that they will disappoint us.

Seeing this image also makes me realize how awesome we could look in 3D. Just picture yourself in these poses. I think a great feature would be a photo booth where can extract .jpg or .png files of our penguins in 3D so that we can use them as icon on Twitter or in other social media. That would be so cool!

Lastly in this post, Spike Hike left us with a teaser of what to expect in June’s sneak peek of Project: Super Secret. From what he has showed us, I am very intrigued. Spike Hike left us this image below.

Serving Hot Chocolate

Basically, it is an icon of Hot Chocolate/Coffee. Spike Hike said that this new project will introduce a new take on serving hot chocolate and coffee on the island. Again, this sounds like another really interesting interactivity option. Currently in Club Penguin, we can only “serve” coffee as long as we have the green apron. What if Project: Super Secret changes this? By the looks of it, the icon includes a smaller icon of two penguins next to each other. I think that this small icon represents an interactivity option with another penguin. Therefore, this could mean that we can give people hot chocolate and coffee around the island but I bet that there is a lot more to this than just this image and the information Spike Hike gave us so far. It looks like it will be a really cool sneak peek so I’m looking forward to it and I hope you all are too!

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned how we still aren’t able to figure out all of the aspects of Project: Super Secret. We are aware that it will involve an upgrade to the Club Penguin island and we have only been given little detail regarding what we could expect from this super secret project. There is so much more to it, and the best part? Club Penguin itself is only a fraction of the project. Somehow, Disney Mix and social media seems to be playing a part in this project but we don’t know much about it at the moment. Though we may do sometime this year since a few of the sneak peeks point to 2016 as the golden year! Could we be seeing Project: Super Secret this year? Perhaps yes and perhaps not. It is possible for there to be delays now and then so we must be considerate and understandable of these circumstances. Just remember, the longer people work  on something, the better it will be because more time and effort would have been put into it. Just in case we only see a beta of Project: Super Secret this year, it is good to keep that in mind because the project can only get better, am I right?

So now I want to talk about the transition from Club Penguin – today – to Club Penguin when it will suddenly blow our minds. Now Club Penguin can be creative when it comes to this kind of stuff. Or they could be boring! Either way, I always need to cover every route and that means that what you are about to hear may sound very ambitious. But the more fun the ideas are, the better!

Now, I am not going to call Club Penguin boring at all especially since we received a blog post from Megg the other day that reflected on “kind of famous” residents on Club Penguin. It was a cool post to read; it was something different, for once. So one of the penguins that were mentioned in this post was Rory. Some of you “newer” players may have never hear of this penguin but if you were a fan of the PSA missions, Rory was always there somehow and he is a pretty interesting guy. He works as a construction worker who helps build the parties we love and enjoy every month. We never see him much these days but the rumour has it that Rory “took on a huge building project somewhere”. This is the key information we got from that post and it could possibly be indicating towards Project: Super Secret. We know this because it mentions that the project is huge and we all now know for a fact that Project: Super Secret is also huge. The only catch is that Rory is working somewhere else and so we are not clear if he is on the island or not. If Rory is still on the island, he could be “revamping” it but it is possible that he is offshore too. Even if that is the case, who ever said that Project: Super Secret involves the same island that we are playing on at the moment?


So I think that this would be an awesome story that would fit perfectly! I think it is about time Rory gets a bit of spotlight and it makes sense for him to be responsible for this project. Club Penguin may have hinted this possibility in that blog post so maybe this is the one.

However, there is no right answer yet so I have another possibility that could fit smoothly. What if the Box Dimension returned, but this time it has big news? I am thinking that Project: Super Secret is built in the third dimension so wouldn’t it make a lot of sense for the Box Dimension to discover this for us? Spike Hike himself said “Are we in a new dimension?”. So why is this assumption so important? I do bring more evidence with me since this is an Island Discussion.

I want you to think back to the Puffle Party 2015. You know, the awesome party with Sasquatch. That Puffle Party took on a different narrative and instead of focusing on the celebration of each individual puffle, Club Penguin wanted to bring in a storyline that linked with the rise of the Puffle Guides – the organisation that strive to help puffles survive out in the wild. And with this new story, the island got an update; we received 3 new rooms. The ‘Puffle Wilds’, the ‘Puffle Lodge’ and the ‘Mystery Attic’. The Puffle Lodge replaced the Ski Lodge but not a lot was changed except the tweak in the layout and the fact that it is now the base operations of the Puffle Guides. Upstairs from the Puffle Lodge is the Mystery Attic. At the party, the Mystery Attic did not have much significance at all, it is actually a room that reflects on the past and even foreshadows what to expect from the future ahead. I love this room since it really helped me to come up with a lot of new theories regarding the many mysteries that surround Club Penguin. In the attic, you can find a lot of interesting items/relics from the past but some of them hint to the future. For example, you can see a picture of the Iceberg tipping itself and we all know – for a fact – that this has not happened yet. It is actually a myth. No one has ever tipped it but maybe we will be able to in the future.

Back to the point, the Box Dimension links with this because it was added to the Mystery Attic even though we would be able to access it anyway (if we had the portal box for it). But the significance of this could link with Project: Super Secret. Ever since the Puffle Party 2015, the Box Dimension has not had any orientated stories so what if Project: Super Secret will be its story. It makes a lot of sense especially when it is found in the room that foreshadows the future. It is a possibility that shouldn’t be ignored!

Portal Box

My only other guess is an invention. Gary the Gadget Guy is a well known scientists who specialises with a lot of the island technology, no matter how unsuccessful it (usually) is. What if Gary finally manages to pull of one his greatest achievements of all time? Creating an invention that can transform the island into 3D would be revolutionary! The only thing is, Gary is not amazingly intelligent with all technology; he is kind of responsible for leading Club Penguin to its doom by creating Ultimate Protobot 10000 – who nearly kills us all in the future. However we wouldn’t have been able to stop him without the revolutionary Time Trekker that allowed us to travel to future to stop him and even to the past to save Dino Puffles and to uncover the ancient geography of Club Penguin island. So Gary is not all bad. So this could even mean that turning Club Penguin to 3D may turn out the be an accident – the best one too! Other than Gary making silly mistakes, Herbert or even Rookie may “accidentally” tamper with the technology to actually create a masterpiece. I have got no evidence for this except the facts!

But something that could relate to this is the ‘New Recruit’ who is yet to be discovered (even though we are certain that it is Franky). Say if Franky was the new recruit, he may be able to have some knowledge with this kind of stuff. Below I have a screenshot of his dossier and it includes information about his qualities and skills. Have a look.

New Recruit Page 2.png

The one that strikes me the most is the fact that he is a “Technical know-how” so it sounds like he is like an apprentice of Gary (or maybe Gary is his apprentice). So Franky has some skills with technical stuff, considering he is a successful keyboard/synthesiser musician. Besides, Franky has not actually been mentioned ever since the release of this new EPF Handbook in November 2015. I have no idea how we will meet him in the future as an agent but this is a possible scenario that allows him to access technology to revolutionise Club Penguin. Still, it is a rather ambitious theory.

That is all of my creative ideas for now. As we get more sneak peeks, I am sure that the future will become clearer and clearer. Once we find out what July’s main party will be, it may gives us more hints. One thing to note is that this super secret project may be working its way under Club Penguin until it finally sprouts once it has finished development. Alternatively, this project could be working through Club Penguin so as we get closer, mascots on the island or certain events may indicate to the new future and I think it would be so awesome if the world within Club Penguin is under the influence of Project: Super Secret. If it is given its own narrative into the game, it would definitely make it a lot more exciting since there could be events preparing for it along the way which would maintain hype at optimum level or beyond that! What do you think?

So that was probably the largest post I have ever made. It just shows you how big Project: Super Secret is – yet we have only been given the tip of the iceberg! Because this project is still on going, I will update this post whenever new sneak peeks arrive and I will notify you when I have new things to discuss. If you took all of that in, I applaud you and thank you for listening to what I think about Project: Super Secret (In retrospect, I probably should have abbreviated it from the start). Now I leave the discussion with you; what are your thoughts on the sneak peeks? How do you think this new project will incorporate the change from a 2D island into a 3D island? Is there anything you could add? Let me know in the comments below and be creative!

Waddle On!

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4 thoughts on “Island Discussion #28: New Dimension

  1. I don’t know how long it took you to write a post this long but this is the longest post I’ve read from you!

    Yes! I absolutely can’t wait for Project: Super Secret to release. The things that I’m hoping that the team might implement are new missions and new locations to explore. That way, the game will be a lot more interesting. :v


    • Yes that would be so cool! I am guessing that this project involves creating a lot of new locations since there won’t, technically, be any more “chat rooms” as such. The whole island is its own chat room and that will be interesting to see.

      I would also love to see new missions and quests that will force us to explore this island. From underground to the tallest mountains!

      Thanks for sharing your cool ideas Ping!

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