My Club Penguin Perception

Hello everyone!

This is just a random post inspired by what I do on this blog. I felt that it has been a while since I did a similar post on this, discussing how my Club Penguin blogging is from a different perspective than anyone else’s. Well since I, probably, have new readers and new aims, I felt that it would be appropriate to share with you how I visualise Club Penguin blogging and why I blog in a different way than most people, usually do.

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So I first started off my Club Penguin blogging by posting regular updates that I wanted to share with the community. Every time Club Penguin would post something on their blog, I would try to echo the message on my own. Though I managed to gain some popularity and attention with this style of blogging, I didn’t like it at all (if I were totally honest). Why? Because you feel so concealed and suppressed with what you can do. You are restricted to the facts that you are practically “reposting” and I found that such a struggle; it bored me all the time. This also put me off my voluntary work on other people’s blogs. Most of my time was taken up to – literally – stare at Club Penguin for every hour of every day waiting for an update to be posted. And then this would lead onto that game where every CLub Penguin blog races to see who would be able to post it first; it was kind of annoying. No offence to some of the bloggers who hired me, but I also felt so pressured which is something I do not want when I blog because it just makes me stressed and defeats the object of blogging, in my opinion. Why blog about something when you are not even having fun? You don’t get paid. You are likely to be noticed only by the community. It takes a lot of time and effort. But if you make it fun, it is definitely worth it!

So I thought “how would I be able to cope with this for as long as I continue my blogging?”. I had no idea how to answer this question which made me think deeper about what blogs are all about. A blog defines you. In my opinion, every blog should have their own “personality” which reflects who you are and what you think of everything around you. Therefore I began to think how cool it would be to start something totally new. I wanted to pursue a new goal and that was to post about stuff I wanted to talk about other than just repeating what the Club Penguin blog give to us. As a result, this inspired me to move to WordPress where I could continue my blogging with a fresh aim that motivated me. From then on, I started to produce new and exciting posts that I loved making such as Island Discussions, Community Collabs and Waddle Guides (previously known as ‘Weekly Waddle Guides’). As new, unique topics began to grow and expand, I changed the name of my blog from ‘Blue’s Blog’ to ‘The Blue Blog’! Why did I do this? I did this because I wanted my blog to sound like its own thing. ‘Blue’s Blog’ shows property and I felt that it would be cooler if it sounded like it existed as its own thing so that it is not just a blog that I own. Plus, it sounds way more interesting!

Since then, I have still progressed on from that same goal and now I have reached new levels! All my posts – now – seem very original and I love that because I want to be different from everyone else. If you are in the crowd, how else would you get noticed without a cold conflict with the same blogs around you. It was sort of risky to do this because it breaks out of what the trend is, which has costed me some months where I have had no attention but that is because being unique is something you need to work even harder for. You need to think bigger and deeper and post stuff that is original. But it is so much more fun and I find that this perception has helped my blog to accelerate.

My slogan for this blog has been ‘The Unique One.’ for a while now and it pretty much gives you a nutshell of what this blog is about. Although I am different to everyone else, I hope that this has not made me less significant in the community than I was a couple of years ago. I do this because I enjoy it so much and I hope that you, readers, also enjoy something that is a little bit different from what you usually read. Perspective is key; and claiming your own is what makes you who you are. If you think about it, this post isn’t even related to Club Penguin at all which is not something you see on other Club Penguin blogs. Posts like these is what I enjoy producing for you to read because it is about what I think of things and not what others think of things. Sure, I may sound boring in these posts but I feel that it is important for every other Club Penguin blogger to know about this. Individuality. Authenticity. Everyone should have this to make their blog shine out! It may seem like a needle in a haystack but more than one needle in the haystack would help an audience to identify you more because everyone would have their own thing that makes them memorable. Think about that.


Be different. You will stand out!


Before I leave the post there, I just want to say that I do know a lot of you who strive to be unique, like I do. If that is the case, carry on being who you are. This post is intended to present what my Club Penguin Perception is and how it is different from everyone else’s in the community. So, in that case then… What is yours?

Waddle On!

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