Summer Project

Hey everyone!

Less than a week left; summer is soon! I can’t wait until the holiday starts for me because, during my time off school, I can finally relax and enjoy blogging more! This year, however, I am going to work on a project! Not alone, hopefully. I kind of need your help!

Since May, my first Club Penguin comedy (The Phone Call) got a surprising amount of attention compared to my previous videos. People have left comments and given me positive feedback, saying that they loved it and I am so glad that people think that. Therefore, this motivated me to produce an Animated Short (Hermit) which also was successful. If you have not yet watched these videos, then I would extremely appreciate it if you watch them when you can! Just click on ‘BlueTube’ in the navigation bar near the top of my blog to find my YouTube channel. Overall, I am proud of myself for making these videos but now I want to take it a step further.

I am just finishing planning what my project is but I have hopes for it being big. Yes. I am going to be working on a new video soon and it will (hopefully) be a lot better than The Phone Call (not necessarily bigger). This new video I will be working on will be my second Club Penguin comedy but I want to treat it like a real movie, like I did with The Phone Call. This is what makes my videos different and I am happy to make them like this instead of making sketches – which is what you would usually expect. I have a story line. I have characters with meaning. I think it has potential.

Right now, I cannot tell you what it will be about but I am going to give anyone the opportunity to support me in making this new video by logging on during the holidays. Unlike with my last two “bigger videos”, I am now going to try and include as many people as I can for a better atmosphere. Also I have characters which need a particular penguin to play so I need to contact people nearer the time for an “audition” where I need to know whether the penguins auditioning will be committed enough to help me make the video. Once I know who these penguins will be, I will begin shooting the video (that is once I sort out a script too)!

However, I would also appreciate any other help from penguins who are bored or are willing to volunteer some of their spare time to be background characters in the play. Every penguin counts so any volunteers or cast will be credited at the end of the video and be given my appreciation.

That is all I have to say for now! I really hope that you will be interested in helping me but make sure you stay tuned for the next couple of weeks for more details on auditions and meet-ups. I am looking forward to this project and I hope you are too! Thank you!

Waddle On!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Project

  1. Wow! Sounds cool! I can’t believe summer is about to start for you! Its about to END for me, (August 11.) I’m always interested in being in a CP video. Just tell me the details! Can’t wait to see the result!

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