Island Discussion #29: The Iceberg Myth

Hello everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you something that tears at our brains quite regularly. It is about a mystery that is nearly as old as the island and we still haven’t been able to crack it. Or should I say, tip it?

That’s right! It is about time we research Club Penguin’s iceberg again and hope that we will find answers regarding its ability to tip or not. Countless attempts have been carried out since the beginning and we still try today. It makes a lot of people question the myth of the iceberg and because no one has been able to tip it – yet – people (maybe even you) are losing faith in the mystery but you know what? I still think it is possible. Club Penguin constantly tease it all the time which determines a lot of us. If they are “lying” to us about this myth, then they are simply mean people. But I don’t want that to ruin our chances! I actually have evidence which suggests the tipping of the iceberg.

A couple of years ago, when the first issue of the Club Penguin Magazine debuted in the UK, I remember seeing something interesting as soon as I opened it up to the first two pages. In my opinion, it seems like compelling evidence so let’s have a look at what was shown.

Iceberg Tip-ometer Watermark

First things first, what is shown is a prototype of what seems to be an invention that Gary created. A prototype is a preliminary version of a product which isn’t exactly as well developed as the final product. Therefore, we can already induce that this source will not give us confident answers to our question: “Is it really possible to tip the iceberg?”. Also, this prototype is made by Gary and we know for a fact that a lot of his history revolves around some of the island’s worst technological failures to have ever existed. We had the disastrous Ultimate Protobot 10000 who almost destroyed the future of Club Penguin and the sinister Mascbots which almost took over the island last Halloween. We are just lucky that we have ourselves to protect everyone from these life-threatening inventions Gary makes. So how can we assume if this prototype is even safe? It could be another one of his numerous failures.

Nevertheless, the prototype does make a lot of sense. The Iceberg Tip-ometer is actually something we can learn from, ignoring what I said in the previous paragraph. Every time you have ever attempted to top the iceberg, don’t you usually find yourself at the actual tip of the iceberg? That is normally where the influential mobs hang when they are trying to tip the iceberg. But, as you can see, the invention says that there is “still nothing” from when we dance or drill there. This reflects on the hundreds of times we have failed to tip the iceberg at that exact position. However, as you move clockwise, it seems that the invention is able to detect roughly where penguins need to position themselves when trying to tip the iceberg. From what it seems (roughly where the Aqua Grabber is) that is where we may be able to tip the iceberg. It does say “Eeek!” which suggests that this is the exact point to go to in order the tip the iceberg. But putting into context with what I said previously, should we listen to this prototype?

I simply think that we need more evidence. As plausible as it may seem, we still don’t know what to believe. Of course, it is worth trying but I bet that it has been tried in the past. When this myth used to be so popular, the Iceberg used to be literally full of penguins which is what makes me surprised about how challenging it is for us to solve the question. But these many failures may be telling us something! What if tipping the iceberg had nothing to do with where we position ourselves? What if we have been overthinking the situation? What if we need an exact quantity of penguins on the iceberg to achieve tipping it? We have always assumed to get as many penguins as possible but these assumptions have only been followed because so many people believe in them. So what should we assume? 

Perhaps looking at more evidence will help us…

Below are two more sources which show us the iceberg actually tipping and – believe it or not – they have both been used in game. You can actually visit one of these paintings in the Mystery Attic; the other one was used during the Halloween Party 2014. Anyway, have a look at them and observe, closely, what you see.

So the two sources are painting showing the same kind of image: the tipping of the iceberg. Some have argued that they are indeed the same image because of the similarities in the picture frame however there is one distinctive difference. The point at which the iceberg tips is different in both paintings but the thing that concerns me is how illogical it looks. Both painting portray the exact same setting from two – narrowly – similar perspectives but the iceberg in each of the painting have a different rotation. In the first one, the tip of the ice berg faces the right and you can see the distant island slightly to the left of the tipped side of the iceberg. In the second painting, the tip of the iceberg faces the left and so on. We have never seen the iceberg rotate so why do the paintings show this? Maybe it is a technical error. The reason why I put them adjacent to each other is to show you how symmetrical they look. Except for the UFO in the first painting, everything is pretty much exactly mirrored in each of the paintings which could have been a technical error. Nonetheless, even though it may not be technically accurate, maybe the team is suggesting that the iceberg can be tipped at more than one place which contradicts the first source. Other than that, maybe something about the UFO is significant; it could possibly determine the myth since the team have bothered to display it in this painting along with the tipping iceberg so there could be a correlation. Moreover, you can see that no penguins are actually standing on the iceberg in any of the paintings which means that tipping the iceberg may require something else to do it for us. Could the UFO be the solution? What do you think?

I have found that ever since Operation: Crustacean, the UFO has continually annoying us by abducting our penguins whilst we play the game. Some of the community have been able to source us all a pattern which has led to the creation of time tables that tell us (roughly) where and when the UFO may appear on the island. And within research of this, not one of us have proven that the UFO visits the iceberg which is quite confusing since the painting strongly suggests a link between the two. This placement of the UFO could be an insignificant detail that the team wanted to “hide” or it could highlight a link somewhere. Do you have any clue?

Next, we could research a bit of history of the iceberg. But that would be too boring so I am just going to summarize it very briefly. If you didn’t know already, the iceberg is there due to a frozen shark from the prehistoric times. Where the tip of the iceberg is, the fin of the megalodon used to lie there to form that shape and you can see it for yourself below.

According to Gary, the increase in radiation on the island caused the iceberg to melt, leading to the escape of the megalodon which you can see in the second image. The structure of the megalodon still maintained to freeze in this form but from what we know, the iceberg could be hollow. Over time, the icy waters would have sealed up the where the megalodon escaped but this leaves us no evidence telling us whether the inside of the iceberg was filled in. Snow has covered the iceberg, today, so we cannot tell but it is possible that the iceberg may look like what it appears as in the second image. Therefore, the iceberg may have weak spots wherever the volume of the iceberg is hollow. This means that we can weaken the ice, where it is hollow, to sink the iceberg which is not particularly tipping it. The fact the Club Penguin showed off this concept and a bit of context makes me wonder if it is significant to the myth. It could well be but it doesn’t tell anything about our technique. This has what we have be struggling to grasp onto because we could be doing it completely wrong. So maybe we should discuss the myth a bit more and interpret what it is actually telling us.

How about we start off by discussing the concept of “tipping the iceberg”. It sounds quite confusing because it is pretty vague. Also, when it comes to icebergs, the tip is always mentioned which may have influenced the actual myth when the team decided to implement it into the game. I have looked at appropriate definitions of what “tip” (both noun and verb) means and I will leave you them below.

Noun  the pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering.
Verb attach to or cover the end or extremity of.

When penguins endeavour to “tip” the iceberg, they mean neither of these things. The noun explains what the tip of the iceberg is and the verb explains how attaching yourself to an end of something also means to tip something. We get the idea that tipping the iceberg is to weigh down one end so that some of it submerges into the ocean. Technically, we should be saying “Is it possible to tip over the iceberg?”. As stupid as it may seem, this is true and it depends how Club Penguin have responded to this. Maybe the reason why we find it so hard to answer this question is because we have got the wrong context and Club Penguin know that this would tease us if we have been going down a totally different route the whole time. What if Club Penguin are trying to mess with our heads? What if to tip the iceberg is to attach to or cover the end or extremity of it? This means that by standing on the edge of the iceberg, we are achieving to “tip” it. It is like mountains “tipped” with snow except the iceberg is “tipped” with penguins. If this is the context, then we may have solved the mystery after all these years!

Iceberg Icon

Weird, huh? Well now it is time to discuss one last thing and that is the validity of this myth. Is it just a rumour? Will it live up to its name (myth) for the rest of time? Or will we be able to work it out? Considering what I said in the previous paragraph, we may have already worked it out but I know that the team definitely know. If you watch an interview between Riyita (Club Penguin Space owner) and two Club Penguin Kelowna staff (Chris and Gord) on the “Club Penguin Space” YouTube channel, you come across a question which asks how we tip the iceberg and they respond with a T-Shirt that reads “I know how to tip the Iceberg.” Gord is actually wearing that T-Shirt during the interview and – interestingly – they both contradict themselves by saying that the iceberg can only be tipped in one place (Chris’ theory) and that it can be in multiple places (Gord’s theory). On the other hand, they both mention that you need lots of people to help tip the iceberg which is an interesting hint. But is it true? This links with what I said earlier but the fact that there is – clearly – controversy in what they said, could mean that they are lying or possibly even suggesting ideas that will help us to “tip it” in the future. If you want to watch this part of the video, click here.

With all that being said I think we have finally reached the end of the post. Nevertheless, the discussion continues in the comments section below. After reading this, I wonder if you have come up with your own theories or you may have more evidence to share. If you have anything, at all, to say about this myth, then please do so and I will respond to all of your comments. Thank you for reading and I hope you found this discussion an interesting one.

Waddle On!

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