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Welcome to Blue Reviews – a topic in which I speculate and talk about the different parties that visit Club Penguin every month. Each of my reviews are separated into different sections where I review the parties’: Storyline, Visuals, Content, Music and Replay Value. At the end, I round off the review with the Verdict. This concludes my thoughts on the party with comments on the party, as a whole. Afterwards, I rate the party with a score out of 10. Feel free to let me know what you think of the monthly party in the comments section. I hope you will enjoy my review on this month’s party:

Finding Dory Party



As you know, this is another one of those sponsored takeovers which means that the storyline of this party is, basically, inspired by the movie that is being advertised. Although, a lot of people find these way too excessive (including me) we are lucky to have a party inspired by the new hit animation: Finding Dory. What can I say? Disney PIXAR consistently does an outstanding job on every one of their movies so we know that Finding Dory is a success, in terms of theatrical release. Accordingly, Club Penguin have an advantage to its success since the game is currently showcasing a 6 week Finding Dory party, straight after its 7 week long Zootopia Party: another Disney takeover.

Anyway, the point is, Finding Dory is a great film and I am saying that a day before I have even seen the film. Consequently, this great film has inspired a few of the rooms on Club Penguin. Obviously, I don’t know what happens in the film but from what I’ve seen, the rooms don’t spoil much of the movie at all. In fact, I recognise – pretty much – all of the rooms from watching the Finding Dory trailers and I can name some of them. I appreciate that Club Penguin kept the party spoiler free but the real benefit of this is that it allows the team to craft an original storyline for that party only. The team managed to pull off a great Inside Out Party by meticulously incorporating themes and ideas from the movie into characters (like Rockhopper) in Club Penguin. Club Penguin did the same for the Finding Dory Party – ish.

Although it doesn’t completely follow the movie plot, I can definitely say that the story is predictable. To be honest, the storyline isn’t anything that special at all.

The story follows Dory (the forgetful surgeon fish) in search of her parents. Somehow, Dory ends up on Club Penguin and she invites players to help her find her parents by jogging her memory. By doing this, the party contains several scavenger hunts containing particular items which may trigger Dory to remember something about her parents.

I have a feeling that this concept is used in the movie but, luckily, nothing big is spoiled. So, overall, the story is okay. It is nothing special that involves any of the Club Penguin mascots. I guess you could say that Rookie plays a part in it since he interviews Dory for the Club Penguin Times and he is the mascot to meet during the party but I think Club Penguin wasn’t too bothered about this which is why we see no link with the characters that much. It is just a typical thing to expect from a takeover, really.

Mission Accomplished!


Surprisingly, I have noticed a big theme in this party; it’s water! Every room you go to is inspired by underwater and it reminds me of the Water Party. I know it seems like an essential theme to include but I like the way Club Penguin have used it to decorate rooms. They have been creative with this party!

As well as rooms like the Marine Life Institute and Morro Bay (which are both rooms from the movie) Club Penguin have “decorated” some of their rooms which means no transformations! Hallelujah! Even though I like the look of the movie rooms, my favourite room is the Town. This room remains completely loyal to the default Club Penguin atmosphere but it is given a twist. To be clearer, it is water-logged and it makes it look like a water slide has hit the town. Other decorations, such as coral, algae and seaweed have been used to add extra delight and these have been appropriately positioned among the buildings. I also love how Club Penguin have replaced the Coffee Shop tea table chairs with clam shells. I have said it a lot before but it is these intricate details that matter the most because they add up for a great impact on the look of something.

Club Penguin, interestingly, have decided to spread the party out a bit and they have done it appropriately too. Usually, we are restricted to the Snow Forts, the Town and the Plaza but this time they have covered ends of the island. The Cove is decked out with all sorts of funky sea decorations; the Iceberg looks more like a rock you find in the sea but it remains snowy which is interesting. The Beach has been, creatively, sectioned so that we can see onshore and underwater but there is a mysterious rock that floats on the water. As well as these rooms, we have Morro Bay (the only party room) and the Dock is the Marine Life Institute.

“…And you can’t pull me down!”

I like how Club Penguin have done this with this party because you can tell that they thought about the water theme really well. Every room used has some association or contact with water around it and Club Penguin have used this to their advantage to avoid using transformations in the party. Instead, we get decorations which are even better and this highlights the “party” atmosphere most of the community want from the game. The only disadvantage to this is that some players may not have realized this which means that all of the decorations along the outskirts of the island may not be visited frequently unless players are prompted by the mission log. To overcome this, Club Penguin could have updated the map with little detail just to show players where they can explore. It is for the teams sake as well since they deserve to have every room visited after the effort that went into each one of them. Club Penguin have impressed me with the visuals and that makes me happier about the party.


Aside visuals and storyline, does the party live up to a good standard? I’m going to say no. However, it lives up to an ordinary standard; this party is very similar to previous takeovers. The thing that bugs me is that Club Penguin seem too attached to scavenger hunts and even though I always enjoy a good one, the excessive use of them fuels no buzz for me. Not to mention that they are also very, very easy to do as well.

After completing everything there is to do in this party (which took me less than two minutes every day there was a new task), I found that the scavenger hunts were just pointless. Overall, the placement of the objects was very disappointing; they were exposed and oddly mapped out which makes you instantly see them as soon as you enter the room. At the Dock, there is a pipe hovering – in mid air – above a signpost. How more ridiculous can it get? The room that has the strongest hiding places for these objects is probably the Reef/Morro Bay but that is, clearly, because the room is packed with underwater madness.

Seriously? A lot of gravity is being defied in this party!

What Club Penguin have done way back in the past, was hide the objects behind other object in the room. Once you click on something, it would interact with you, revealing the hidden object. Club Penguin were amazing at this when they created the Easter Egg scavenger hunts and they didn’t do a bad job with this year’s Puffle Party; the “scavenger hunt” (hide and seek) was better than I expected it to be at that party.

So what else? All I can say is that members (and non members at times) unlock rewards once they complete the scavenger hunt for that day. There are three objects to find and once you find them all, Dory says something (in her wacky character) and gives you a costume, a background or a pin. All costume rewards are only for members but non members do get rewarded two free backgrounds and a Dory pin which isn’t that bad. I have to admit, I love the costumes and I am happy that Club Penguin have included characters from the story which allows penguins to role play.

One of the little pieces of content that have put a smile on my face, on the other hand, are the new and exclusive party emotes. Sure, Club Penguin release at least three new emotes in every party they do. However, this time they come with sound! There is an emote that creates a little tune which is sweet at first until everyone else in the room spams it so that it distorts everything! There is an air bubble sound effect and also a whale call sound effect. Club Penguin put a smile on my face when I discovered this neat little feature!

Content 2
Just keep swimming!

With all of the disappointing content, it may not be too difficult to make your own fun out of it by dressing up as your favourite characters and exploring your favourite rooms. Aside the quests, this is probably the best option if you want to have some actual fun but these ideas usually grow on kids. That is why this game is certainly likeable to a lot of the community. Though despite everything Club Penguin messed up on, at least it is something. From now on, I cannot imagine parties getting better especially when there are rumours that Club Penguin will shut down (on PC) in less than a year. We might as well make the most with what we have got.


Now, I am a musical person. I’m always that dude who stomps his feet to every beat of every song there is. I like a lot of music and the music from this party is quite catchy. All of the music is new, I believe, and they clearly represent the atmosphere of the party. It sounds like what the movie, Finding Dory, looks like and that is a good thing. Without fail, Club Penguin impress me with their music every party.

My favourite track? I believe it is called ‘Mr Ray’. You can hear this piece of music in Morro Bay (the party room). I find it peaceful and relaxing like the sound of water.

Replay Value

From what I have said in my previous paragraphs, the content is not that good and that means that there is no replay value at all. Unless you are attached to the party’s amazing visuals and cute costumes, you may use your time more wisely elsewhere on the internet. Seriously, there is not a lot you can do at this party. Once you complete the quests, they are done and Dory supposedly leaves and that’s it! To be honest, Club Penguin have not considered this element in one of their parties for ages. I think the last party, that I can recall, which had some replay value within it was the Star Wars Rebels takeover, in January 2015. Since then, not much at all; I might as well get rid of this section in my reviews. In fact, I will!

The Verdict

The Finding Dory Party is a typical takeover that advertises Disney PIXAR’s ‘Finding Dory’. Although the movie is (obviously) a masterpiece, the party? Not so much. It is okay but it is inadequate in a lot of the areas that I assessed except for its great visuals. The highlight of the party is definitely its rooms and the way they have been placed. The content (the scavenger hunts in particular) makes the party feel pointless but it is redeemed with some of the party’s little fun features such as the emotes with sound effects. The music does make you feel more attached to the rooms which means that hanging out at the Finding Dory Party is worth it. That is if you just want to chat with your friends because there is nothing else to do unless you love role-playing your favourite characters. Also, the party has no replay value which means that after a week, you would have done everything and none of it can be repeated again. Therefore, we are stuck with a party for 6 weeks that has nothing special about it at all. To sum up, it is what you would usually expect from a takeover but the water theme merging with a snowy theme creates a cool and funky looking party that is spread across the whole island. As a result, it feels a bit more redeemed.

The Verdict
Nowhere near perfect, but it will do.

Score: 5.9/10

The Good

+ Creative visuals

+ Therapeutic music

+ Sound emitting emotes

The Bad

– Weak storyline

– Easy/pointless scavenger hunts

– No replay value

– Nothing new

That was my review of the Finding Dory Party but we all have our own opinions which is why I am encouraging you to tell me your thoughts on this party, in the comments section below. I am intrigued to hear what you all think. Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!

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