Rare Records

Hello everyone!

It was only yesterday when I realized how much I actually miss DJ3K. If you were not a penguin who was around on Club Penguin when this game existed, DJ3K was a music making element found in the Dance Club (previously: Night Club) behind the turntable. Currently, it has been replaced by SoundStudio which is an “upgraded” version of it. Both of these games use sampling to create music. Sampling is where pre-recorded tracks (samples) can be selected and looped. More than one sample at a time can be selected to layer up music that constantly loops and changes rhythm until you switch to more samples. I have always loved DJ3K and I also love SoundStudio too because creating music on Club Penguin can be a fun and rewarding ritual. The best part? You can share your music with everyone else online via the Dance Club and even within your igloo.

So, I have decided to attempt to make this feature more popular by encouraging as many people as possible to come along to my first ever community event…Rare Records! At this event, penguins can meet at the Dance Club and listen to each others’ SoundStudio mixes. The most exciting part is that we can visit each others’ igloos to listen to some rare and nostalgic DJ3K mixes, as well as more SoundStudio mixes. This way, we can listen to full-feature length music pieces and enjoy what we have to share. If you have some archived DJ3K tracks, maybe you would like to share them at this party!

At this party, you can also decorate your igloo with musical decorations to add to the atmosphere. It would also be a great opportunity to increase your igloo likes and a great way to meet new people who you can meet up with in the future. Now, because this is my first – ever – community event, it may not be as amazing as some of the others. If this one goes well (hopefully it will) I may consider hosting more of these parties throughout the year so everyone gets to share their music! 

Below are the party details.

Rare Records Party

The party starts at 12:00 PST (20:00 BST) on Saturday, 20th August. It will take place on the server: Marshmallow, at the Dance Club – to begin with. As more and more people start to arrive, we will move on to igloos to hear all of your amazing records.

Are you excited? If you are, it would be awesome if you could use the hashtag #RareRecords on social media to promote the party so that we can get as many people, as possible, involved.

This party could turn out to be a lot of fun and I think it is quite different too so the experience may be unique and interesting. Be sure to let me know any questions you have by tweeting me @Blue21102 or leaving them in the comments section below. I hope that the timings are convenient for the majority of you but if, for some reason, they are not I may rearrange the times so that they best suit the Club Penguin community. I can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Waddle On!

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