Island Discussion #30: Continuity

Hello, everyone!

Have you seen the number yet? We have reached the 30th post of my Island Discussion series and I am proud of what we have accomplished, so far. Mysteries still linger which is what makes them exciting but it has been an immense journey which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who reads my Island Discussions and I appreciate all of the engagements within the discussions that have brought the topic this far.

For today’s topic, I want to talk about the future and how it could, potentially, have an impact on the island’s deepest mysteries. As you may know, Project: Super Secret is inbound and a lot of us are excited. This project is going to revamp everything in Club Penguin and make it 3D. Therefore, we will be able to advance our journey to a deeply vibrant virtual world which will have a lot more depth (at least we think it will). Consequently, we would assume that this will only mean that mysteries will get better and more extensive. I mean, what else would an upgrade deliver to us?

Even though the next big thing for Club Penguin looks incredible, we need to remember that the project was originally the creation of a new app called Disney Mix. For some reason, the 3D rendering of Club Penguin was never originally considered until the team figured out a way to link, both, Disney Mix and Club Penguin together. Disney Mix was meant to give Club Penguin players the opportunity to enhance their conversations because everyone knows how unsatisfactory the chat filter is. However, it seems that the team took a new approach; what if Club Penguin took over Disney?

This resulted in a bigger project which leads the team to work on enhancing the technology Club Penguin uses so that it will become more efficient as an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I think it is safe to say that everyone in the Club Penguin community is stoked to hear this. If Club Penguin unveiled to us that this “super secret project” was – actually – the development of a new app called Disney Mix (which only incorporates Club Penguin within it) we all would have felt deceived. In fact, I can show you what Spike Hike tweeted the other day which is the source of all this.

Spike Hike Disney Mix and PSS.png
“Disney Mix is what I meant when I announced Project Super Secret. But then somehow that became the name of the new CP.”

I think what Spike Hike is trying to say is, basically, what I said previously. When he mentions that Disney Mix “became the name of the new CP”, this may also mean that new Club Penguin will be called ‘Club Penguin Re-Mix’ but those rumours are still not confirmed. The point I am trying to make is that this enhancement, which is currently being made to aid the game, was only developed to assist the release of Disney Mix and vice versa. To make these two elements work together, they need to share the same technology. 

So where am I going with all of this information? It may be that the new Club Penguin will have modern and effective technology but it may not – necessarily – have a lot of continuity to progress the game. This could be a bad thing but we know nothing to prove this, yet.

If the new Club Penguin focuses more on its social aspect, we may not see any continuation of the island’s mysteries. It really does depend on what this game will turn out to be like. We do not know a lot, at the moment. From what the intention of this upgrade appears to be, we may notice more articulation on interactivity, customization and socialising. Moreover, the sneak peeks we have seen, so far, have shown only these areas. It makes me worry whether we will be cut off from loose ends. For example, will we ever find out Herbert’s next chapter in his life? Will we ever get to meet the “new recruit” agent? Will Tusk make his promised return? Will the Snow Minions seek redemption and leave Tusk astray? Will Scorn return and plague the island once more? Will Klutzy ever figure out that he is a puppet under the control of a jealous polar bear? No one would want to see these mysteries drift away into the horizon and even though they may seem ambitious and exaggerated, all we can blame are the characters that we have known and grown attached to over the past 10 years.

Mysteries Questioned.png

Speaking of characters, Project: Super Secret is likely to implement them into the new game. All mysteries begin with a story and these are usually crafted by characters. So if we do see the return of Dot (the Disguise/Design Gal), we may hear more about her backstory with the birth of the EPF. Seeing the return of Herbert (I hope) may make us realise his lust for a polar bear company if he remains the same old grumpy polar bear we have got to know all these years. I think that it is only right for mysteries to stick with their origin so as these characters move over to the new Club Penguin, their backgrounds and histories should too.

To conclude, should we be worried about the continuity of Club Penguin? I think it is only sensible to be patient, for now. Clearly, we need more time to hear more about the new Club Penguin. Who knows what we can expect? I just think that it is important (almost necessary) that we continue investigating the island’s mysteries. Considering that the mascots will move over to the new game, we should be able to acknowledge that their purpose will too. History cannot drift away into non-existence and I rely on the team to understand that this is a fact.

What do you think about this? Do you believe that this aspect of Club Penguin is worthy enough to be included within the next stage of Club Penguin? Or do you know, purely from fact, that we will witness a continuation of mysteries in the new game? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Waddle On!

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