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After seeing the title of this post, you may wonder why I am reviewing a project and not a party. The reason for this is because I want to give my opinion on a lot of things, regarding Club Penguin. I always enjoy reviewing Club Penguin parties so I thought that it would make sense to review other aspects of Club Penguin. After all, this is a blog entirely based on opinion and thought.

Today, I would like to talk about Project: Super Secret: the mysterious and highly anticipated future of Club Penguin. To sum up, this project has, so far, lead to the development of a new app called Disney Mix. This app allows users to communicate with Disney fans in a unique way; “Chat, Share & Play” is the motto! This is the first time Disney Mobile have ever released a messaging app and it incorporates Club Penguin within it, along with many other popular Disney franchises. According to Spike Hike, this app is only a fraction of what Project: Super Secret is, entirely! Originally, however, Disney Mix was the main focus until the team decided that it was time to revive an old game.

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That’s right! Club Penguin is getting a makeover and you have – most likely – heard this already. Not will this be a “makeover”, this project will be a brand new game, built from new technology! It will be in 3D! But what does this mean for Club Penguin, currently?

As of now, the team are not too sure what will happen to Club Penguin in the near future. Apparently, Adobe Flash will retire from internet browsers by sometime in 2017. Club Penguin is built on Flash which means that it will have to be put to an end before Flash no longer exists on the web. Though sad this may seem, all games have to come to an end, eventually. Club Penguin (by the time it stops running) will have exceeded – an amazing – 11 years of life! It is haunting when we think about all of the stuff we may lose but Project: Super Secret shines some light onto the situation. Only some light, though.

It has been confirmed that all of our items will be lost when Club Penguin ends. Nothing will be transferred to the new game except for our penguin names. Although this may sound like terrible news, it is actually something commonly sensible. It is annoying, considering that there is a new game ahead but what if there weren’t? We expect to see some continuity but the team are working hard to focus on bigger aspects, such as customization. With customization playing a big role in the new game, who needs their old items when we can make our own ones?

Don’t get me wrong, I also feel sad about this news. However, I have hope for the new game and I trust that the team will make the most of their time to make other aspects of the project even better! On the other hand, I am not too bugged about this due to some bigger news.

The new game will be for mobile only.

Meet The Band

The rumours were true. Mobile technology seems to be the horizon of potential for future games. Using new technology may result in new advancements and changes. For frequent PC users, this news may hit you hard in the stomach (it did for me) and all we can do is respect the decision that the team made. If the game will end up being better, we must let it be. The only inconvenience caused by this is whether some of the audience own mobile technology that will be compatible with the new game. I, myself, have no intention of buying a new phone in order to play the new game which means my Club Penguin passion may die out sometime soon. Unless I manage to get my hands on newer technology, I cannot support the new game. This may be a common scenario for other people, too, and all you have got to evaluate is whether the game is worth it. Is it worth buying a new phone/tablet in order to play a new game? 

It is entirely up to you. I don’t think it is worth doing until we find out new information from this game. The project is – evidently – “super secret” which is frustrating but I think some details should be given out soon to give the community a chance to reflect on the future. Otherwise, the game will lose some of the audience.

Anyway, the project looks amazing. From what we have seen, so far, it seems ambitious! I recommend that you read one of my former posts; it discusses everything that we have heard from the new game! You can read it here. It is not a lot of information but it does spark a lot of hype…which can lead to a misleading product.

Express Yourself

A lot of people in the community (including myself) love hyping up for the new game and it is only because the team show us small sneak peeks of what will be included in the new game. Not to rain on any of your parades but I have realized that hyping up for a game can be dangerous. Hype leads to idealism and exaggerated concepts. This can lead to a misleading game, which may not offer all of the things we hype up for. Specifically, this project is “super secret” so a lot of hype can be created from such small details. I think that it is sensible to not get too excited for the result of Project: Super Secret. Already, we have been disappointed and angered to find out that the new game will be on mobile only and this was caused by too much hype for the game. Realistically, we should have discussed the possible platforms before we got the news but I still think that Club Penguin should have announced the news, earlier, to avoid the rants.

The new game may be amazing so why not save the hype for when it comes out? People in the community – in my opinion – seem to be discussing this project way too much and it has almost become the prioritised topic on a lot of blogs. Personally, I think we need to be patient and wait for more sneak peeks until we start discussing more things. Remember, discussing a future project will be full of assumptions so there is never enough certainty to prove a lot of things. After finding out that the new game will be for mobile only, I have now realized that we need to calm down and make the most of what we have right now: Club Penguin (on Flash). I do not want this project to fail us so it would be cool if we wait until we see a great unveiling of what the new game will be.

Overall, Project: Super Secret remains as what it is called. Though exciting it may seem to be, we can only wait to uncover facts from the project. This new game will result in the end of the current game but nothing lasts forever. It has been a good run (for the most part) and we can make the most of the time – left – we have for Club Penguin by maintaining a positive atmosphere. Will the project be good? Who knows? It could be downright awful! Or it could be a long-awaited miracle! Right now, the project seems to have great potential so I hope the team can deliver something special next year.

3D Island

What are your thoughts on Project: Super Secret? Is it a game that you are really excited about? Or is it too hard for you to tell, at the moment? I would love to hear all of your thoughts on the future of Club Penguin. Feel free to comment some of them down below. Thank you for reading!

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