Keep on Smiling!

Hello, everyone!

Club Penguin has done a great job at entertaining its penguins for (more or less) eight years. The question is: what about the three remaining years? From 2014, parties have been noticeably lacklustre which means that, for us, we may not be having as much fun as we had back then. And that gives us the right to go wild about complaining, am I right? Not really. Did you know that Club Penguin is working on something big? I am sure you did know that! I’m afraid that big things like the project they are working on, currently, require some sacrifices. We are lucky that Club Penguin hasn’t sacrificed its life, but instead its quality. We can still play the game! The whole Club Penguin community have a massive online game still in grasp, and it has come to a time when we don’t know what else to do with it anymore. Maybe it is time to revisit some techniques that have been pushed away in history. Maybe it is time to grant your sceptical ego a rest while we keep on smiling, together!


In today’s Waddle Guide (it sure has been a while), it is time for me to share with you some tips and suggestions that may help you with your online experience of Club Penguin. To be fair, everyone – including me – has been getting bored of the parties lately. It doesn’t help when they are augmented over a couple of months either. Funnily enough, we don’t need these parties anymore. Yes, they may be Club Penguin’s most important and advertised feature of the game. Yes, they offer new experiences to the island. But anyone can conjure up new experiences, am I right? Indeed, I am.

Club Penguin players, I hope you will find this post helpful and hopefully you will be enlightened by my ideas that can make your Club Penguin legacy something to remember. Let’s begin!

Be the party animal!

Statistically, over 80% of Club Penguin’s audience, on average, log on to the game for less than 10 minutes (I totally did not just make that up). That is not a satisfying statistic. It proves that so many players are getting bored; all they do is log on, see what’s new and log off. Club Penguin is about waddling around and meeting new friends. Well, it was about that originally. Most of the older audience should still live by this motto so don’t be afraid to get the party started. If you see a penguin lifelessly present in your chatroom, get them to dance or tell you about their favourite things. In other words, act compassionately. You may not behave like this usually but, when you are living online, you can get away with being the best person you can be. On Club Penguin, you can exaggerate it even more because (why not?!) you are a penguin!

Club Penguin allows you to conversate with anyone! You have access to emotes and the speed chat function. You even have the will to communicate hand coordinated messages providing that they can bypass the chat filter (if you know what I mean). Club Penguin is not just a game; it is also a party that is waiting to be kicked off! How about you be the party animal? I am almost 100% sure that at least one penguin will join in with you. If they don’t, you are clearly freaking them out. Do not over-do it!

friends-2Unite the server!

What is Club Penguin without a little bit of roleplay? On Club Penguin, you have the chance to let your inner child run wild. If you want there to be a dark force awakening, let there be one and warn your fellow peers that they will come and attack you. Tell them to hide somewhere and convince the server to rendezvous in one chatroom. It may sound cruel but what is there to blame other than your “overreactive imagination”? Managing to gather as many penguins as possible is something impressive, and it will naturally influence other penguins to go along with the story.

Club Penguin Space do an excelling job at this so I thought that promoting it, even more, will result in more surprises for players online. It is something fun to witness. I guarantee that the conflicting imaginations from every penguin the room will progress the story in many, odd directions! It – certainly – brings a smile to your face and it makes you feel like you have achieved something. Moreover, other penguins are likely to appreciate it because we all know that nothing ever goes on in their average, penguin lives. You can be the hero and inspire other penguins to do what you do. Of course, you can even be the villain. Do whatever your heart desires!


Little acts of kindness!

Did you know that making someone else’s day also makes your day too? If you see a penguin with vibrant hair or a penguin with a cute puffle, remember that it doesn’t cost a penny for you to acknowledge and compliment on these things. Just think. Saying something kindwinter-penguin-female to someone can boost their self-esteem. You can save a person from having a bad day; all it takes is a couple of seconds! Little acts of kindness can make you
feel like a better person and, most importantly, it benefits the lives of other people too. Do not restrict yourself to online only. Be kind and compassionate to people you know in real life or to a random stranger who inspires you. Again, I am sure a smile will appear on their face. Everyone knows how contagious smiling can so don’t be surprised to find yourself doing the same thing.


Take a step forward!

I mentioned earlier that parties are no longer a priority to Club Penguin. As right as I am, that cannot stop a creative community from organising their own. Any tweeting penguins out there know, for a fact, that we love a good party. Almost daily, when I log onto Twitter, I see invitations going out to every single penguin. You may have seen ‘CP Around The Clock’, ‘Club Penguin United’ and birthday invitations flying around your Twitter Timelines. In the past, there have been extraordinary events such as ’31 Days of CP’ and the ‘Club Penguin Elections’. ‘Rare Records’ was an event created by myself; it was a celebration of music. Events like these portray dedication that the community is willing to give for its game. That is why Club Penguin has an amazing community.

Interestingly, it is not that difficult to prepare an event of your own. It would help you out a lot if you had access to some form of social media, like Twitter so that you can promote it to other players. You can celebrate anything you want. The more unique it is, the better! Taking this step forward and offering a new experience to players of the game is a courageous and scary thing to do but it will make a lot of penguins smile. Because everyone in the Club Penguin community is caring, everyone will support you. There is nothing to worry about regarding this since the community is appreciative of these events or parties. The key to an event is always the enjoyment. Sometimes, things may not go your way, but as long as it keeps the community entertained, you will have succeeded!

That is all of my tips, that I had in mind for this post, covered! I am hoping that at least one of them inspired or motivated you to become a happier penguin. Now, since this post is all about smiling, I cannot finish this post without leaving you with something that will bring a smile to your face. Are you ready for a little bit of magic?

orange-puffle-cute                              red-puffle-cuteblue-puffle-cute

Thank you so much for reading and please do me a favour: keep on smiling!

Waddle On!

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