Blue Reviews: Halloween Party ’16

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Welcome to Blue Reviews – a topic in which I speculate and talk about the different parties that visit Club Penguin every month. Each of my reviews is separated into different sections where I review the parties’: Storyline, Visuals, Content, Music and Replay Value. At the end, I round off the review with The Verdict. This concludes my thoughts on the party with comments on the party, as a whole. Afterwards, I rate the party with a score out of 10. Feel free to let me know what you think of the monthly party in the comments section. I hope you will enjoy my review of this month’s party:

Halloween Party ’16



Every single Halloween Party has always impressed me which makes this annual party one of the most highly anticipated ones of the year. In 2012, penguins were requested to save Gariwald VIII at the Haunted Mansion. This was a huge extension which made this party one of the best parties I have ever been to! In 2014, we met Skip the Bellhop who was secretly a ghost! Penguins journeyed up the horrifying and cursed Puffle Hotel and each floor had its own puzzle. The story in that party was compelling! In 2015, the Mascbots malfunctioned which only lead to total, artificial destruction. At this party, we saw added Halloween decorations across the whole island! In 2016, there was a –

Exactly. This year, I am sad to see that there is no story at all with this party. Every Halloween Party was known for its amazing stories yet this was the first one to underdeliver and I am quite disappointed. Project: Super Secret seems to be having a BIG impact on the efforts that are being driven by the parties and it’s not a good impact this year. Sure, this new game could be amazing! I guess there always needs to be sacrifices and I am afraid to say that this is one of them.

The main thing to do at this party is to scavenge for spectral sweets which “power” the Monster Maker 3000. Members can transform into a random Halloween creature which was an element originally from the Halloween Party in 2013. Therefore, the slightest bit of “story” is nothing new – but it is a change from the previous two!

Spectral sweets? Can somebody say where they came from? Never mind that. Let’s appreciate the “sweet” little animations that come with each one of them!


On a positive note, Club Penguin have decided to bring back island-wide decorations which spread spooky atmosphere almost everywhere. I think that this was a good move since every room now feels eerie. It shows that even the slightest decoration (like a pumpkin in the Puffle Park and the stormy night sky) can make a party feel a lot better.

Even though I am glad Club Penguin did this, I still find it a bit annoying that the rooms are just repeats from last year’s party. I think that rooms with minor (but powerful) decorations should be kept the way they are but fully transformed rooms could do with a makeover. Even if it was just one new room or – just as good – an archived room from one of the older parties. Would it have hurt if they brought back all of the Haunted Mansion again or even the Puffle Hotel extension? If they are all in the files, it would only take the team less than an hour to use them again.

Halloween Parties, on Club Penguin, have always been a treasured tradition. So I am appreciative of the fact that some rooms were kept such as the Lighthouse Premier of ‘Night Of The Living Sled’. This along with the Trick-or-Treat transformation (at the Snow Forts) are generic rooms that need to be kept because of how amusing and functional they are. I just think that it would have been nice if a couple of rooms were swapped with older decorations. Doing this would evoke nostalgia for older players and a new experience for newer players so it would be a point scored!

Oh yeah! It was the movie they played last year.


As usual, we have nothing else but a scavenger hunt to occupy our time at the party. These minigames were used at the Wilderness Expedition, Zootopia Party, Finding Dory Party and the Frozen Fever Party! If the scavenger hunts were unique and authentic to each party, I would have no problem. But the problem is, they aren’t! Lately, the scavenger hunts have been way too easy due to the unlogical placement of the items and the lack of mystery and excitement. It has been years since we have received a good scavenger hunt: where the items would actually be hidden. These scavenger hunts also provided great, little riddles which act as clues. Nowadays, we get a mascot to tell us in which room – exactly – you would find the items and that makes the whole concept pointless. What is the point of these if they are not kept secret and interesting?

Like I mentioned earlier, this party provides members with the ability to transform into a creature of some sort. Members can also adopt a Ghost Puffle (nothing new) and members can also obtain Halloween items to wear. Of course, most of these items are just old Halloween costumes which most older players already own.

Unfortunately, this is all you can expect from this party. It can offer a wide range of spooky fun but most of these ideas need to be imagined by you since players inspire their own stories, in a modern Club Penguin society.

Coffins… Fun ’till your grave!


The music has always been good at Halloween, on Club Penguin. Most of you probably don’t think about it much but it is responsible for emphasising the atmosphere of the party. If the music is good, it makes a party so much better. Luckily, the music maintains a terrifying reputation as it always has done but this is only a standard expectation. No new music was added to this party and, again, this was the first Halloween Party in ages which undelivered this. However, music (whether it is old or new) is always good to listen to and I can’t tell if we are lucky to even hear some music at this party? Can you imagine? A party without music? That would be the end of Club Penguin, for sure!

“The Ghosts Just Wanna Dance”, alright?

Replay Value

There is no replay value at this party whatsoever! Surprised? I thought you would be.

Pfft… Never heard of it!

The Verdict

The Halloween Party ’16 serves as a perfect example of proving to penguins that nothing good lasts forever. The Halloween Party has been an amazing annual legacy and it would have probably been best if it ended a year ago. Seeing as this is the last Halloween Party, I am a little disappointed but I cannot scold that all because I know that there will be a brighter future for Club Penguin. This party underdelivered in almost every aspect but it exists as an annual celebration of Halloween – just without a good storyline, this year. I think that I can still make memories with this party but it depends on what we want the story to be. Club Penguin have brought to you the excellently crafted rooms; now you need to make the most of them for yourself. Oddly, this party has started way earlier than it usually does yet we are a month away from Halloween (Club Penguin logic). At least it doesn’t last for 6 or 7 weeks. And that’s a treat!

The Verdict.png
It’s not up there with its 10 ancestors, but it still remains a decent celebration of Halloween!

Score: 6.0/10

The Good

+ Spooky decorations everywhere

+ Still traditional

+ A new(ish) Halloween experience

The Bad

– Underdelivered and lacklustre

– Undeveloped storyline 

– Replicated room decorations

That concludes my thoughts on this year’s Halloween Party. Stay tuned later this month when I will be reviewing Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary party! Until then, feel free to let me know what you think of the Halloween Party this year. Has it lived up to your expectations? Thank you for reading.

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