Blogtober #2: Something Unusual

Hello, everyone!

Today, I had a weird experience.

It all started when I decided to walk Candy. No, not “trick-or-treat” candy, but my pink racoon puffle, Candy. Considering that it had been a while since I last bonded with my puffles, I felt that it was only fair for some of them to experience the island – in a spooky style.

Everyone knows how traditional a Halloween Party is. With that in mind, the team bring us the same island but with an eerie twist. I wanted to see how Candy reacts to the scary stuff around her so I took her on a familiar walk to the Puffle Hotel. Every puffle loves to be groomed, but Candy is such a perfectionist so I thought it would be fun to let that change for an hour.

01.pngSo into the Puffle Hotel we went. I have to admit how terrifying it looked from the outside. I was beginning to worry if Candy would be able to cope with it. However, she survived everything creepy in the wilderness so I reassured to myself that anything within the hotel mustn’t be that bad.

And I was wrong.

From the moment we strolled in, we were greeted by a ghoulish hum and mysterious whines. I could feel the tension through the lead, in my flippers, as it intensely wiggled now and then. First of all, I was thinking to myself that whatever scary was there must have been an illusion. So I sheepishly stifled a giggle and headed towards the reception desk. It didn’t get any better.


For some odd reason, the reception bell and the guest book were casually hovering, mocking gravity and it shocked me. Not because I was scared (obviously) but because I was intrigued by the illusionist behind this. Candy didn’t seem to react that much to it but that’s because she was hiding it. Funnily enough, I saw no invisible cords attached to the object so I thought that it was best to move on and get out of there as quick as I could. Candy was urging to get to the Spa Salon.

After taking the elevator, we arrived on the second floor and Candy – immediately – hauled me to the salon. Maybe she was a little bit intimidated. It turns out that she just wanted some grooming treatment so I spent the next 10 minutes giving Candy a trim. Whilst doing so, I couldn’t help but notice how peculiar the mirrors looked. Now and then, I glanced into one of them (and it seemed

03.pngperfectly fine) but every time I took my eyes off it, I felt a glaring presence lurking within t
he mirror glass. Maybe I was becoming a little intimidated but, strangely, Candy looked fine, again! Weird.

Before we intended leaving the hotel, Candy forced me to take her up to the Rooftop so that she could have a nice bath, after her beautification. Reluctantly, I allowed her the opportunity to do so, but only because I was starving. I let Candy off the lead and sat down at the tables. Another thing that satisfied me was the waiter service. Except, it was more like a “ghost” waiter service. Within the space of a blink, a lovely and tender looking fishburger appeared on my plate and it was not an illusion. It was strangely there in less than a second, in physical form! Due to my thirsty hunger, I didn’t react to it much; I just – swiftly – swooped it from the plate and took a bite. As always, it tasted of bread…and fish. But, wait!

A few seconds after I took a bite, my taste buds started to twitch. Suddenly, the taste went awfully sour and so I spat it out from my beak. In front of me, there laid a plate of eyeballs and I squealed at the top of my lungs! It wasn’t high-pitched, or anything. Just normal and masculine. It was the sheer horror of eating eyeballs that frightened me so I rushed to the elevator as fast as I could; of course, Candy obliviously hopped over even though I was heavily panting. Do puffles even feel anything?


It took less than a minute for the two of us to dart out of there and I was doing this for the welfare of Candy. I would have hated to see her get hurt. For some reason, she just acted annoyed. Maybe I had become too over-protective that evening…

After leaving the malevolent Puffle Hotel, Candy and I took a safe trek back to my igloo. I didn’t feel like getting involved with anymore Halloween horror. Luckily, we did make it back safely and in one piece. Unless you count the incident where some Vampire dude leapt out of the bushes and screamed at me until I fell onto my back. It was just the adrenaline. It was just a graze too. Actually, it was a bit more than that. I had to be carried away, whilst unconscious, for medical treatment. But I just woke up a couple of hours ago and I am fine! Totally fine!

Oh, and Candy’s fine too. She was always fine. Good Ol’ Candy!




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