Blogtober #3: Sensei Never Bribes

Hello, everyone!

Today, I woke up with a prickly throat. Not the best start to a day, if I do say so myself. My back feels a lot better this morning but the pain has not been compensated, unfortunately. Throughout today, the prickly throat has just got worse and now I am beginning to think that I have a cold. Either that or I am allergic to eyeballs…

Anyway, “the cold didn’t bother me anyway”! I checked all of my puffles; Candy was absolutely fine. I think that Jewel (my rare unicorn puffle) has been using my styling gel without my permission. Yeah, I’ll investigate that later. So, since all of my puffle were doing great, I took a trip to the Club Penguin Times Office because I work there.

So I managed to avoid any vampire penguins this time and made it safely to the office. 3.4.pngExcept, of course, the trip was a waste of time! As soon as I walked up the stairs, I was in the middle of a brawl of some sort. Well, to be specific, Captain America was trash talking with a police officer. They were coldly staring at each other, yet I was stranded in the middle of their feud. I took the sensible decision to retreat because I didn’t want any more injuries. Sometimes I wonder what happens in the office while I am away.

The good news is that I got a free cup of coffee. Strangely, no one was working behind the till so I took the opportunity to change that for a few seconds. I was hoping that the police officer didn’t see me. Well, he can’t have done so since I locked the office door and did a runner. Well, it is Halloween (kind of) after all! I had to pull some kind of prank.

My frappe-licious coffee managed to survive the run. It was actually really nice! However, it didn’t soothe my throat so I wasn’t a happy penguin…yet. I knew just what to do to soothe my throat. But it meant a good hike. 3-5

It took a while, but I eventually made it up the mountain. Upon it was the Dojo. I wasn’t there to practice my Card-Jitsu skills nor my patience. I travelled this far to get Sensei’s advice. Obviously, he knows everything so he must know about penguin health and how to soothe a throat. As I entered the Dojo, I was hypnotised by the relaxing dojo music but also blown away by the skilful ninjas. They were all intensely fighting each other and then there were the ninja wannabes. It’s best I don’t mention them. The most awesome thing I witnessed today, was Sensei and how powerful he looked. Amidst all of the training, Sensei was sat on a teal cushion, asleep. This just proves how mighty Sensei is; if he can sleep in the middle of a fight, he can – surely – fix a cold. With no hesitation, I waddled through the Dojo. Sensei was right in front of me; he smelt like noodles.

Sensei was right in front of me; he smelt like noodles. I tapped him on the shoulder. No reaction. Suddenly, everyone’s eyes fixed on me and I was (for once) the centre of 3.3.pngattention. Proudly, I tapped Sensei again. Still no response. Maybe he was in such a deep and powerful sleep, that only shouting could wake him up. Ninjas began to shake their heads as they slowly and carefully retreated to the walls of the Dojo. Wow. Maybe they thought I was a master or something. Anyway, I didn’t want to waste time so I shouted: “Hey, Sensei!” at the top of my voice. There was a massive gasp in the room; one eye opened. I smiled and asked him how to soothe a sore throat. He responded “Never. Wake. A. Sleeping. Sensei.”. For a moment, my heart had stopped beating. Every ninja had their eyes poised on me – including Sensei. I just looked in the opposite direction to avoid confrontation. You can probably fill the rest of the puzzle in.

4 hours later, I was discharged from the hospital (yet again). It was a terrifying moment of my day and I will promise myself to never do it again. If there is one thing that I have learnt from today, it is that I should never climb up a mountain ever again…

…So that I can avoid falling off of it (and not end up in the hospital…again). Sigh…


Disclaimer – Sensei did not physically attack me. I just ran out of the Dojo as fast as I could but I tripped and fell down the mountain because of this. Just putting that out there, if you didn’t get the joke. Sensei is actually such a peaceful penguin and I was definitely not bribed by him to claim all of these things.



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