Blogtober #5: Computer Selfies <3

Hello, everyone!

October is a stunning month. We get to experience one of the best parties of the year (Halloween) and we get to celebrate Club Penguin becoming a year older. But, there is also another exciting thing that happens in October. It happens every year, alongside Club Penguin’s Anniversary Party and the Halloween Party. It has existed for (almost) 16 years. I’m sure you have guessed it. My birthday is coming up this month! So make sure you give me presents. My address is –

Just kidding!

In the nicest possible way, my birthday is coming up later this month. I will be 16 years old on the 21st October. On the same week as my birthday, I will be holding a birthday party and I want to see as many of you as possible to come and celebrate it with me! Tomorrow, I will release the details on Twitter and I will try and make the timings convenient for as many people as possible.

At my birthday party, we could play lots of games and celebrate all kinds of fun at the Halloween Party. I would also love to see some awesome igloos and I plan on decorating my own so that we can hang out there. It would be amazing to see as many people as possible because it means more fun and energy. If you have any ideas (e.g. tipping the iceberg, Card-Jitsu battles, trick-or-treating), you name them in the comments below. I will try to include as many events as possible so that we can have a rocking party together!

In fact, I’m gonna start working on the invitation right after I have finished writing this post. Wait, let me just check something. Sorry, just a minute –


Oh… They don’t have Photoshop on this computer. What? Who doesn’t have photoshop? 01.pngWell, you know what I mean. But seriously, what even? Let me just check agai –

Oh wait, they do. Gee, I was about to say. I wonder if they have a webcam on this thing. Hmm. I see a camera but I don’t know how to activate it. Do I press this thing in the bottom right? Oh. It worked! I’m gonna take a selfie real quick; won’t be long!

Awesome! Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Now, where was I? Oh02 yeah. So… My birthday! Alongside my party which I am going to organise very soon, I am also planning on making a blog post later this month, as part of #Blogtober. What I am going to do is take some pictures of us all hanging out and having fun. That reminds me, do you want to see the selfie? Sure, why not? I’ll just insert it in right…now! Comment down below what you think! Anyway, I got carried away again. Oh. There’s a guy in a ghost costume with a pumpkin on his head sitting right behind me. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work here. Hang on a second. Or 03two. Or three. Or four. Okay. Yeah, I just politely said hi to him and he gave me the evils! This Halloween Party has encouraged a lot of unnecessary attitudes and it gets on my nerves sometimes. Sigh… I just went off track again, didn’t I?  Sorry about that; this did not go as I planned.

Okay, now he’s tapping me on the shoulder. Does he want something? I’m just gonna ignore him and get back to the fhjshb@~5fd7

I’m not a “pumpkin head”! How dare he? I may wear one but…you know. It’s not exactly… I’m out. How do I even save this thing? Woah! He took a selfie of himself on a computer. Now, that’s sad. Delete.

-My name’s Jeff.

P.S. He cut me out of the image?! Well, say goodbye to your title!


3 thoughts on “Blogtober #5: Computer Selfies <3

  1. How dare Jeff interupt your blogging! And who said selfies are sad? 😒
    I can’t wait for your party! Its gonna be great! 😃

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