Blogtober #6: Days Are Long

Hello, everyone!

I hope that you have all enjoyed Blogtober, so far! It has almost been a week since the kickoff and I just wanted to address a quick update to you.

The posts you have been viewing at the moment seem to have a similar theme; they can be interpreted as silly comedies. A lot of you have been giving me really positive feedback on them and I appreciate the support. Every day on Club Penguin is so wacky and I love sharing some moments with you. However, my intention of Blogtober was to deliver a wide range of posts to you that reflect what a month is like in the life of…me! The point is, I don’t want any of you to expect the same sort of post. This is due to my schedule; I wake up, feed my puffles, go to work and then quickly reflect on some funny memories. The problem is, the time I get is very limited, and therefore I find it difficult to capture every moment and share it with you in a short space of time.

As a solution, I want to make different kinds of posts. On some days, I may recount an experience. On other days, I may talk about the future (like I do in my Island Discussions) and you won’t be waving goodbye to my funny posts because it is impossible to not share some of these moments with you. I wanted to address that now because I didn’t want anyone to feel disappointed and not entertained. I can assure you, Blogtober will continue to be a fun experience and I am looking forward to memories that we can achieve as a community.

On that note, I am going to start organising meet-ups (mainly on weekends) so that I can meet with some of you and include some moments for a Blogtober post. I wanted to associate this topic with you as well so keep an eye on Twitter, where I will be tweeting out these meet-ups. Hopefully, some of you will be able to come along to them! There is also my birthday party; the details are coming very soon! And then I will, definitely, celebrate the Club Penguin Anniversary with everyone.

By the time you are reading this you may notice that this post has been posted quite a bit later than usual. Well, this is my second point. Working at the Club Penguin Times Office can be stressful and, on most days, I have other commitments to do straight after I finish work so I find it very difficult to post to a scheduled time. Therefore, I plan on publishing each post at a random time of the day. It all depends on what else is happening in my life so I hope that hasn’t upset any of you. You can still expect a post every day this month but I find it a lot more comfortable – for me – to post when I can. It will also mean more proof reading can go into each one instead of me having to rush every time.

01.pngNow, I promised that I will include at least one image within each Blogtober post and I live up to that promise.

I think that it is now the appropriate time to explain the incident involving Jeff. If you read yesterday’s post, I encountered a penguin who was wearing a pumpkin on his head. Long story short, I called him a “pumpkin head” and he dragged me off my chair and forced me onto the newspaper conveyer belt. I ended up getting wedged, with newspapers constantly piling onto me; he hacked my blog post and made02 fun of my computer selfie. He deleted it! I didn’t mind the title at all, it was just the humiliation of being called “sad”. Trust me, I’m not a sad penguin. We all have our own morals and habits and we should accept them.

Eventually, I managed to squeeze myself out but it was too late. Jeff did a runner and the post was published before I could edit it. Now, it remains permanent and scars The Blue Blog. Oddly, traffic didn’t decline on the blog. Maybe you like it when I get hurt in some kind of form.

Anyway, I’ve got to head off and count some clouds. Maybe some puffles too!




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