Blogtober #8: A Satisfying Dream

Hello, everyone!

Last night went fine, more or less. Luckily, I wasn’t attacked or injured which goes against all odds. If you have no idea what I am on about, I was walking my puffle Celeste around the island but ever since the Halloween Party has started, I have been cursed to get hurt in some way but yesterday was a satisfying break from all of that. There were hardly any spooky penguins around causing havoc (like they usually do). Instead, it was surprisingly peaceful.

After the walk was finished, I went straight to sleep at my igloo after a tiring day at work. Whilst I was asleep, I dreamt the wildest thing! It was so weird but intriguing. It was like I was witnessing the future; or was it the past?

Perhaps when I describe it to you it will seem something familiar.

In the dream, I woke up in my igloo and I treated it as if it was a regular day in my routine. I got up, went to the kitchen, made myself a brew and fetched some cereal. Then, I checked on my puffles – all 40 of them! As always, I chased Jewel around the igloo because he stole my hair products. Eventually, I had a shower and felt fresh. So far, everything was normal. This only lasted until I opened my front door. A bright line shone into my igloo and something was adjusting in focus. Around me, there was a colourful scene of delight and abnormality. In the distance, I could see the town but it looked way different. Almost as if it was a new kind of dimension than the one we are in, currently. I, myself, felt01.png different; after seeing all of this, I could somehow express a range of emotions than I could before. I took a step out of my igloo and searched around the neighbourhood. Everyone looked happy and bright. Penguin kind looked different too. I kinda liked it. Before I could journey on further, I woke up to find Toffee (my cat puffle) licking my flipper. It was so annoying. I tried to close my eyes and imagine the world again but it slipped away, yet I remember it vaguely. It’s so difficult to explain everything that I saw in the dream because it just felt and looked unreal. I guess that waking up was my bad luck of the night and I blame Toffee for that. I just wonder, now, if any of you know what I may have dreamt about.

For the rest of the day, I felt quite down. Whatever I was dreaming about seemed a lot 02.pngmore vibrant that the island we live on today. Even without Halloween, I feel that Club Penguin needs something new and the dream seemed to deliver it in a fascinating way. The sad truth is that it was a dream and really weird. I can imagine not seeing anything like that in my life but to dream about it makes me wonder if I am aware of something to expect. If there was more than one of us who dreamt it, it surely must have some kind of fate tied to it.

The big question is: what is it exactly? And when will we see it? Some of you probably think I am losing my marbles but I honestly believe that something great could be coming to the island soon. I have no idea what it is but something may be due and I just want to ask you…

Has this happened to you too?




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