Blogtober #9: Frozen “Magic”

Hello, everyone!

Today, I was sat in a house, on my own, staring through a crimson glowing window. I felt lonely and my beard was itchy, even though it was fake. I had nothing to do; nothing to live for. I felt like a land-sick pirate who misses the seas until one poured right in!

A fellow penguin, named Bloxorz, waddled right in and I dashed out of the house in 01excitement. I was hoping that my Halloween attire would frighten him as soon as I ran over to him. Not a bone shook in his body! We said hello to each other (just the typical greeting everyone uses to sound polite) and he couldn’t help but mention that my costume was a bit…bad. Was it that bad? A pirate eyepatch, a lantern and a beard. How can you not be more of a cheery pirate “drunk” on cream soda? Oh wait, he does make a point. Bloxorz recommended that I try an outfit that is spookier and I was a bit offended at first, to be honest with you. Well, I was due for a little change anyway (because the beard 02was frustratingly itchy) so I changed my outfit and found a new costume. A skeleton outfit that was luminous in the dark. As soon as I put it on, he was impressed. Was it because I looked scary? Or was it because I was suffocating from the tight, synthetic material? That mystery still remains unsolved…

Despite his criticism, I was glad that he mentioned it because I was able to scare another penguin with this new outfit. Have you heard of Agent Dome? Of course, you have (not)! He just appeared on the street opposite me so I took the opportunity to scare the skin off of him. That mission was accomplished. In fact, the mission was beyond the call of duty since I somehow managed to transform him into Olaf! And it was legitimately Olaf! I asked him if he likes warm hugs; he loves warm hugs! However, I was aware that my lantern would melt his body so I never got to hug him. I was kind of surprised to see him there because the Frozen Party has just ended so I was concerned that he was here without Anna, Elsa or Kristoff to accompany him. Instead, I took on that role and we ended up having a lot of fun together. Meanwhile, Bloxorz disappears in an unknown fashion… Some say that map teleportation is a “thing” that only some penguins can master but I don’t believe it. I wish it was real; it would make my life a whole lot easier!03

On our play date, we trick-or-treated (with each other)! For once, I wasn’t lonely on the scarce streets of Halloween. I had the Olaf and he even enjoys candy now and then! I was asking questions like: “Does candy melt into your snow?”, “Do snowmen even digest food?” and “Where is your flurry?!”. Immediately, I panicked when I noticed that his flurry wasn’t present with him. He just said that it was “magic” and I totally believed him! Olaf was really interesting to talk to and I wish that our meet-up was longer than it turned out to be. I hate to break it to you, but Olaf…was, not Olaf! I know. I know. It is so devastating. How do you think I felt when I found out?

Basically, what had happened was that I gave him a piece of candy and he gladly accepted it. Here comes the sad part. “Olaf” 04was unable to eat the candy so he stripped down and then appeared Agent Dome in front of me! He was so cool about everything (get it?) and he started eating lots of candy from my bucket. I was constantly stuttering and shaking my head. He didn’t say a word so I did. I asked him what had happened to Olaf and then he looked at me weirdly. In response, I glared right at him with disgust. A moment of tense silence took place until a little giggle slipped from his beak. After minutes of me trying to stop him from laughing, he managed to, eventually, explain the whole Olaf thing. Unfortunately, it came to my surprise that Agent Dome was disguised as Olaf all along – plot twist!  I wish that there was a way for me to dub in some tense music right now but I keep forgetting that I am typing this on my computer. In some way, I was disheartened because Olaf is a05 great role model and he loves to play around. But in another way, I smiled because I realised that Olaf was Agent Dome all along. He did an amazing job at entertaining me and that shows that you don’t need to look fun to be fun, which is ironic because of Halloween. So I just smiled and he did too. We all lived happily ever after…

…until I abandoned him soon after.

Moral of the story: Do not impersonate a friendly snowman thinking that it would cheer someone up – because it really doesn’t. -_-


Big thanks to Bloxorz and Agent Dome for visiting me! No hard feelings for both of you; we are still friends…right? Right?



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