Blogtober #10: Jeopardised

Hello, everyone!

There is always one thing that makes a Halloween Party amazing every year and even though I was a bit disappointed with this year’s Halloween, I have been told about the myth of the Monster Maker 3000. It, apparently, transforms you into a monster and it is all the rage this year. So, I was told – again – about it this morning so I decided to try it out just so that nobody could continuously nag about it anymore! The annoying thing was that I knew that it was fake. The monsters may look convincingly alive but they are just costumes; Halloween has been going on for decades – you’d think that they would know how to make a decent costume by now.

Plus, Gary invented it so something was bound to be wrong with it.

Anyway, I waddled over to the Beach and saw it right in front of me: “Monster Maker 01.png3000″! As fascinating as it sounds, the zombie cutout didn’t sell it to me that well. So, I hurriedly approached the door and it automatically opened. I have to admit, it did smell a lot like rotten flesh in there. Without hesitation, I stepped right in and the door shut ever so suddenly. That could have crushed my feet! It took a while for anything to happen so I started to awkwardly hum the main theme to ‘Night Of The Living Sled’. Don’t worry. No one else was in there with me, praise the lord.

Eventually, this oozing, green smoke diffused into the cell and I started coughing. Now they were trying to suffocate me? Outraged, I kicked the metallic door but it didn’t open. I forced my whole body against it and it wouldn’t budge. Before long, I couldn’t see anything but a green smog everywhere I looked. Funnily enough, no transformation occurred. The budget may have been high on the effects but, Gary, you need to make things actually work.

By the time the door slid open once more, I was out of there like a bullet. The smoke made me feel queasy and it felt like it ate into my flesh; I felt a lot lighter than usual. I also felt a 02little bit taller than before and a lot more relaxed. It was quite a good feeling until I looked down. As soon as the green smoke dissipated, I discovered that I was naked! I rushed back to the door but my clothes were nowhere to be seen. The way I walked also made feel weird. Oh yeah. My feet were gone too. That’s right, I hovered over to the door and lost my coordination as soon as I discovered this. As I hit the ground, there was no pain at all except for my adrenaline pumping through me. My flipper immersed itself into my body and I stared at it. I was unable to feel my pulse and now I was translucent. My whole body was a wisp of blue and it was at that moment when I knew that I was a ghost.

As terrified as I was, I was proud of Gary for his faultless invention. The Monster Maker 3000 was a success and nothing went wrong with it. The myth was true all along and I had nothing to worry about because Gary was smart enough to add a function where you can revert back to your usual self. Swimming through the cold air, I headed towards the other door and waited for its automatic welcome. I waited a couple of seconds. It ended up being more than ten seconds. What was up with the delay? Oh, you see, nothing was up with it – it was just down. Down forever! Angrily, I kicked the door a few times knowing that it 03wouldn’t open it. For five minutes, I was looming in mid-air, waiting for a response but I knew that it was time to give up. It was time to give up on Halloween and my life because I was now a ghost…forever!

A few hours later and here I am writing about it in the Club Penguin Times Office. Did you know that ghosts can interact with the living dimension? That’s right. I am typing this to you as a ghost and this is the only thing that I am thankful for today. Because you just want to laugh at my daily traumatic experiences. October has been a long month so far and we are only a third of the way through it. Being stuck as ghost won’t help at all so maybe I should consult Sensei. On second thoughts, no. Maybe I should look for Gary because he is the one who got me into this mess. That’s right. I will look for him and he will be sorry for what he 04has caused. On second thoughts, no. He will just mess up trying to solve things and maybe he will “accidentally” make this ghost transformation everlasting. Who is there to consult?

Please, please let me know what to do in the comments below. You are my only moral support because I don’t think I can talk to penguins in real life. This keyboard is my only way to communicate to you and don’t freak out just because I’m a ghost. I just really need your help before this gets worse. Name a solution and it may mean Blogtober will be able to continue its run. I know you can help me.

I’m counting on you!




4 thoughts on “Blogtober #10: Jeopardised

  1. Hmmm…
    What to do… what to do…
    I got it! Contact another ghost expert! Someone who knows everyting there is to know about ghosts.
    Maybe even another ghost!

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