Blogtober #12: Latte and Mancala

Hello, everyone!

Every day, I have a coffee break at noon. I find it very convenient that I only work upstairs from the Coffee Shop so I can quickly pop in. Unfortunately, I have been given no discounts but that’s fine because, usually, the penguin behind the counter doesn’t ask for money. So yeah, free coffee as always! Oh! And I also brought my deer puffle Korma to work. He always well behaves so I treated him with a taster of what it is like to work in an office. Not the best treat but I think puffles don’t mind, to be honest with you.

Today I ordered something different; A cream latte! I wanted to taste something different because Blogtober is meant to highlight a new experience every day. The penguin behind 01.pngthe counter was very kind. In other words, she gave me a free coffee. Funnily enough, I saw her ask for money to the customer before me so maybe I am so striking to get free coffee always. They don’t know that I work upstairs so why else would they be kind enough to do it. Well, because I was in a good mood, I tipped the waitress and she blushed. Now I was the good guy. Do I really look that handsome? Well, it’s not a hard question. Actually, I’m not too sure.

Anyway, I sat down on the comfy couch and sipped my cream latte. It was a good blend and it tickled my taste buds. So now the coffee fancies me? That sounded too weird. Moving on!

Before long, I was greeted by a penguin. She was (of course) a non-member and I know 02.pngthat non-members love to have a chat now and then. I think she was new to the island so I asked her how she was and if she needed any help at all. Out of the blue, she said that she liked my outfit. I stuttered for a moment, hoping that she would respond directly to my question. However, it appeared that she was here for something else; I blushed a little. Well, there was nothing more for me to say than “thank you”. So I just went back to sipping my coffee. Korma tried a bit too and I don’t think he enjoyed it much. He usually likes things spicy.

Seconds passed and she was still there on the couch, staring directly at me. I avoided eye contact with her the whole time but I could tell that something was focusing in on me. I had no idea what to do but pet Korma as much as I could. Suddenly, she broke the tension…with a love heart! As soon as I saw it, I froze and I had no idea what to do next. Does anyone else get this as well? A non-member trying to be03.png friendly but then they get too friendly and start asking a stranger out. Maybe Club Penguin is such a romantic island and the Coffee Shop is where all romances happen. Korma looked at me, puzzled. I didn’t want to make things even odder so I just left the couch and walked upstairs. Coffee Break over. I felt kind of mean but I had no idea what else to do.

As soon as I reached the top of the stairs, a penguin called me over for a game of Mancala. Reluctantly, I glanced at the clock but I still had 5 minutes left! Since I had nothing else to do, I was up for a good game of Mancala. Funnily enough, the girl was a non-member and I had a feeling that she was snooping on me when I was on the couch. In fact, let me just check the photos. Yep. If you look at the photos, you will notice 04.pngthat she was there as well. I guess that changed everything now. Hmm…

Aside from that, we had a great game of Mancala; I’m proud to say that I won it. I said “good game” but she just waddled down the stairs. I was hoping that she didn’t know what the phrase meant otherwise I would have felt a bit awkward. Well, as soon as the game finished, it was time to work again. I was – practically – in the same room so I waddled over to the desk and resumed my office work. I must admit that that was one of the strangest coffee breaks I have ever had which is why I shared it with you.

Can you relate to it?




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