Blogtober #13: Gazza the Great

Hello, everyone!

A couple of days ago, you may recall that I was stuck as a ghost for two days. It was a bit of an annoyance but I was saved by two penguins. If there was one thing that I learnt on that journey (and it is not that Gariwald VIII thinks pizza is evil) is that Gary the Gadget Guy is the greatest scientist of all time. Beg to differ? I thought not. Although Gary may seem like a clumsy guy, how did we make it to the past – let alone the future? How did we survive the wilderness? How did we have the best anniversary party ever? The answer to everyone one of them is Gary and those are only a few of the questions.

Gary is a revolution to Club Penguin society but we may not know that. We may hear of his many failures and attempts but we never hear much about the successes. Did you know that every greatest thing ever made requires many failures to be existent? We only speak of a “clumsy” scientist when he is learning and working hard. But when we get things like 01.pngthe Time Trekker 3000, we accept the fact that it is true and wait for more “failures” Gary can pull off. This also applies to the Mascbots. Fine, they never ended up being the best invention ever made but during most of the 10th Anniversary Party, they were an amazing addition and it is all because of that “clumsy” scientist which we mock all of the time.

I am going somewhere with this.

All of this mocking makes me think how Gary can cope. He must have a lot of pressure that comes with everything he does because he is responsible for many things. Every great scientist has great responsibilities so it is something that he has to just go with. However, it must be different if – on top of all of that – you have the pressure from being laughed at and pitied. Yes, I’m talking to every one of you who thinks that Gary is (dare I say it) a loser.

To tell the truth, I used to think the same thing, until two days ago, so I feel that I had to share my story with you. If you were in Gary’s shoes… Wait, does he even have any? If you were in Gary’s lab coat, I am sure you would feel exactly as he feels. Unappreciated. 02.pngUnimportant. Stressed. That is literally how he feels but the thing that gets him through everything is his resilience and determined work ethic. If something is good, it is never good enough for Gary. If something is bad, it is always too bad for Gary. This is the attitude we should be using in our lives – so discouraging it, when Gary uses it, is pure discrimination.

We are better than this!

Gary is the best scientist around. He may not seem to be (according to his calculations) but according to what I have ranted about in this post, I think it is only true that he is simply the best.  So, how are we going to show this? I have decided that on October 18th (don’t ask why that day) everyone, in the Club Penguin community, should celebrate ‘Gary Appreciation Day’. Gary needs our support more than ever and we need to show how much we love Gary. He works harder than most people and we need him to know that and we need to know that ourselves.

On October 18th, I ask that you join me on server Mittens to celebrate Gary Appreciation Day. Gary will be meeting with us at 10:00 am PST so come along and show the love! Gary deserves to be loved and we owe it to him for all of the things he has done for us.

So, who’s gonna join me?




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