Blogtober #14: Penguins Can Fly

Hello, everyone!

Wow! I had such a blast hanging out with Tripplem today. The funny thing is that we only met up for about 10 minutes. Luckily, Club Penguin is great enough to provide us with an adventure “like no other” in under 10 minutes. Since I had just finished work, I wanted to end on a less stressful hour which I why I met up with Trip.

We both met up at the Town and the most awkward this was that we had no idea what to do. When I usually do this, the other penguin always comes up with a suggestion and I just go with the flow. Trip, however, is very polite so we both thought for a bit before we agreed on a couple of games to play. I knew that he was in a rush so two quick games popped into my head. They are conveniently near each other as well. Immediately, I got my toboggan out; it was time to hit the slopes!

My fear over sleds is now long-gone. Ever since I proposed my theory on what sleds are really like, on October 4th, I obviously understand them a lot more and concluded that 01.pngNight Of The living Sled is indeed discriminative against them, in the nicest possible way I assume. The acting (that’s right…acting) may have looked convincing but anyone can put on a show; that plotline was definitely fiction.

I digress…

Anyway, I used my toboggan for the first time in ages but when I raced with it, it seemed to have granted me an unusual power. The sled race started off nicely and competitively before I was magically diverted into…mid air! That’s right! My toboggan was actually a wizard. Even though it was a breath-taking and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience, it didn’t help me win the race at all. At the time, I wasn’t aware of that 02because of how blown away I was but meanwhile, I was in the air, Trip was racing ahead to that finish line and I hardly ever lose a game of sled racer. Soon, I drifted back down to race across the finish line but I was still perplexed over the situation and I don’t know if Tripplem was aware. I said to him that I ended up hovering in mid air but he said: “Of course you were Blue”.

As true as it was, I never got to convince him so now Trip is the legend at sled racing…not me.

But I didn’t give up!

We had a few minutes left and I suggested that we play a game of Find Four. I had it in mind since it was only down the hill. He agreed and we, swiftly, made our way into the Puffle Lodge. Find Four is my game. I have always been good at it (not to brag) and I knew that I was in for the win this time. So, we headed towards a table and started right away!

I lost.

The stupid thing was that I was in the zone. Whereas the sled racing incident caught me 03off-guard, I was drilling in all of my focus so that I could win Find Four but Trip seemed to be even more focused. He made a smart move where it was checkmate for me. He could win in two different ways and I was devasted when I realised this very moment. With reluctance, I inserted my last counter and he stole the win like a legend. He deserved it, though! Although I ended up losing to two of my most favourite mini-games on the island, I was happy to meet up with Tripplem today. He was such a pleasure to be with and I hope that we can hang out more in the future.

Before he had to rush off into the unknown, Trip asked me this question: “Have you ever played against Rosy Tilly?”. The answer is no and I questioned why he asked this. He04 responded, “Rosy Tilly is impossible to beat.” Hmm…

Rosy Tilly. If you are reading this, I challenge you to a game of Find Four. You may beat me or you may not. I don’t think that I have ever met up with you before but it would be great to get to know each other, eventually. Let me know if you want to compete with me and then we can arrange when the competition goes down.

I’m up for a little challenge! That’s right – I’m not frightened at all! So don’t you worry!


 Thank you Trip for the fantastic adventure! 



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