Blogtober #15: One Of Those Days

Hello, everyone!

Because it is the start of a new weekend, I had the day off work and I wanted to make the most of today. I wanted to do something different, fun and exciting! So it was only sensible to join in the rave that happens within the Dance Club every day. While I type away at my computer, I can never stop hearing the beats that go down inside there. On a typical weekday at my office, when the beat drops, I start headbanging to lighten the mood. Everyone else looks at me weirdly but it’s not my fault when there is music going on right next door! Occasionally, I hit my head on the computer screen; probably more than “occasionally” to be honest with you. It hurts.

So to compensate for all of those days stuck at work, I wanted to be there and live the music to the full. As I entered the club, striking, neon lights dazzled my eyes and I was 01blinded by how vibrant everything was. The dance floor lights shimmered and flashed away its colours. The amount of penguin in there, too, shocked me! As I walked through the door, my hearing went numb and the hairs on my body shot upwards. This is what it feels like to be living!

Immediately, I rushed to the dance floor and penguins cheered as I joined their dance. The music echoed off every wall and created a shattering blast of frequencies. I could tell that they were all SoundStudio tracks made by the party animals in this room. They sounded great…that was until one track had the fart noise – on repeat!

Despite that chilling experience, I even got to share my own mixes and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Everyone supported each other and I even found myself breakdancing at02 some points. Whatever was going on, I didn’t feel like the awkward dancer I am known to be outside of the Dance Club. When I busted a move, it felt a lot more natural and it was so joyous to be living in the moment.

A bit later, it got so overwhelming so I took a break and headed down the secret ladder into the Boiler Room. My eyes were hallucinating weirds colours and my coordination was a little shaky. It was as if I was drunk on music! As I was chilling in the Boiler Room, one thing caught my attention. Is it me or is the door so tall? I began staring at it for a minute because I was so surprised. Maybe it was my hallucinatory visions that made it appear larger to me. Anyway, I thought that it would have been chill to go for a little swim. All of the wild 03dancing made my muscles ache so I needed to do something to relax them. Oh yeah, I forgot.

They turned the pool into a slime bath.

I would dare go in there just because of how icky it looks. Halloween is cool, and all, but did they really have to deter swimmers from doing their usual swim? I mean, what if they were training for the Penguin Olympics; I don’t know but it’s possible!

Instead, I decided to head to the Hidden Lake. It has this really bucolic lake in there (hence the name) so I wanted to bathe there for a bit. On the way, however, I was somehow petrified by a crab. You know they have those windows in the Underground Pool where you can look out into the ocean, well, a crab came out of nowhere and scared the hairs off my head (not literally, of course). It held up this sign saying “trick-or-treat”. Since when did crabs discover the joy of pranking? Perhaps they learn from Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy.04 That would make a lot of sense.

During my journey through the underground, I met a peculiar penguin called Dontbossme. She caught my eye while she adopted a new gold puffle. The cavern started to shake and – out of the blue – a gold puffle sprouted out from the ground, in its shell. It brought back memories of when I adopted my own gold puffle a couple of years ago. His name is Nugget; I should probably walk him more often.

So I went up to her and said, “I won’t boss you!”. At first, she looked at me as if I had just insulted her pride but then she said “honestly…”. I hope that was flattery. Then she smiled. I smiled. I told her how cute her new puffle was and she 06agreed. We ended up talking for a bit about our lives. Both of our lives seem to be “good” which sums up how amazing the island is. I also asked her about her name, hoping that I didn’t offend her. Basically, she used to have friends who bossed her around all of the time and then she rejected them and marches on, today, to share her story and to inspire penguins not to be a pushover all of the time. Meeting her was a powerful moment 05from today’s experience but it, sadly, did not end the way I wanted it to end.

I invited her for a coffee so that we could talk more about her mission but she told me that my shoe laces were untied. Ironically, they were but as soon as I looked back up to her, she and her puffle were nowhere to be seen. It was a shame. I had a feeling that I was annoying her but I do hope that her mission goes well. Maybe I was bossing her. Oh no…

After that, I was annoyed with myself and so I plodded on home, miserably. I don’t even know how to describe what today was like. I was having a blast at the Dance Club but that all changed when I felt a little restless and was on my way to the Hidden Lake. Damn it! I totally forgot about that! What is my life?

Perhaps I should have done overtime at my office: the only place where I belong. The only place where I am good at something. The only place where I am happy. The only place where I get free coffee.

I could do with some coffee right now, actually.




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