Blogtober #16: Dodgy Guides

Hello, everyone!

You can never guess what happened last night. Rosytilly accepted the Find Four challenge. Basically, I was playing Find Four with Tripplem two days ago (he beat me) and he stated that Rosy is impossible to beat. In other words, Rosy is the Find Four master; the Sensei 0f Find Four! Intrigued as I was, I decided to challenge Rosy to a game to see if Trip’s point was proven. A day later, she agreed to meet up with the two of us last night and it was epic.

When I first arrived at the Puffle Lodge, Rosy was in there. Her stance was so intimidating 01and it was kinda creepy because the two of us were alone at this lodge: with a crackling fire and a dead mullet on the wall. Before we begun the match, we exchanged greetings and asked how each other was. I can recall that Rosy was hungry since she had not had any breakfast yet. For me, I was tired because it was a late night for me. Due to the weird time difference, we walk and sleep at different times which is funny considering how small the island is. Anyway – in no time – the match was on and Rosy inserted her first counter into the middle…

…The board meticulously filled up, gradually…

…Contradicting colours were mingled together…

…Trip enters the room with another penguin called Diva Flossie

…Blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, blue, red –

It was a draw. Both Rosy and I had filled the board up so nobody one. Trip was correct; Rosy is good. When we finished, Trip had finished his game of Find Four with his pal. I was02 feeling a little tense and I could tell that Rosy and I were both up for another competition to break the tie. Surprisingly, she complimented me by saying that I was also good so that made me feel a lot better. As intimate as it was, Rosy acts all kind and sweet even when she is playing a lead in the game. Throughout the first game, she kept smiling at me. Maybe she was trying to hypnotise me with her smiles.

Anyway, we began our second game and I was the first one to start this time. I slipped my red counter into the middle and the game started. The board started to rapidly fill up and I could already see the vast number of tricks Rosy was planting within the board. Around 3 potential wins were waiting for me to stumble upon but I remained strong until it was only 03down to luck. There were two columns where: if I dropped a counter within, Rosy would be able to win the game. Two columns are worth over a quarter of the board so I started to panic when I was deliberately piling all of my counters in one of the end columns. Rosy could sense the fear in me so she gave me the smile. Before long, there was no more room for me to plant my red counters; I knew I had lost. Rosy repeatedly shouted “Yes”; I was repeatedly crying “No”. Reluctantly, I dropped a red04 counter into one of the death traps and there was a long pause. Rosy remained still and I was biting the lip of my beak, wondering if she was even aware. I
think she was trying to build up even more tension before she could snatch the win. And I was correct. The game had ended and Rosytilly won the short tournament. There was almost no doubt there, but I am glad I took the chance to compete with the Find Four “queen”. It was definitely a good game so I accepted the loss and praised Rosy for her amazing efforts. Meanwhile, Trip 05had finished his second game with Diva Flossie.

For the time we were together that night/morning, I had a lot of fun and Rosy had to rush off so that she could finally eat some late breakfast. Trip and I were exhausted since we also attended Garygrayhair‘s Halloween Party – which was a blast by the way. In fact, I’m going to leave a photo within this post to show the fun we had while we were there. Before we all parted our own ways home, we all had a nice, warm group hug and wished each other well. If you were curious, I had a wonderful sleep and as soon as I woke up, I felt refreshed. That was until I had to do my early work shift at the office, however – this one time – I didn’t get any free coffee. Never mess with a man’s coffee…

Hours later, the shift ended and I wanted to meet up with a good friend of mine called 06Torres 126. His current nickname is Laval 126 for unknown reasons. Anyway, we briefly met up at the Ski Village and beside us, there was this tour guide. Since we were totally stuck on what to do, I suggested that we go on a tour around the island. At first, Torres was a bit confused but we went for it for the laughs. Anyway, the tour didn’t go so well; we only ended up at the Ski Hill before our dodgy tour guide abandoned us and stole our money. Torres was outraged but I was laughing my head off because I had never seen anything like it before. Consequently, I called the EPF and told them about the crisis. Funnily enough, 07they laughed too but they are seriously investigating the matter and I hope, for Torres’ sake, that we catch the crook before they do anything stupid with the money.

After that strange turn of events, Torres suggested that we play Hide and Seek. He wanted to hide so I was the seeker. I’ve had an interesting history with this game. I’m always a good hider but I have been known the give up a lot when I am seeking for the hiders. So that is what happened earlier today. It took ages for me to traverse the island (I used my spy phone to accelerate the search) but I never got to find him. I recall visiting every room but Torres must have been sneaky because he was hiding in the Dock all along. I actually came across that room a few times but never noticed that he was sneakily hiding behind a tombstone. Obviously, he gave me the heads up and I waddled on over but he had to go. We said out goodbyes and I am now, currently, thinking of how terrible I am at games – in  general. A few days ago, I was flying in mid-air on my toboggan and almost missed the finish line; I was beaten08 twice at Find Four (thanks, Trip and Rosy); and now I was beaten by my buddy at one of my favourite games. I even made a guide on ‘Hide and Seek’ a long time ago, yet I still can’t even play it myself. How dodgy is that? I guess that is just who I am.

Instead of ending on a grudge, I want to end this post positively. Yesterday, I had a magnificent evening celebrating Halloween with several penguins. Plus, I got the chance to face-off with the champion of Find Four. Today, I met up with another great friend of mine and, although we lost our money, at least we made some funny memories.

Another thing to mention today is that we are now over halfway through Blogtober! Already? I know right! Every day has been a blast and all of the adventures that I have been on during this month, so far, makes it feel like I have a made a year worth of memories – yet there are still a lot more to make! We have Gary Appreciation Day coming up this Wednesday, my birthday party coming up next weekend, Club Penguin Reunion on the 24th October (the 11th Anniversary) and Halloween on the very last day of October. The fun has only just begun since we are in for a lot more this month.

Are you as excited as I am?


You know the drill… Thanks so much to Torres 126, Rosytilly, Tripplem and all of the legends that attended Garygrayhair’s party last night! It has been an action-packed weekend, because of you all, so thanks for the memories!



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