Blogtober #17: Frenemies

Hello, everyone!

I just go back from a brisk walk. Tickled Pink (my pink bunny puffle) used her cuteness advantage to force me to take her on a walk around the island. For today’s walk, I wanted to take her to the Puffle Park because we haven’t been there in a while. It has – pretty much – everything that a puffle would love. So instead of taking a dangerous hike, I wanted to make sure that Tickled Pink and I were safe from any harm.

As soon as Tickled Pink saw the park, she raced away with her leash and explored the many wonders in front of us. From now on, I am going to refer to her as Pink because that name is a bit of a mouthful to say. I was kind of anxious, to begin with, because no one was around at the park. I found that very unusual. Every time Pink hopped away from me, I had 01to chase her around the make sure that she was alright. The sinister silence felt like it was setting us up for an abduction. Now and then, I could hear the bushes rustle. Was it the wind? I didn’t want to scare Pink so I played around with her for a while.

For some odd reason, she really loves the fire hydrant. She always manages to dodge the squirting water by hopping upwards; she is quite the athlete! Eventually, my nerves began to drift away until I became the star of the show. I had a wonderful time slipping down the slides and watching Pink’s concerned reaction. I think I ended up having more fun than her. It was quite some time later when I suddenly realised that we spent about an hour in the park. Time flys when you’re having fun, I guess. Funnily enough, it was Pink who ended up dragging me out of the park! As soon as I left the park, I was crying to go back. Poor Pink must have been so 02embarrassed but at least there weren’t many people around. In fact, there was no one around at all. How weird…

Anyway, it was about time that we headed back home; all of this silence was creeping me out. Pink didn’t seem to care but I knew that would be the case after I took Candy for a walk earlier this month. I swear puffles don’t seem to feel anything. They are hollow shells.

On our way back, Pink and I encountered a familiar figure. We were just passing by the trick-or-treat street until I noticed someone odd in the distance. They were wearing a badly-cut ghost outfit and a pumpkin on their head (which really looked out-of-date). As soon as I saw them, I immediately recognised who it was. Some of you may remember him from day 5 of Blogtober…

It was Jeff!

Even though he wedged me into the newspaper machine – and got away with it – I was 04ecstatic to see him, mainly because I was up for some company. I started shouting “Jeff!” really loud and he turned to face me. He was in the middle of trick-or-treating…with himself? When he locked his pumpkin face onto me, he didn’t say a word. I was trying to remind him of how we met, meanwhile Pink was cautiously staring at a bush. Eventually, Jeff remembered because he tried to do another runner but I halted him and told him that there were no bad feelings. You see, actually, I wanted to become friends with him for some reason. Jeff still didn’t speak; I think that he might be a mute. However, he gave me a little nod and shared some of his candy with me. I think he got the message! Pink was still staring at this bush so I got a little freaked out and invited Jeff to the Pizza Parlor for a small meal. My belly was howling for some food and I think that Pink deserved some pizza. Jeff agreed to join us and so we took a stroll to the Pizza Parlor.

When we got there, we discovered that luck is overrated. Yeah, it wasn’t open. I was getting even more freaked out about how quiet it was. It is a Monday and nobody can get their slice of pizza? Good thing that my cooking skills aren’t that iffy. I invited Jeff to come back at my place for some home-made pizza and a brew and he nodded, again. So off we went into the Forest.

On our journey, everything seemed to get even quieter. Not even any bats were around and all of the jack-o-lantern candles were blown out. I could constantly hear the light rustling 03of the bushes but not even the wind was here to join our company. Not even the Hermit who lives in the cave! I just wanted to get inside as quick as possible before something bad goes wrong. We hurriedly hopped along the stones that were conveniently placed along the slimy river. By the time we got to the end of the Forest, we looked back to see that Jeff had vanished. Okay, now it started getting a little bit creepy. It didn’t help at all when Jeff was a mute so we couldn’t even hear him calling out for help. Both Pink and I were way too shaken to go a step back so we guiltily abandoned the Forest and ran all the way home. Jeff was never to be seen again…

Okay, here’s the weird part. What I told you was actually a dream (what a way to kill the tension). Although I am relieved by this, I have no idea what to think of it. Halloween has always been known to play mind tricks on us so what if the dream were to become true in the future? I don’t really want to talk about it but I am a little freaked out right now.

I hope Jeff’s okay. W-wait, what?




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