Blogtober #19: It’s All Good

Hello, everyone!

I am sooo excited! You may or may not be aware, but Gary Appreciation Day is today! If you have been able to tune into my latest ghost story, you would know why this day is so important to me. Ever since I realised how great Gary is, I wanted to show that we appreciate his work. He may seem like a failure but he has shown success too! That is why I am going to meet with Gary tonight and applaud him for his outstanding work.

However, I don’t want it to be – just – me. I think that a lot of you should come along as well! Wait a minute. Oh no! I missed it. Oh no…

Gary Appreciation Day was yesterday and I totally didn’t realise that until now. Umm… I have no idea what to say. I let Gary down and I probably let a few of you down too. If only I wasn’t doing duty yesterday! I can’t believe this. I was so excited but it’s over. Now I feel awful about this. I was getting an awesome costume to wear and I was making sure that I looked my tidiest before I meet him but I have been such a fool.

I am so sorry about this. I’m going to go down to the EPF Command Room and see if I can find him. I’m really sorry about this. Actually, before I go, I may as well tell you something a little more positive!

You see, in two days, it will be my birthday and I am stoked! For the day, I won’t be around long to give many updates but make sure you stay tuned for my awesome party post a couple of days after it. If you don’t know this, I am holding a birthday party this Saturday and it would be amazing if you could come along and join the fun. I have thought about a lot of ideas to make it epic and I just want to list a few right now, if that’s okay with you…

Oh. Excuse me, I seem to have a guest waiting at my door. What if it is Gary? Oh no. He’s gonna be so mad and I haven’t even prepared for this. Let me just answer the door and IHelp me. It's a clown. I need you to report this to the EPF. Comment down below that I'm in trouble. Please. You are my only hope.png will be right back.

Woah! Okay. So now Gary is beating my door down and I am slightly concerned. It’s open. Is it not Gary? Who is this?


#### 19-1-22-5 20-8-5 9-13-1-7-5 #@;’##

Sorry about that guys! Everything is totally fine. I guess it is time for me to sign off! Have a wonderful day!

Waddle on, as always!




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