Blogtober #20: Downstairs

Hello, everyone!

I was…um…abducted by a clown yesterday. And none of you knew? Well, I don’t blame you at all. If you read my post carefully, I left a help code and I was hoping that you would figure it out but no one did. XD

Luckily, the abduction wasn’t bad at all. The clown was just a silly penguin trying to scare me. I did ask him to pay for the door because he beat it down so hard. He reluctantly agreed and we parted ways. Halloween tricksters are taking it way too far this year. I mean, what if that was a real clown? It would have been a tragic experience…since my birthday’s tomorrow! Not yesterday! That’s right! Tomorrow is my birthday and I am excited! The party doesn’t start until Saturday but I may log on just for fun – if I get the time. Unfortunately, my birthday lies on the last day of this school term so I have school taking up a lot of my day. Oh well!

To get in the mood, I waddled all the way to the Coffee Shop. Do you want to know why? 01.pngThe 11th Anniversary Party has started! That means a big cake in the Coffee Shop and awesome, exclusive party hats which look amazing. Obviously, I know that this year’s Anniversary Party will never be as big as it was last year, however, I like the little celebration they have at the Coffee Shop every year. I appreciate the tradition. So, I entered the Coffee Shop and my eyes naturally swayed towards the massive cake. Not as big as last year, but surprisingly similar to the 9th year. I wonder why that is? Hmm…

On the table, there was the party hat. It is so fluffy and cute! Then there is also the yearbook which I always look forward too. I spent a good coup,e of minutes reading through it and it just reminded me of how great this year had been. Fine, I haven’t been a fan of the parties that much, but this is our last proper year before some 02.pngbig changes happen soon. So I think that it is best to make the most of this year. When I was flicking through the yearbook, what I remembered were the amazing community events that have happened this year. 2016 has not been a bad year at all, for me anyway. The community has been better than ever and I am proud of us all!

While I was taking a trip down memory lane, I bumped into a great friend of mine, Djspinner13. Some of you may know him better as Jack! We talked for a bit and questioned about the candles on the cake. We were wondering if we could blow the candles even though the cake was so large. Then Jack pointed out a fire extinguisher nearby. His best guess was that we use that to blow out the candles. Funny!

Anyway, I couldn’t party for that much longer because my next shift was right upstairs, waiting for me. It’s difficult to concentrate on working when you hear the constant03.png screaming and the smashing of coffee cups. It’s a shame I can never join in. Today was an exception; I really want to join in with the party on the 24th October: Club Penguin’s 11 Anniversary date! I know I should be working on that day, but Club Penguin Reunion is too good to miss.

Anyway, it was great meeting up with Jack and seeing the Coffee Shop lit up with excitement. I am actually writing this during my shift so I hope that my fellow co-workers don’t snitch on me. It has happened before. Quite a lot of times. In fact, my office is a madhouse. I think all co-workers have lives of their own. Aunt Arctic shouldn’t be trusting us on our own, especially when there is literally a party a couple of metres below us.

Remember that phone call? Yeah, that was an interesting day.




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